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By: Lisa V.
Detroit Parking Violations Bureau
I received an over due parking notice in the mail for a date & time that I was NEVER in Detroit. I was at my place of employment on this date that I can prove by time stamps. Clearly, this was an instance of someone writing down the wrong license plate number & it happened to match mine. I called to get this issue resolved, naively thinking I would have a conversation that would have a positive outcome. Instead what I was faced with was the most unprofessional conversation I have ever had. The ever so charming, Crystal, who works for the department, was completely rude with me from the beginning. She accused me of lying about my car not being in Detroit at that time and hung up on me - twice. Never have I been treated so poorly by someone on the phone, and this is supposed to be a "representative" of Detroit. My only options are to now take time off work to contest it and I don't live near Detroit. Be warned: don't hold your breath with these people.They do not care about you at ALL!
By: Charlie N.
Tony's Parking
Shady establishment. While it is a few dollars cheaper than the secure Fisher garage, Tony's Parking is not worth it. The main problem is the attendant, Jerry. I do not trust my car in his hands, as I have found my belongings rifled through on multiple occasion. Furthermore, Jerry will sit on your car while you are away and scratch it up with his keys. If you care about your car or belonging, DO NOT PARK HERE.
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By: Tim B.
A P G Grounds
They lost my keys and I was in town with special business associates. Had to taxi back to Lansing. They have not answered the phone to follow up with Paying for a new key to be chipped or compensating me for the 5 hours spent in a taxi back and forth to Lansing.
By: Firstname L.
Miller Parking Services
I DO NOT recommend this garage to ANYONE. My husband and I used to park here and were told they provided secured parking by way of cameras and a patrol car. However, my car has been broken into twice in the last 45 days and the garage owner, Jim Miller, absolves himself from any liability, while being fully aware for several months that larceny in his garage runs rampant. He claims "there is nothing he can do about it – wait till it blows over." Theft in Detroit blow over? How disconnected can you be?The first time my car was broken into the thieves busted a back window to gain entrance to the vehicle. Despite tripping the car alarm, and the fact there is a mini Detroit Police station on the other side of the garage which has proven to be nothing short of impotent, the thieves had plenty of time to disassemble the dash and center console of my car. After the car was fixed I did what I could to mitigate a repeat occurrence. I parked in high traffic areas, tried to conceal the contents of my car via sun protectors, and parked leaving the rear hanging out to promote additional visibility. The same theft happened again!! Only this time the thieves busted the rear hatch. The patrol car finally arrives this day, AFTER they were summoned by the garage attendant who helped me file the second incident report. They looked at my car, then did a sweep of the remaining floors, and found another vehicle broken into. This one was on the ROOF of the garage which is exposed to all office towers of the Ren Cen including the Marriott hotel towers with floor to ceiling windows, for all to see – bright sunny afternoon at 3:00pm Friday, with River Days in full swing! For the past several weeks we've seen the patrol car parked either near the entrance of the garage - where anyone can see that patrol guy is CLEARLY off duty - or we've seen it parked in a corner on the 7th level. These thieves can only be encouraged by the lack luster security Jim Miller offers his customers. We confronted Jim on the second incident. He informed us the surveillance cameras are useless; they are only located near the entrance and exit gates, and all that is visible from the footage is "an image of a human body." You cannot make out license plates, faces, nothing. In both incidents we told him the car was broken into around 3:00pm on Friday afternoon as the analogue clock stops when components in the center stack are distributed. Referencing the camera footage for this time frame is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. His means to remedy the situation is to place flyers on people’s cars.....REALLY? UNACCEPTABLE!!! Jim was not willing to assist us with any repair costs. He did offer to shave some dollars off the monthly fee over several years time - doesn't compare to 10K in repairs we face. If you are one of the many Miller Garage victims contemplating approaching him on the subject, don’t expect anything more than a shoulder shrug.If you are someone who doesn’t mind having their car broken into repeatedly, who likes the risk of endangerment, and finds joy and satisfaction from filing multiple insurance claims and having their premiums rise, then satisfaction GUARANTEED! Public transit is a safer, cheaper option.
By: Alex M.
Port Atwater Parking Garage
2014 review - everyones experiences are different. if ur looking for like short term parking go else where, but for a couple hrs or more, this is the place to go. 24 hr public parking. Was there when i needed it on multiple occasions, and the price was never too high.Quick story: Needed parking for an event recently, but didnt want to spend too much. First looked for closeish parking. Traffic was the worst, and Parking places were asking $50. I was like really? and very frustrated. Then i want to old reliable PAPG, Next to no traffic to get there, and way less then half the price! I am officially making this my goto parking if im ever in detroit for events. My only hope is my 5 star review wont make them full next time im there lol (late october, save me a spot)
By: dan.pieniak
Port Atwater Parking Garage
Don't park here!...... park next door, as I had done a previous time.This time I parked at Port Atwater very early this past Saturday - may 11, 2013. Stayed about 1 hour and 40 minute..... Bill came to $6.... I put a $10 bill in the kiosk machine to pay, and did not get any change. Pushed the help button on the pay station.... It took a long time for someone to answer - Finally someone did. They came (drove) to the station and checked if I was looking in the right place. He , Ken, said he could not give me my change, but told me to call the telephone number on the receipt. Luckily I looked - No number on the receipt. He had to write the telephone number down. I called that number this morning (Monday) and Talked with with a very helpful Jud Kingsbury....who was apologetic.....and said there was no other problems that morning - Lucky me. So we will see if I get that $4 refund he promiswed.........Stay tuned :-)One week later - May 20 - No $4. Talked with Jud again.... said he did not get around to making up a money order... So the check is in the mail so to speak... or more like not in mail... Stayed tuned. I wonder if the City of Detroit regulates parking lots.

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