By: falbosdsm
Falbo Bros Pizzeria
The previous post is a complete twisting of the facts. this employee was fired for a multitude of reasons, which will not be mentioned here. He was not refused pay, but was asked to explain what happened to missing cash drops before he was handed a check. This employee stormed out and made personal threats of bodily harm, and did not wait to get his check. All of our employees are and always have been paid.The ex-employee's mom was asked to leave because she cannot be part of the employee (or ex-employee) and employer conversation legally, as the former employee is 27 years old and not a minor.Not long after, it was discovered the ex-employee also lied on his application.This person and his mother have taken to a internet smear campaign to intentionally hurt us financially, and have unfortunately done so fairly successfully, but not rightfuilly so. His wages were submitted to Iowa Workforce Development over 30 day ago after he failed to claim them, and neither he or his mother has made any attempt to correct any of their negative actions on the internet.Things like this kill small businesses, and this will cost 12 people their jobs if not corrected, and a loss of close to $200,000 invested in this business.It's a shame really that this gentleman can't right his inequities, nor can his mother, after doing so much wrong.
By: Alanda L.
Nellys Ville Hair Salon
This was my first time going to Nellyville to have my natural hair done. My sister recommended her and it was for my birthday. I must say I am a difficult person to please and have not been to a hair salon in over 6 years or more. The atmosphere is real nice and you feel welcomed when first come in. Nell is great, her knowledge and experience with hair is outstanding and she has a great personality. Decent conversation to help by past the time and efficient work compared to some of the other places I've been. I didn't think I would ever have a beautician in Des Moines until I met Nell. Thanks for the great experience!
By: amandapropaganda
Nut Pob Restaurant
Their service is horrendous. However, the pad Thai is really delicious. I would advise going for dinner and not for lunch. If you go for lunch budget for at least an hour and a half of time in that restaurant and then you got to think about travel time to from as well. The young female waitresses don't make eye contact, don't fill up your water as it gets low, and it seems like you're bothering them when you ask them for something. They don't smile. If you order gets screwed up, you get the equivalent of a shrug. Their service is the worst!
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By: Sophia B.
The Niche Salon
My stylist is Danika. She cuts hair amazingly! When I was in the hospital and the lady was trying to style my hair for me, she made a comment on the cut of my hair. She now sees Danika! The other stylists that are there are so very friendly. It has a wonderful atmosphere and great products that can be purchased.I strongly strongly strongly advise going to the niche.
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By: dfwdean
Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Stopped here for a cocktail and dessert: Red's Rye and the Ginger Beerchetta. Good ginger beer pairing I think.This looks like a nice place otherwise: they are very slow about cleaning off tables and I'm not sure why parents bring very young children here. Get a baby sitter for your date night people.
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By: ms.ospencer69
Mahalie's Enterprises
Josetta is an aw some stylist!! This was my 1st visit, she counsel me@my hair, what I wanted, upkeep@after I leave the salon, color and style choices. I've been ti several beauty salons and none did what she did. Thanks Ms Josetta. I will come back and send referrals.
By: dava.james.5
Nellys Ville Hair Salon
Deserves 5 star for talent/skills...this business woman does it all she has skills to fit all my moods as I go from braids to my weaves to having just a perm/curl...I have gone to her for years...my Mom loved her,too! Visit her shop U will see but don't take my time!
By: Kawanda J.
Nellys Ville Hair Salon
Nellysville is by far the best salon in Des Moines. Nell is very talented and professional! If your looking for an awesome stylist with great skills and a positive attitude go to Nellys Ville!
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By: James T.
Savage Studio Room 111
I'm wondering if a fellow by the name of Ed Savage is the owner of this salon? I knew a stylist by that name in Des Moines in 1980. And yes people got their hair done way back then.
By: zabales
B2b Salon
I've been with these hair stylists for 7 years now. Yeah, 7 amazing years! There's a reason I keep coming back. I have never had a bad haircut.

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