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By: Jennifer R.
Parkstone Apartments
What is not to love about this place? After spending nearly a month searching for housing in Detroit, the staff of Parkstone were the only ones to treat me with professionalism and courtesy. I met with Nicole, the head of Leasing for the properties, (they have more than one) and to be honest, it is one of the reasons I chose to live here. I was warmly welcomed, was well-informed, and I left feeling like I was already part of their community. She spent over an hour with me telling me about their community, the history of the property, introduced me to tenants, and didn't make me feel rushed or pressured. What a difference from rushed meetings at other properties where you barely get a handshake and a smile - if even a return phone call! This place was truly a Godsend!I have been here for close to 3 months now, and love every tiny nook and cranny of this building and neighborhood. My neighbors were all so friendly and welcoming, and CraftWork right in the building is beyond awesome, making it easy to gather for cocktails after work. (Try their fish and chips - you won't regret it!)From Andrew the Superintendent to Keith their Property Manager, and even to Zenko (?), the owner, this place has mass charm and appeal. Not regretting my decision to move here one tiny little bit!!!
By: katelyn.deck
Alden Park Towers
Wow Alden you were great for a whole six months. Hired a new security service full of young people that don't really ever know what's going on. we've been locked out of the laundry facility at night when the only people representing the building is the guards and was told they aren't allowed to give us the maintenance number since We should already have it. And they weren't going to call either. Thank God a fellow tenant walked by with the number. Although the maintenance guy never came. Then you let go of a great office staff that knew us and took very good personal care of us. We put a notice that we were moving and your new office staff have no records of it and were nasty over the phone blaming us for not getting a copy of it. Well shame on us for thinking you guys had any clue how to take over a business. what a mess. Everything from your new security service to your office is a mess. And your new manager never heard of the customers always right thing and was totally rude. I'm only giving you two stars because the building is so pretty. Glad we're leaving soon. Hope you get your stuff together soon. Probably shouldn't have changed everything so fast makes thinks difficult for clients.
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By: Shauntavia A.
The Bridge
this place wont make it the next couple of months, i ordered the salmon burger and it was falling completely apart, i had to eat it with a fork! it wasnt all that tasty either, and the manager didnt care what we going on he just kept watching whatever game was on, and the only upside to this experience was our server Daniel, my family could tell he was doing whatever he could to better our experience, including speaking with his manager on 2 seperate occasions, before he finally deciding to peel his eyes from whatever game, to come speak with us. all in all, Mr. Gooden isnt fit to manage McDonalds, and this place would be better if more people like Daniel were hired, also the busser checked on us more then the manager, meant to catch his name. 2-stars only because of my server and busser, everyone else should be fired
By: Jamiqua H.
Infinity Park
I like it here. I rent a townhouse with woodfloors and updated kitchen. I like having a full basement. The office staff is nice. I have only had to call for one maintenance issue and they took care of it pretty fast. Management had a bunch of resident activities a while ago that were really nice, like giving us breakfast when we were on our way to work and movie night for the kids. They also gave the kids school supplies at a big cookout a couple of summers ago. Since I have been here a few years, I know most of my neighbors. There are mostly good people here, some not so great, but I guess anywhere you rent is going to be that way.
By: sunshinesmile82
Woodbine Apartments
The apartment on the inside is nice and the rent is great but....... there are prostitutes that handle their "business" in the parking lot and management does nothing about it. There was a leak in my bathroom from the bathroom upstairs they stopped the leak but the wall has water damage still and they not fixed it. Also the quality of people has gone down music and parties all night, people banging on the breezeway door. If you work this is not the place for you keep looking.
By: Harrison S.
Capitol Manor Apartments
I loved this apartment building! I lived there for a year, but had to move due to getting a job in St. Louis. The staff were always kind and fixed things when asked. The building was kept very clean and I never had any problems with insects. The heat for the building (boiler/radiators) is controlled by the management, but I was never cold. Lastly, this neighborhood is really on the up swing. West Village has new shops and I always felt safe here! I would recommend living here!
By: Kim L.
Bonnieview Apartments
ms. adams is the best landlord ever she worked with me when I was down on my luck and genuinely cared for me and my lids. I don't know no other apartment complex that would do this for anyone. Thanks her nickname is be "THE MOTHER OF BONNIEVIEW" because she made sure me and my kids kept a place to stay like I was her family. again thank you you are a true angel sent from heaven. Yall will see what i'm talking about love you Ms. Adams
By: dettruth
Lafayette Loft
Carl could attempt to make things better all the building needs is a litle love and care ! The manager Carl appears to be useless in management and makes it his goal NOT to do anywork evrey day he arrives and it takes him forever to do or request to fix simple repairs . They could enforce the noise control a little better. The look is ok and its close to the heart of downtown. Overall I give it a low 7 score out of 10 .
By: Lynn R.
The Bridge
My man and I had the pleasure of dining here on 10/31/2015 and it was great. Q was our server we ordered the Lamb as an appetizer and it was excellent. I ordered the grilled salmon and he had the seafood mac/cheese and we were both pleased with our meal. I pray for the success of this business as we need more like it in the city of Detroit. I will be taking it to the Bridge again soon. :>) L.R.  
By: ruthbutler
Anthos Garden Apartments
Great community under new ownership & management as of April 2013. Spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartment homes features on-site laundry facility, beautifully landscaped grounds and within walking distance to shopping. The staff at Anthos Garden Apartments is friendly and responsive to its residents needs. Come on in and take a 2nd look at this great community.
Tips & Advices
Interior designers can generally work on every type of room, but one should not assume that all of them can work on every type of space. More complicated projects--for example those in buildings with historic preservation strictures, or those that are going for sustainability certifications--will be suited to interior designers with specific expertise. Also, interior designers that have experience in a certain type of project may not want to take on projects that are outside their expertise. For example, an interior designer who has only worked on commercial projects may not want to do a small private home.
Every interior designer has their own style, but some designers are more versatile than others. Some really do specialize in functionality and code compliance, whereas others are more focused on aesthetics. Interior decorators are completely focused on visual impact, and therefore should be reviewed and selected based on how well their style is a match for the client’s tastes.
Full-service interior design starts with an assessment of a site and the client’s long-term needs for that space. It encompasses concept design, floor plans and lighting plans, providing project specifications to contractors, supervising  contractor negotiations and installations, applying for permits, and shopping for all the materials and pieces for the project. On top of this, there are the “decorator” deliverables, i.e. creating the aesthetic of the space, selecting wall colors/covers and furniture pieces, purchasing products and installing them.
An interior designer may come into a development project very early on, working with the developer and architect from the pre-construction phase. They may be the one to design floor plans, decide where to place interior walls, and supervise contractors that are installing elements of the build. They often work on commercial projects, although many of them work on residential projects. Interior designers can “switch hats” and do interior decoration, which means they are only focused on the aesthetic elements and visual components of a residence.
An interior designer or interior decorator should ask a potential client what the scope of the project is, what the projected budget is, what payment structure the client wants, and what the timeline for the project is. Also, they should be asking whether the client has any samples of other projects they like, and would like to use as a guideline. They could also ask what the client’s budget for furniture/accessories/art is, since that in many cases is a separate amount from the budget for the designer’s labor. If an interior designer is being interviewed early into a new build or a renovation project, they might ask questions to determine whether they can collaborate with architects and contractors from early on, to execute their vision for the space. If that is not in line with a client’s wishes, the client can then say that the project scope is for interior design only.

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