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By: jacob.lince
AfterOurs Urgent Care
I visited the Thornton CO after ours on august 18 because my nose was in severe pain and I figued it was infected. One great thing is that they were open on a Saturday at 6:30 with a Broncos game going on. It is hard for me usually to see a doctor because I drive truck for a living and only get home for a few days every 5 weeks. So just the fact that they were open was nice. Upon arrival a gentleman gave a quick look and confirmed it was infected. He said depending on the severity they may have to send me to the hospital. He then gave me the choice of just going straight to the hospital or seeing what they could do and then maybe still have to go. I chose to stay and see what could be done. The Doctor was quick to get to me even though there were several people there.He quickly but thoroughly examined me and concluded that antibiotics should be more than sufficent in my case. He decided to up the dosage seeing as I drive and rarely get to doctors. He also gave me his card so I could call if I had any questions while I was on the road. He also prescribed some pain medication to help me get through the weekend until the antibiotics started to really work. Overall the entire staff was professional, helpful, caring, understanding, and even had a great sense of humor. I know now that is I am ever in the Denver area this is the ONLY place I will use in the future. I highly recomemd them, if they can't help you there they are quick to give you the location of an address that is open that can (a small child and his mother came in while I was there. The child needed stitches and this was not something they could perform at the time, bit within 2 minutes they had the family directed somewhere that could help.)
By: candacet
AfterOurs Urgent Care
Everyone seemed real nice, but in treating my son who had been running a 104 temp for a few days, they said that he was just dehydrated, and charged me $300 to put him on an IV, while completely neglecting the fact that he had Pneumonia and needed Antibiotics. 4 days later, he was lethargic and still running a very high temp, so I took him in to a different Doctor...who told me he had Pneumonia, charged me $76 and put him on antibiotics. I feel like I got screwed at Afterours & I feel like $300 was an exuberant amount of money to charge someone who is in a bad predicament, and then to be so incompetent as to miss something so dangerous as pneumonia....And right before Christmas. SHAME ON YOU!UPDATE....After speaking to Marjorie at Afterours, who was very kind and very patient with me, I have updated this review. Marjorie listened thoughtfully and heard my story. She offered me a solution that was a real life saver. My child's symptoms never changed, so I honestly believe that he had Pneumonia at the time of my visit & I still feel that it was over looked. However, I explained to Marjorie that I had little money and that $300 was giant burden for me. She emailed me a Hardship Relief form & they refunded $150 to me which was a great relief.....Thank you.....that was huge to me.
By: spintorn
Feldman Alexander Phys
Dr. Alexander Feldman is a very thorough physician. He has great bedside manner, is very soft spoken and I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time with a doctor! What stood out was the amount of quality time and care spent during each appointment. He focused on quality of care, making sure to complete a detailed examination and communicating options clearly. He is very knowledgeable, detailed and communicative. He explained what he thought was wrong and what the options were to diagnose the symptoms. Once diagnosed, he provided visual aids, even drew some diagrams to chart the course of progression. He also provided treatment options and reading material for those options. He is very personable and calls you directly to communicate lab/test results. His calm demeanor is also very reassuring. I would highly recommend Dr. Feldman as an A++ physician! Additionally, I’ve never waited more than five minutes to see the doctor!
By: ssmith
Guardian Urgent Care
Awesome service and staff. They are so thero with every exam they have ever done with me and my children. I have recommended them to all they friends that live in the area. I go there for pretty much all mine and my families health issues/broken bones/ sitches.. they pretty much have done it all for us. They are very caring and professional. The wait compaired to the other urgent cares is so quick. I havent ever waited over 45 minutes. The staff is so friendly and the providers really know what they are doing. Before my insurance kicked in I had to pay out of pocket. It was due at the time of service, but it was soooo much cheaper then the ER. I'm so thankful they are right down the road. Love this place and I'd highly recommend it to anyone!
By: willyqbuckles
La Fontaine Aesthetics
I am so excited about my results from surgery with Dr. Oleszek! I look like me, young, fresh, happy, pretty. Two years ago I had consults with 2 other doctors. I don't think they are bad doctors, but something just didn't feel right. After meeting several of Dr. Oleszek's patients and seeing how beautiful and natural they looked I felt like he was the one. Once I met with him, I was 100% confident. I did a lot of research and even though I knew he was the right surgeon for me. I asked a million questions and they were so happy to answer everything.
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By: John T.
Guardian Urgent Care
I went for a persistent cough and sinus issues. The wait was fairly short and I saw Dr Foley in short order. He listened closely to my complaints/descriptions of my issue and proceeded to write 2 scipts for both issues. That was yesterday pm and this morning my cough is gone and sinuses dry! I got MUCH better service AND results here than at any ER I have visited. Strongly recommend this Guardian care center. Dr Foley is excellent and very patient, ask for him by name!
By: irenerasmussen
AfterOurs Urgent Care
AfterOurs Urgent Care has provided my husband with friendly excellent care. The staffs have taken the time to ask all the questions that help them evaluate the care he needs and they take the time to careful listen to answers. They address any concerns we have and make sure that they check with doctor to assure we all have the proper answers to our concerns. Great job, excellent service, I would highly recommend their services and staff to anyone in Denver, CO.
By: vincentnolen
AfterOurs Urgent Care
I have visited AfterOurs Urgent Care for my neck pain. I met Dr. Jennifer Hepp and she is very friendly and knowledgeable. She explained everything well and adjusted my neck. I have 3 more appointments next week. Though the pain didn't subside immediately I am satisfied. Her appointment times are flexible and always reachable on phone. Any time I need a physician I will only call (303) 952-0670 for rescue.
By: karissa1983
La Fontaine Aesthetics
The place is very clean and beautifully decorated. The staff is super friendly as well as the Dr. I felt they listen to your specific needs and cater to you. They are very competitively priced and I will definitely be going back!
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By: Carter P.
Guardian Urgent Care
super easy, no BS, great people. And they take medicaid. Also the wait is not any longer than you would expect to wait at an urgent care or doctor office. in fact i would say it was a bit faster.
Tips & Advices
Under most health insurance plans, urgent care visits will require a copay that is usually less expensive than emergency room visits, but more expensive than standard doctor visits - around $120 on average. Urgent care staff do not have much information regarding individual coverage, so be prepared and check with your insurance provider to understand costs.
It is common for urgent care physicians to recommend follow-up treatment after an initial visit. Most commonly, patients will be asked to return to the clinic or their primary care doctor if symptoms get worse or do not improve in a certain amount of time. Patients might be referred to a specialist for treatment of more complex conditions. Or patients may simply be given a few basic tips for recovering at home. In any case, patients should follow the doctor’s advice regarding next treatment steps.
If needed, urgent care doctors can prescribe medication to treat conditions. This may include antibiotics for an infection or pain medication for a broken bone. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking these medicines.
Be sure to explain your symptoms to physicians in as much detail as possible. Note when or where the symptoms first appeared if possible. Inform urgent care staff of any medical conditions you may have, all allergies, and all medications you are currently taking. Also be sure to bring proper forms of identification, and any health insurance cards/information to help process your visit.
You should be able to find a 24-hour urgent care clinic by searching online resources such as Be sure the location is included in your health plan network before visiting.

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