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By: Leslie W.
Gates Of Heaven Funeral Home
They are very unprofessional and unorganized. The staff never has a direct answer on what's going on. My father was turned over to them on the 20th of September I still do not have his remains or a death certificate. Additionally, the pastor said his name wrong for the first half of the funeral and I was charged extra for a soloist who no called no showed and they refuse to refund the money. Sad that they would take advantage of people and give them the run around during a difficult time like this.
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By: Lisa E.
Gates Of Heaven Funeral Home
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...I can not write enough praises for the staff at Gates of Heaven for the truly beautiful homegoing they gave my mother-in -law yesterday. From the beautiful way they prepared her for viewing (Thank you Brenda) the attention to every detail, her hair and nails were done so elegantly. Then there was the exquisite voice of the soloist so moving, it touched everyone's heart and the inspiring words of the pastor moved everyone there. And I was so touched and impressed by the words of encouragement the funeral home director gave during the service, and I mustn't forget the inspirational song the organist sang..I could go on and on. I'd never been to Gates of Heaven before and I was not familiar with the area. I never in a million years dreamed that the funeral home would be the most beautiful funeral I'd ever been too, that this staff would go the extra mile for my family the way they did. I am so impressed at the loving and truly caring way they handled the death of someone who was so important and treasured by our family. I can not thank them enough.Add to list Edit
By: Roslyn G.
Heard And Taylor Family Funeral Home
In my opinion and experience with Heard and Taylor Family Funeral Home it is the worst funeral home in the city of Detroit. My sister was taken there and in my opinion her body was disrespected and her dignity strip. No one recognize her not family, nor friends. All I could think of was why would someone do this to a person love one. If I didn't have to go to jail, I would have taken a bat and hit the person that did that to her body. She looked like a mummy, the mummy on the movie, but worst. She was three shades darker than her normal color, her nose was smash into her face, and her skin felt like a wet sponge. What dead body do you know when you touch it, it feels like its full of fluids? I was told its all the hospital fault, from the I.V's and the tube in her nose, this is a bunch of garbage which is what they treated her body like. I had our brother ashes place in her casket at the funeral home, no one knew, so at the funeral service I ask if the bottom of her casket could be open so I could let our family know our brother was being bury with her. The funeral person, which was a man give me the hardest time he did not want to open the bottom of that casket, and when I made him I seen why. The bottom half of my sister body was [position in the same way she die in the hospital. Her legs were bent in the same position and her feet were bare, (no socks). I could have killed, they could have straight her legs out and cover her feet. I called Heard and Taylor and gave them a few words. I wish I had taken pictures to post and people could have seen for themselves what they did to her. Heard and Taylor has no compassion for your love ones just the money.
By: Mildred M.
Swanson Funeral Home
RUDE, VERY BAD ATTITUDE, TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL.COMPASSION IS NOT , I REPEAT, THEIR STRONG POINT. Swanson Funeral Home (Northwest) is one of the most unprofessional and rudest funeral homes that we have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Over the past few days, We made calls and inquiries concerning the handling of the arrangements of our deceased brother, we had traveled a great distance for the funeral of our family member. Really we simply visited this funeral home to ask a few questions about visitation and burial arrangements and so that we could somehow find peace and closure with what happened.Initially, I spoke with Beatrice, who has terrible telephone manners!! She is absolutely rude and smart mouthed ...which is so unnecessary for any type of businessperson.But the manager of the Funeral home is actually even more ruder and disrespectful than she is.He came in, looked at us with an irritated look on his face and asked "Who Are You?"We had already identified ourselves to several of his employees upon entering the building.When we asked him a question, he rudely stated and I quote "that is not how we do things up North". I have dealt with several funeral homes "in the North" and "in the South" and in addition, I have worked in this business for several years and not one Funeral home Staff member or otherwise have ever been as rude, arrogant, totally disrespectful and lacking in understanding as you and Beatrice are. Totally unprofessional manner and you need to really learn how to communicate with greater compassion and common sense.The Family of Mr. Wardell Standfield
By: Sharon B.
Swanson Funeral Home Inc
By: Wilber K.
Gates Of Heaven Funeral Home
One of the best funeral home very reasonable price you can go to Mr. Noris he will help you save money he's always been very friendly he took care of my family and neighbors always have done professional work
By: Viola G.
Gates Of Heaven Funeral Home
I recently buried my mother. The GOH staff treated me like family. They assisted me in every way possible. I wanted to know the expense of an extra car and the administrator Mr. Norris gave me one at no charge. I was grateful for what he did. The service that GOH provided for my mother was excellent, I couldn't have asked for anything better. GOH has been in this neighborhood for quite sometime and has helped many families buried their loved ones without difficulties. I remember a case where a gentleman was sent to the funeral home without any family member and Mr. Norris went out of his way to try and find some family. He searched on his own before enlisting the aid of the newspaper. The funeral was set with everything donated by Mr. Norris when he received a call from a family member who rushed over to claim the remains. They were so pleased to see that someone cared enough to bury their love one. GOH is a reputable funeral home in which I will recommend to many.
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By: Brandon L.
Gates Of Heaven Funeral Home
Stay away from this funeral home. They are unorganized, unprofessional and baldface liars. They are confrontation, tricky and big dam liars. They will lie even when they have the facts and documents before their lying eyes.
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By: Nina B.
Caver Memorial Funeral Home
This was the top pick of all the funeral homes I visited. Thanks alot to all whom made this experience an easy transition
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By: Tyrone A.
Caver Memorial Funeral Home
I had a unsurpassed experience with Caver's related to a personal family burial.Call Tyrone at 1-586-563-4797 insurance agent for more info.

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