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By: bianca59
Senegalese Africian Hair Braiding
Maintaining natural hair can be time consuming and challenging, so I was looking for other options other than a sew in or wearing a wig. I'd never had braids before and decided to give it a try. I was extremely nervous because I was not familiar with any shop in the area that could create a nice style that I would love. I started searching the internet and after about two weeks I came across the reviews for Senegalese African Hair Braiding shop. There were more positives than negatives so I decided to give them a call. I spoke with the kadeja and immediately had a wonderful conversation with her. She is a soft spoken, patient and very understanding woman. I told her I would like to come in and discuss styles that I thought would work for me. She is very knowledgeable and professional and she recommended the best braids for my hair. I made an appt. last weekend. She was very open to the date and time I wanted to have my hair done. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck on the day that I was to get it done. She told me how to prep my hair before getting it braided (another sign of her excellent knowledge and years of experience). I was always told how sore my scalp would be during and after getting braids. She understood my concerns and told me she would not have the braids too tight. I get tons of compliments on my braids. Another great thing about Ms. kadeja and her sisters, they value their customers and do the very best to make the customer comfortable and satisfied. I am a customer for life and can not imagine going anyplace else to have my braids done. Try it for yourself and you will also be a believer. Oh and the prices are excellent!!
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By: Jessica F.
Senegalese Africian Hair Braiding
I been here three times...the work good but customer service is terrible. I figured this being my 3rd visit that they would a least remember my face but i guess not! i always pay with my bank card but for some reason yesterday their machine wasnt working but kept swiping my card. I asked her to stop swiping it and ill just run to the atm. Why did i do that? First of all my hair wasnt even finished and it was 8:30 and i been there since 11 am...but as i was walkin out to attempt to go to the atm on of those africans grabbed my arm and said i had to leave something so theyll know ill be returning. I said i been here enought times for you to not think i was going to run i wasnt leaving anything besides i been here all day and my hair isnt finished i still want my hair finished so i say ride with me then and started to walk out the door to the car..every braider that was in the shop came running out blocking from getting in my car. Wow after i told kadesha to ride to ride with me..scared the heck out of me lol..u truly understand the fact that people run off..if the machine was working we would have never had a me and two braiders went to the atm remember im alone i felt soooooo uncomfortable and nervous.and to top it off after i paid them i still had to get my hair say because i liked them and now i would never go back.
By: beloved82
Senegalese Africian Hair Braiding
First time here but I was very impressed. First off, I never write reviews but I had such a great experience at Senegalese that I have too. I am new to the area and I was looking for a braiding shop, I did a lot, I mean ALOT of research to find the best braiding salon and came across Senegalese’s great reviews and decided to call. They answered all of my questions and I scheduled an appointment for the following day. Last Friday was my first time visiting Senegalese African Hair Braiding and everyone that knows me know that I’m very picky. Kadeja and her sisters were professional in every way. This experience is by far THE BEST experience I've had at any salon ever. This is no exaggeration. The two girls that were doing my hair made me feel very comfortable the entire time, I never felt out of place, and the girl that did the front made sure that I was okay. She made great conversation with me and was unbelievably funny. My braids were not tight (usually when I go to a braiding shop, my brains feel like they are coming out). I walked out a very satisfied customer. It's a good feeling when you feel like you got the best service for your money. The Senegalese twists are the best I’ve ever had. I get lots of compliments. I Highly recommend anyone looking for an amazing hair braider to go see Kadeja. I will definitely be returning.
By: Sunny T.
Senegalese Africian Hair Braiding
I really like this braiding shop however the only problem I have is the HOURS of unnecessary waiting that I had to do each time I have been here. I have only been twice. I suggest not having the owner braid your hair because she will stop in the middle of braiding your hair at numerous random times to do other things. The last time I went I purposely scheduled the earliest appt (9am) and was there for 10 HOURS! The owner was also the only one braiding my hair for a few hours which was also a disappointment. Neither experience was an in and out experience. I suggest really stressing what time that you have to leave (especially when making early appts) so that the braiders will make their best efforts to get you out of there. Other than that the place has the best prices in the city! The braiders do very well. The braids are neat...not too tight (to where you get a headache) and the braids last 2 months (or longer depending). The environment is very upbeat and full of laughter (even though sometimes this can be annoying if your braider stops to participate in the conversation). I will be back in the future. I have received several compliments on my braids. I suggest coming here if you really want great looking braids.
