By: falbosdsm
Falbo Bros Pizzeria
The previous post is a complete twisting of the facts. this employee was fired for a multitude of reasons, which will not be mentioned here. He was not refused pay, but was asked to explain what happened to missing cash drops before he was handed a check. This employee stormed out and made personal threats of bodily harm, and did not wait to get his check. All of our employees are and always have been paid.The ex-employee's mom was asked to leave because she cannot be part of the employee (or ex-employee) and employer conversation legally, as the former employee is 27 years old and not a minor.Not long after, it was discovered the ex-employee also lied on his application.This person and his mother have taken to a internet smear campaign to intentionally hurt us financially, and have unfortunately done so fairly successfully, but not rightfuilly so. His wages were submitted to Iowa Workforce Development over 30 day ago after he failed to claim them, and neither he or his mother has made any attempt to correct any of their negative actions on the internet.Things like this kill small businesses, and this will cost 12 people their jobs if not corrected, and a loss of close to $200,000 invested in this business.It's a shame really that this gentleman can't right his inequities, nor can his mother, after doing so much wrong.
By: Randy L.
Burger King
Burger King store: #1787Date: 6/30/2014Time: 6:27 PMArea: Drive-ThroughProblem: Inconsistent portion size for ice cream cones.Suggested solution: They should have to quickly weigh every cone on a gram scale, to make sure customers get a consistent product.One time you get a full, satisfying cone. The next time (such as today) you get two inch high ice-cream, with a girth that comes half an inch short of the cone's diameter, all the way around.Then, because they're on sale for 50 cents, the staff acts like half a cone is fair, since it's half price. If there were an option to include a picture of the rip-off cones we got today, I would.
By: Kathy C.
This Hardees is exceptional. The food is served piping hot and freshly made. We recently ordered the beer battered onion rings and oh were they good. The fish sandwich was good and will be ordered again. My favorite is the chicken tenders. Even the ice tea is good.I mustn't forget the bisquits and gray and cinnamon raison bisquits. Keep up the good work Hardees.
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By: dfwdean
Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Stopped here for a cocktail and dessert: Red's Rye and the Ginger Beerchetta. Good ginger beer pairing I think.This looks like a nice place otherwise: they are very slow about cleaning off tables and I'm not sure why parents bring very young children here. Get a baby sitter for your date night people.
By: brianfisher1131779
Mmmm... Hardee's! Who could possibly say a bad thing about this joint? Diggin' the Breakfast, Enjoyin' the Lunch, Lovin' the Dinner!!!
By: eoloniz
Noodles Pasta & Sandwich Shop
Great Italian food for a small family ran business, the Italian red sauce is the best, and the prices are great, I eat there a lot !!
By: eoloniz
Taco Bell
Every time we go into this Taco Bell the floor has trash on it, spilled pop, tables not cleaned off, servers are not friendly!!
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By: seancook
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