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By: Edith H.
Stater Bros.
YESTERDAY I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE..I LIKE COMING TO THIS STORE BECAUSE MOST OF THE TIME CASHIERS ARE FRIENDLY..BUT YESTERDAY THERE WAS ONE IN PARTICULAR AN OLD WHITE LADY WITH SHORT HAIR WAS HORRIBLE..MY TODLER LOST HER FAVORITE TEDDY BEAR..WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO A TODDLER, WELL I ASKED IF THERE WAS ANY WAY SHE CAN ANNOUNCED IT ON THE SPEAKER JUST IN CASE SOMEONE HAD JUST PICKED IT UP HER REPLY "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO HAVE ALL THE CUSTOMERS LOOKING FOR A BEAR? WE DONT HAVE A LOST A FOUND..IM NOT GOING TO ASK ALL THE CUSTOMERS!" to this point I was so upset that I told her how rude she was and she just kept making it worst. Even another customer was surprised to see her reaction and stepped in to tell her she didn't have to respond to me that way..she could have just simply said I'm sorry we are not aloud to do that & I would've understood. I walked away and continue looking for it through the store...Thankfully a young lady that works there overheard me talking to my husband about it and she offered to help...luckily it was FOUND and my TODDLER was so excited she gave the young lady a hug and said thank you. We continued our shopping and when we were paying I kept my eye on that cashier (the short hair old lady) and saw how friendly she was being to this older white male even after cashing him out they continued to chat while she cashed out a Hispanic lady without even greeting her or saying thank you..while another Hispanic lady waited in line...to me she seemed to be racist..and she probably never had children to know how much it means to a child to loose their favorite BEAR* I will be returning to this store but I will definitely avoid that cashier.
By: Pesach betzalel F.
Stater Bros.
Bs"d Well waddaya know? We had a totally different experience! Everyone we encountered was sweet friendly & smiling with a good morning & next wishes for a good day. It says in the best book that a smile is reflected by another,and a message from the heart cannot be ignored. I'm also a colorful person & @ 3/4ths of a century (that's 75 years) which puts me also @ 0 to through college in the "Jim Crow" south (Florida) where my only personal racist experience was to get the worst beating (like ER attention) of my life by three drunk black terroristas on a city bus on x-mas eve. Once again, another example of no good deed going unpunished,but we must not forget! I neglected to smile and offer a sweet and kind words from the heart. Have a good day and a great life.

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