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By: Louise L.
Lucky Coney & Pizza
Lucky's food is actually pretty good, however, their service leaves something to be desired. Of the four times I ordered food from them, three times the order was received incomplete. On the last order, I spent TEN minutes trying to convey to the worker over the phone what I wanted, TEN minutes, and still the order was delivered counter to what I had ordered. Now, I can understand my order being delivered inaccurate if I had ordered a large, complicated or persnickety order, but I didn't. I [tried to] ordered two deluxe (french fries & salad) steak & cheese sub dinners. I was told by the worker taking my order that the restaurant did not offer the subs as deluxe, which was a surprise to me since I had ordered a steak & cheese deluxe the week before with no problem. Anyhow, I told the worker, "since you do not offer your subs as deluxe, just add two orders of fries and two salads." And I will reiterate this point, it took the woman TEN minutes, whilst never being put on hold, to input my order into the computer. Well, thirty-five minutes later my order arrived, with just the subs, no french fries and no salads. That was the last straw for me. I called the restaurant up and had them bring my money back. Three wrong orders out of four is bad business, and I will not order from them again until they hire some COMPETENT counter help. The phone workers there need to learn their menu and they need to familiarize themselves with the restaurants' computer software. Consistency in the restaurant business is one of the keys to success, and thus far, I have experienced nothing but inconsistency with Lucky's Restaurant, which leaves me wondering how long this restaurant will remain open.One note though, the delivery people were never a problem. My food always arrived timely and the drivers were always courteous. Indeed, the cooks and the drivers are not the reason for my dissatisfaction, rather, the ineffectual order takers are the reason for my decision not to order from Lucky's anymore.
By: lovemystomach12
Gambinos Pizza
This place has recently opened in Detroit. I have not really heard of it besides their new opening. I was intially quite intrigued by the "deep dish" chicago style pizza. I thought i would give it one shot to either make the deal or break it. I am very picky about cleanliess and staff behavior. And Gambino's really did satisfy my every expectation in the deep dish pizza. It is worth every penny. Other pizzarias charge triple what Gambino's is now charging their customers. I was in awe when i walked in to place my order, it has a great family seating arrangement that i did not expect. You and your family can enjoy their selection in the restaurant, and you can order to go. The staff was extremely curtious and nice every single time that i have been there. If you are picking up, i would advise you to call ahead so that their is no wait. But all in all, since my first visit, i have not yet ordered from any other pizzaria in the Dearborn/Detroit area. If you ghave not had the chance to try it yet. You are missing out. !
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By: Shauntavia A.
The Bridge
this place wont make it the next couple of months, i ordered the salmon burger and it was falling completely apart, i had to eat it with a fork! it wasnt all that tasty either, and the manager didnt care what we going on he just kept watching whatever game was on, and the only upside to this experience was our server Daniel, my family could tell he was doing whatever he could to better our experience, including speaking with his manager on 2 seperate occasions, before he finally deciding to peel his eyes from whatever game, to come speak with us. all in all, Mr. Gooden isnt fit to manage McDonalds, and this place would be better if more people like Daniel were hired, also the busser checked on us more then the manager, meant to catch his name. 2-stars only because of my server and busser, everyone else should be fired
By: Tracie G.
Happy's Pizza
I will never ever order or eat at the Happy's on west 7 mile I placed an order and it was wrong, when I called up there to tell them my order was wrong they offered me $3 off my next order I declined that offer and asked for what I paid for they told me to bring my order back and they would put BBQ sauce on my fries I declined that as well. I went up there to get a refund the lady was extremely rude I asked why she was mad when they were the ones who messed the order up I then asked for a manager she started she was the manager I then as could I speak to someone over her she rudely said that's what you get when u live in Detroit then told me to call corporate that was the rudest and racist thing I've ever experienced. I will never patronize Happy's Pizza again!!!!!!
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By: galleyne
Gregg's Pizza & Bar-B-Que-Livernois
Hello to anybody whose listening Greggs pizza puts the boom in the bomb .I have been going to greggs since I was a child that was early 70's we'd go to greggs look thru the windows and watch the guys toss the pizza it was just a wonderful part of the process. now they do thing a lot faster and yet some how they kept the great taste. I know longer live in Detroit but you can best believe when I do come home ,I got's to have greggs. Thanks for maintaining that same good taste..p.s they miss rated you it should have been rated a 10 it must be the staff and not the food. At-any-rate customer/soldier for life. For real For real
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By: eunice.minter
Gregg's Pizza & Bar-B-Que-Livernois
The delivery took 2 hours. I was told it would be 45- 1 hour. The driver refused to bring my pizza to the door. Made me come to the parking lot. Then basically said he did me a favor by coming at all. The pizza was super cold but after microwaving, it was decent. The prices are really high. Driver forgot my 2 liter Coke, but returned with it when I called him. I'll only eat here again if I'm near starving. Food ok. Service sucks. Called for a manager. Was put on hold forever til I just hung up.
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By: Arian C.
Labella Pizza
I am living in deep south texas now BUT i grew up just around the block from labella pizza on cabot and i grew up on this pizza. Since iv been here in texas i have been craving this pizza. I remember going and buying a slice of pizza when i was a kid and it was sooooo cheeesyyy and it was a huge slice! ugh i miss it! When i visit detroit i will stop buy to get me a slice or maybe a large pizza lmfao ☺☺☺
By: Lynn R.
The Bridge
My man and I had the pleasure of dining here on 10/31/2015 and it was great. Q was our server we ordered the Lamb as an appetizer and it was excellent. I ordered the grilled salmon and he had the seafood mac/cheese and we were both pleased with our meal. I pray for the success of this business as we need more like it in the city of Detroit. I will be taking it to the Bridge again soon. :>) L.R.  
By: Wendynshaun C.
Niko's Pizza & Gyros
Nikos has the best pizza and gyros and if you don't believe me my little 7 year old daughter calls and orders pizza she can't have enough it's bad when my children give up little ceasers that they loved for nikos and I have gona inside and ate and it is very clean so people quit bashing his place cause it is a nice place to eat at !
Nicky D's
Don,t ever ask or let Amanda be your waitress if you have to. She is very slow and forgetfull.Always getting your order wrong. Always saying she is SORRY. She is not lying about being( sorry ). One sorry person. If you want good top notch service ask for one of the BLACK girls.You will be 100% satisfied. Amanda put on some make up.

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