By: rootstostars
Roots To Stars
Misha is an extremely gifted healer and Tarot card reader. She has predicted key events in my life with no warning, and she always offers POSITIVE and LOVING advice. This attitude is different from other Tarot reader who prefer to predict the worst and warn against future actions. I have always felt extremely comforted, confident, and inspired to follow my own life's path after a session with Misha. She has also done crystal healing with me, and acurately prescribed certain stones to help me through small crisis and large. The thing about Misha... she truly enjoys her work because she has embraced her gifts in this facet... and therefore, she wants you to feel her love through her work. You can tell it has affected her life in so many ways, and she can't wait to share her work and passion with the rest of the world. Her insight and predictions have brought me to tears on multiple occasions, in a way that no other reader ever has. At this point in my life, there's actually no one else I would go to, to pull cards for my days or nights. She has helped show me the light toward my future... away from a town and profession that were not quite right for me, and onward toward a career teaching on the other side of the globe. Without her help, I'm not sure I would've had the guts to take such a leap. I would recommend her services in this arena to anyone that would listen. If you would like to experience a helping hand in your spiritual, emotional, or physical life... TRUST ME. Roots to Stars, if available to you, is your best bet. Thank you, Misha... for all that you do!
By: lnlnln
Star Kitchen
In my first meal at Star Kitchen, I was pleased to discover a menu full of many great choices and old favorites. The food was very good and so was the service on a busy Saturday night. I had planned on being a regular. However, I later found my bank account was charged a 26% tip, when I had left an 18% tip. I disputed the charge I did not sign for through my bank, and the bank – not the restaurant – refunded me the unauthorized tip. There was also a security issue: The restaurant allowed a man to distribute marketing flyers at its front door, and when I refused a flyer on the way into the restaurant, the man blocked me from getting to my car on the way out. He stood in front of my car door. I had to tell him several times to leave me alone to be able to drive away. This made me uncomfortable and was an unpleasant way to end my meal. I alerted the restaurant, but don’t know whether any action was taken to prevent this from happening to other customers.
By: jdirgo
Strange Grounds
Strange Grounds is a diamond in the rough. The atmosphere and staff welcome you like old friends and family in their home-away-from-home, and their eats and treats are surprisingly decadent being made from scratch with love. Morning hours vary (and the door says 10ish, which is fair) because their night life is thriving with live music and comedy. The best part? Live acoustic music happens all the time, and many local groups choose to grace their house with live music while they jam together. Frieda has managed to cultivate a wonderful place for creatives and intellectuals to gather and mingle like coffee shops of old, and I look forward to watching her place grow through the years while I and all the new friends I've made here enjoy her fantastic coffee, wonderful food, and beautiful music together.
By: Jerry R.
I've looked over the reviews prior to mine and do not agree with some of the harsher critiques. I find the bar to be very friendly and actually very nice. In my experience the bartenders are not allowed to drink while on duty. For the most part, the staff are well-mannered, friendly and attentive. The other customers there seem to be enjoying themselves and regulars are usually welcoming to new folks genuinely. I'm sorry other reviews find so much to complain about, but my personal, experience has always been very good and I plan on being there often.
By: pinxet
The Vapor Shop
Competently stocked and competitively priced. Joytech, Kanger, ViviNova and similar products . Nice range of well-made juices.The staff there is knowledgeable, very personable, and newbie-friendly. I've never visited this store, and not felt something akin to being a welcomed guest.In a city where vaping isn't a particularly mainstream activity, it's a great pleasure to walk into this brick & mortar place for a tank, replacement coil, or a good starter Ego setups for friends you're trying to convert.
By: Darcy H.
Colorado Couples & Family Therapy
While seeking out someone to assist in therapy services, it was imperative for us to find a counselor that could truly understand what we were going though and connect with us on our level. When we started working with Carrie, I wasn't sure where we were going to end up and the clouds that followed us around never seemed to part. The time Carrie has spent with us has been the most valuable counseling experience a family could have.
user avatar
By: Terri T.
The Hendrix Group
I had the pleasure of working with Terri over the past 4 years. Terri helped me findtwo amazing investment properties. Terri is punctual, loyal, and will do whatever ittakes to make sure that you as the customer are happy. Terri did an excellent job oflistening to me and understanding what I was in the market for. Without her I couldnot have found or dealt with the entire process. Thank you once again Terri! JJ
By: A R.
Henry's Tavern
We were staying downtown and looking for a place to eat and have some drinks. Per the ratings, we decided to give Henry's a try and were not disappointed! We were there on a Saturday evening, no reservations, and the place was busy. Got seated right away and the waitress took very good care of us. Made sure our drinks were full, checked on us regularly. The food was very good, large portions. Highly recommend!
user avatar
By: Shelley W.
Krameria Cafe
I don't know who the haters are, but I've been eating regularly at the Krameria Café for years. They serve Pablo's coffee, which is really really good. I've had the American food, and it's good, but anything with POBLANOs and GREEN CHILE is simply unbeatable at Krameria. It's a family-run place and they don't always open right on time but it is the BOMB.
user avatar
By: Richard H.
Lunchbreak II
This restaurant offers a menu with a wide variety of food items to choose from for both breakfast and lunch selections. The food that is prepared is always made from quality ingredients and has great taste. The service is always quick and efficient in preparing the food items that you have ordered and presented with a smile.
Tips & Advices
Group counseling is when one or more counselors lead a group discussion, usually between five and 15 people. The group may focus on a shared experience or situation, and provide support and encouragement to the other attendees.
Each state defines its own requirements for what licenses and education are needed to be a counselor. It's common for counselors to have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a similar field, as well as a master's degree. After that, counselors should obtain their state license, and can move on to achieving other licenses like the:
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC) license
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) license
  • Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) license
  • Forensic Health Evaluators (FHE) license
  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) license
  • Certified Family Therapist (CFT) license
This all depends on the patient's goals and circumstances. Some people are happy with their results after just a few sessions; others continue to meet with their counselors for years. There is no right or wrong length of time to go to counseling.
Anyone can benefit from counseling services. Counseling can help you gain greater insight into yourself; deal with feelings of sadness, worry, depression or anxiety; as well as work out relationship problems, trauma or addiction. Not every type of counseling service works with every person.
Yes. Except in very specific situations, a counselor will never repeat conversations from a counseling session. Situations where information from sessions might be shared include:
  • If the counselor believes the patient might harm him or herself, or someone else.
  • If the counselor wants to get a second opinion on the patient's treatment. If this is the case, the counselor should seek the patient's written permission before consulting another professional.

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