By: lisadavis67
Superstar African Hair Braiding
I was very impressed with Superstar Hair Braiding. I normally go to the hair salon to get my hair done but I read the reviews on Superstar Hair Braiding and I was very impressed. I decided to go to the owners home to get my hair done and her staff was very professional. Her basement was fully equipped, like a salon, and was a very neat, clean, and enjoyable atmosphere. I went to get tree braids in my hair and was very pleased with the end result. It was very full, something I normally had issues with, and easy to maintain. The prices were very reasonable as well! I would assure anybody, I am a hard person to please, especially when it comes to my hair, and Superstar hair braiding has fully satisfied me with excellent service, great professionalism, and an incredible end product. I would recommend this business to anybody.
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By: Nuthn N.
Superstar African Hair Braiding
So I actually got my hair done Saturday in the seengalees twist and it looks amazing, I arrived around 6pm and was in a braiders chair within 15min. I was done in a flash... I have a real tender scalp and these ladies did a phenomenal job keeping it as painless as possible., I was able to sleep comfortably the night of insertion and my hair follicles are still intact. No shedding at all post braiding, no extra fee for hair and my hair is beautiful. From here on out I will have my braids or twist done at SyperStar African Hair Braiding because the insertion technique is tight but pain free... I will definitely be back. The shop is warm and the associates are friendly and professional and they all deliver detailed beautiful styles but I expected such because the owner is super sweet and pays close attention to detail.
By: meagan126
Senegalese Africian Hair Braiding
I have been going to this shop for almost a year. I have been very pleased with the work, and the work is done in a timely fashion. My braids last a long-time, and I have been able to maintain them for months with good care. I like the ladies Ieisha and Kadija(I am sure I am not spelling their names correctly), and they are always respectful and greet me with a smile. They have upbeat attitudes and work at a great pace, and for me to get long braids and still be done within 4 hours is amazing. I know that everyone's experience is unique to their circumstances, but I am looking forward to going to see them this weekend because I have a had great service provided to me everytime that I have went to see them.
By: armelia.renee
Safari African Hair Braiding
Recently went. Appointment at 9:30 and they started soon as I sat down. I was there for 9 hours but only because of the hip length box braids I got. And my hair is better than I wanted.. I LOVE my hair and WILL be going back. They are a lil more costly than other braiding shops but my hair is PERFECT and it took a long time, so the price is expected.Its not so much as its dirty, but just old and worn when it comes to the cleanliness. Yes they talked all day long.. BUT, I just watched tv or put my headphones in.. It probably would have been boring if they didn't talk. Even though I didnt understand what they were saying, I can't take silence..I WILL be returning..
By: Michelle K.
Senegalese Africian Hair Braiding
This is my first time going to this place and I will definitely go back again. I had a great experience. At first, I felt reluctant going to this salon because of distance. But I did not regret going the distance. Senegalese African Hair Braiding is the best. I will rather pay for quality any day. I got the box braids and I’ve already received many compliments. I’ve been to lots of beauty shops but this place is different from them. This one is by far my favorite. No wonder they have so many repeat customers. They have a great atmosphere. I felt very comfortable. The customer service was great and left very pleased. I strongly recommend them.
By: soulsippin
Superstar African Hair Braiding
I dont usually write reviews, I just read them...but this experience deserved to be shared so everyone knows. This was hands down one of THE best experiences I've had with anyone who does hair out of their home. The space in her home where she does braids is very CLEAN and neat! She was so friendly and 100% professional. I originally wanted tree braids, but decided to get zillions. Oumi and her sister knocked them out in 4hours. She even curled the ends to give a deep wave pattern. I absolutely LOVE my braids! I walked out feeling extremely satisfied and happy. I will definitely be back and recommend to others. Thanks ladies!

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