By: John M.
Bucharest Grill
I've wanted to experience the phenomenon known as "Bucharest Grill" for a long time now, and finally got down there late Saturday night on our way home from the Wayne County Lightfest in Westland. We couldn't have chosen a worse night to battle the crowds and traffic along the Woodward / Park St. / Cass Ave. corridor, as Noel Night was just finishing up, Wayne State held commencements and there were events at both the Fox and State Theatre (is it even called the State Theatre anymore?)...but, we were passing through so we decided to see what the fuss was all about.We called in our order and found a parking spot to wait. Bucharest Grill is located inside the Park Bar, so if we didn't have two toddlers with us it would have been perfect to wait while enjoying a cocktail or eating there but with kids in tow that wasn't a possibility.Despite how busy they were, the order was placed and ready in 20 minutes. My wife and I ordered two falafel shwarma's, a small humus, and fries. We had another 15 minutes drive home, so we ate the fries on the drive and they were amazing! They tasted like a thicker version of McDonald's fries, and in my opinion, McDonald's has the very best fries around (don't laugh).We arrived home and dug right into our shwarma. Although not still hot (remember we had a 15 minute drive home), the falafel was super crunchy (but not hard) and was generously topped with tomato, onion, garlic sauce and green pepper. All I can say is "wow," it was amazing! The humus was so-so, but I consider myself a humus snob, being 50% Lebanese. We did put the humus inside the shwarma, where it tasted better than on it's own. I would most definitely go back, as the service was friendly, the price super-reasonable for what was given and the food excellent. They lost a star in my review only because when we double-checked our order it was someone else's. Minor inconvenience to have to go back inside and fight the crowd again but everything was fine.I can see why everyone raves about Bucharest Grill. Definitely a must-try!
By: Nunya B.
La Kabob Grill
This restaurant just opened, and it seems like they are having staffing problems and quality problems with the food. Meat is sometimes cold, fries are old and stale, tabbouli salad was excessively salty, and there's often a lack of spices. I suggest the owner should offer a generous "money back if not satisfied" guarantee, so you don't end up paying for food that's messed up. You might get lucky, as it's occasionally good. It's also hard to find this place, since it's not visible from either Grand River or Fenkel (5 Mile). You need to look just S of the Royal Fresh Market, and there's a hidden strip of shops behind a nail salon there. It's next to the "Panda" Chinese restaurant. I'd hurry, since with this poor location and spotty quality, it may not last long.
By: mrgoodday
Tommy's Detroit Bar & Grill
A few friends decided to try this bar for a bite to eat before the a Redwings game. We were pressed for time and told the bartender we were in a hurry and all wanted burgers with fries and a few beers because we wanted to catch Tommys shuttle service to the Joe. Well in a few seconds the beers showed up and not much longer the burgers showed also. I was VERY impressed we got served so soon because the place was a little busy. AWESOME BURGER. ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE HAD. And I have had my share of hamburgers! We were on the shuttle a few seconds after that and at the Joe within a few minutes. Fun crowd, great beer selection and GREAT BURGERS.
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By: Abe P.
La Kabob Grill
I noticed the two reviews and I personally dont agree with what they commented about it. As a Muslim I have been around this food a lot and you need to let them know whether you want it toasted or not! Anyways I ordered a chicken shawarama and it was pretty good and their fruit smoothies are really good. Will be here next time
By: Samo S.
La Kabob Grill
This is one of my favorite new joints to open. I tried their food after my friend recommended it to me and it was everything and more. The food was fresh, tasty, and to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good place to eat. I will definitely be back for more and more. Great Job
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By: A. J.
Bucharest Grill
The schwarma was definitly worth the trip from California. Under going a remodel so you stand shoulder to shoulder while ordering and waiting for your food.
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By: 'marcy S.
Texas Bar and Grill
Have frequented there for yrs until I lost my means of transportation. However, was able to stop by recently...same as before. I need a car!
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By: Tracey B.
Royal Grill And Deli
See judge judy episode #4817 2.12.13Please Ignore this if the tow company has since been dismissed. I don't know restaurant.
By: Sonya W.
Sky Club Bar & Grill
This bar is awesome with amazing food.
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By: Yolanda W.
Bucharest Grill
There Chicken Shawarma is excellent!

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