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By: John M.
Bucharest Grill
I've wanted to experience the phenomenon known as "Bucharest Grill" for a long time now, and finally got down there late Saturday night on our way home from the Wayne County Lightfest in Westland. We couldn't have chosen a worse night to battle the crowds and traffic along the Woodward / Park St. / Cass Ave. corridor, as Noel Night was just finishing up, Wayne State held commencements and there were events at both the Fox and State Theatre (is it even called the State Theatre anymore?)...but, we were passing through so we decided to see what the fuss was all about.We called in our order and found a parking spot to wait. Bucharest Grill is located inside the Park Bar, so if we didn't have two toddlers with us it would have been perfect to wait while enjoying a cocktail or eating there but with kids in tow that wasn't a possibility.Despite how busy they were, the order was placed and ready in 20 minutes. My wife and I ordered two falafel shwarma's, a small humus, and fries. We had another 15 minutes drive home, so we ate the fries on the drive and they were amazing! They tasted like a thicker version of McDonald's fries, and in my opinion, McDonald's has the very best fries around (don't laugh).We arrived home and dug right into our shwarma. Although not still hot (remember we had a 15 minute drive home), the falafel was super crunchy (but not hard) and was generously topped with tomato, onion, garlic sauce and green pepper. All I can say is "wow," it was amazing! The humus was so-so, but I consider myself a humus snob, being 50% Lebanese. We did put the humus inside the shwarma, where it tasted better than on it's own. I would most definitely go back, as the service was friendly, the price super-reasonable for what was given and the food excellent. They lost a star in my review only because when we double-checked our order it was someone else's. Minor inconvenience to have to go back inside and fight the crowd again but everything was fine.I can see why everyone raves about Bucharest Grill. Definitely a must-try!
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By: Mrscox M.
Nicky D's Coney Island
***A REAL REVIEW***Great spot to pick up and goThis place overall is pretty good. I say this because I have run into some issues, but judging by surrounding circumstances I could understand why those situations happened the way they did. The food is great, it is always fresh. It is a little on the high price end but it is worth it. I love the Grilled Chicken pitas and they are generous with the chicken ;) which is a winner for me. I prefer to pick up and go. I have eaten inside and it is too stuffy- Also the waitresses are not very approachable or friendly, you would think that in a business they would stress that the waitresses be friendly after all they are the ones customers most interacted with.Parking Lot is so hard to get around, it is so tiny. They now accept debit/credit card which they didn't before, so that is great. I tell ya I never carry cash, but this is one place I always remembered to have cash on hand- back when they did not accept debit/credit card. The not so great dining in, and small parking lot- does not discourage me from going and picking up food from here and enjoying it!
By: Army F.
Superland Market
My OT love this store and I like the store. BUT it smells and its a bit dirty, I once went there for meat (chicken) it smelled funny the day I got it. After 2days the chicken went HORRIBLE and the so called manager smiled in my face and said "Make sure your refrigerator is running (if it wasn't I would not have brought bags of chicken) out of 3bags of chicken one bag was bold!. -__- I was highly upset and then said I can not replace all this chicken but I can give you partial. We never sell bad chicken and all of our meat is fresh.. Apparently NOT. Once I got the batch of chicken, I left it in the fridge up to 3days. I know how long to leave chicken in. I've been around chick my whole life! Management is a JOKE!
By: jmjohnston
Traffic Jam & Snug Restaurant
Most food is made from scratch right there... beer, bread, ice cream, cheese. Pretty cool, right? But wait, they also grow many of their herbs and vegetables on the roof of the restaurant. Yes the food is unusual, this is why most people go out to eat. And I think they hang their proverbial hat on the quirky staff. If they rub you the wrong way, ask to speak with a manager. The manager Stephen is particularly helpful, friendly, witty... sounds like I may have a crush! I think taking in the atmosphere and the vibe right off the bat will really help your dining experience.
By: gus.dally
The District Bar and Grill
The District Bar and Grill offers a diversified menu of contemporary American and Indian cuisine. From their signature burgers and paninis to Indian favorites like Butter Chicken and Vegetarian Biriyani, there is something for everyone.Sit back and relax on their outdoor patio with a martini, a margarita or one of their many bottled beers including craft beers from Founders, Short's and Atwater.The District Bar and Grill offers catering and is the perfect place for your private event or party. Accommodations for 10 or more call 313-285-8992 for reservations.
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By: Jacklin M.
Eve's Downtown Gourmet
"Great people clean store,awesome owners they treat me and all of my friends just as a family !!! I absolutely love the new look and the new product at eves market!!!! beer/wine/liquor selection, great service and great food at the pizzeria and they also DELiVERY!!!!' Excellent service I definitely recommend it!!!! Keep it up Eve's market thank you for being there for all of Detroit city. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
By: Rebecca A.
I AM Detroit Clothing
I'm surprised to see these bad reviews after they treated me so well. I also waited what seemed like forever for my shipment to come in the mail. I called there and they apologized and told me they just opened up and they need three to five business days to fulfill the orders and then they are shipped. They sent me a free shirt and gave me an awesome promo code for the future. Calm down people, support real detroit local businesses who are actually in the city trying to impove it.
By: Joe K.
Thick Threads Apparel
This is my favorite store! Everything here just fits perfectly! I also love the owner. They always greet me at the door and have a room ready for me. He also make excellent suggestions that take me out of my comfort zone with styles. He also bring out some new clothes that are not on the rack yet. Dan is awesome at this store! The customer service, genuine care for customers and the great inventory selection are the reasons why I go here location.
By: ricowh42
I like going to Aldi because it allow me to become a lil pig. The reason why I say this they have lots of goodies at a very low prices. Getting milk from Aldi is like having a cow not giving birth! It's like sharing m&m with a friend letting them have one and running out. Shopping at Aldi is like stepping into the 1950's with a friendly atmosphere and quailty service. Just keep your store the way it was started.
By: ricowh42
Hard Rock Cafe
You know that song Cleveland rock think about Detroit Hard Rock cafe it like the song. If you bring the right people that have the right personalitiy. You will have a great atmosphere and food. My family and friend love going downtown to Hard Rock Cafe relaxing and laughing with each other. I enjoy visiting other cities cafe and hoping Detroit got one so we did!. So let's enjoy what the city of Detroit have!

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