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By: Rachel ..
The Spearly Center
While there's always room for improvement in any facility, I have to say that The Spearly Center makes up for it by the caliber of their staff. It takes special personalities to work with the difficult residents we have and many could not flourish in this type of environment. As most days are tiring, long and difficult, I never go home thinking, "Wow, I had a bad day today." I may have had a hard day, a challenging day, what have you, but at every facility prior to this one I have worked in? Constant "bad days". Days I felt unappreciated by my residents, the staff, the leadership team. I don't feel that here. My residents value me, the staff thanks me for what I do and I never feel like my efforts aren't being recognized in some way. I truly enjoy coming to work. Now we'll see how I feel when the snow starts falling and that commute gets even longer, but I know I'll be coming to a warm environment where I'm actually making a difference for those who live in Spearly.
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By: Jess M.
The Spearly Center
This facility houses some of the most difficult to place clients in the state. Their population is comprised largely of formerly homeless people, the chronically mentally ill, clients with a history of violence, drug addiction, and continued threat of harm to self and/or others. Most of their funding comes from Medicare/Medicaid. This facility has a lot of challenges. But in my experience, it also has a lot of dedicated employees. Those who stay and do a great job are worth their weight in gold. If you have a big problem with this place, your real problem may be with the larger healthcare system and its inability to consider, house, and treat the chronic mentally ill, addicted, neurologically injured, and homeless populations.
By: Jabari G.
The Spearly Center
I've been a nurse for almost 20 years and have worked a lot of places. I saw these bad reviews about this place I work and I think I know who wrote them. I've worked here almost 2 years and yes it's a tough place, but if you do your job and take care of the residents you won't have the experience these people did. I know the chain of command here and they are good people, but they make you do your job instead of go out for smoke breaks all the time. Go visit and see for yourself. The people who have stayed are the ones who actually care about taking care of the patients.
By: Brian S.
The Spearly Center
I have worked here for over 8 months and I have to say it's a great place to work at. Never mind the bad reviews because the administration does care about the patients and the employees at The Spearly Center. The kind of clients that we care for is not always easy, but it's satisfying knowing that we do a GREAT JOB for our residents. In the end of the day or night that is all that matters to us devoted employees, that want to blog about positive things, but not the negatives.
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By: Denise L.
Holly Heights Care Center
My mother was at Holly Heights for more than 8 years, & I just wanted to say what EXCELLENT care she received while there. I know it wasn't easy with her mental & physical disabilities, but the job that was done was above & beyond.
I want to say I always felt secure in knowing my Mom was being cared for, thank you Holly Heights for being a top notch place in my book!!!

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