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By: Lauren A.
Eglin Federal Credit Union
I personally can say that I am truly grateful that Eglin Federal Credit Union decided that it was time for them to expand from their Fort Walton Beach & and Shalimar locations, and FINALLY build a branch out here in Destin!!! It takes literally 5 minutes @ most to get from my home to the Destin branch, whereas before the Destin branch was built, myself, family members, and most all of my friends & neighbors would frequently have to always drive at least 20 to 30 minutes just to reach the closest bank, which was most definitely a HUGE inconvenience for more people than you could ever imagine ...... The drive-thru as well as the lobby bank tellers @ the Destin location all have great personalities, as does everyone who I have ever come into contact with inside of the bank. Every time I have needed to either physically come inside the branch to take care of a banking matter, or even just a simple and quick stop using the bank's drive thru for NUMEROUSLY infinite types of transactions or help ....... Not to mention that the best part of it all is that most every single one of my banking needs can be done without ever even having to walk a single step inside and stand waiting in line for the next available teller to help me. I love that I can enjoy the comforts of my cars air conditioning blowing on my face at full blast during the hottest & most humid months in Florida's infamously well known summer heat wave weather ....... The belief that Florida never gets cold weather or that it does not truly experience a " winter-like" season at all is shattered for a short 2 or 3 months out of the year, where Floridians such as myself, look forward to feeling the comforting warm air that wraps around our bodies from the moment we enter our cars and turn on the heater during the coldest months of the year. This area also is well known for having some of the most devastating, destructive , and more times than not, lethal hurricanes NON-STOP throughout the majority of each & every single year that passes by. Therefore, being able to not have to get out of my car AKA "my air conditioned or warm and comfortably dry safe haven" and walk or go inside to take care of all of my banking needs. Also, having an app in the Google Android Play Store lets me check the balance of my account at all times along with also being able to log in through the main website or call the direct line to check on any questions or issues I could possibly ever have concerning my account!!! :-D All-in-all I can honestly say that every single Eglin Federal Credit Union branch that I personally have ever walked into has been filled with uniquely genuine employees who all possess the most important quality of all ....... The amazing "internal drive" that compels each and every employee to want go out of their way & do all that is in their power to help each and every single client and/or customer with whatever they need - no matter their job title, rank, or position ♡♡♡

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