By: maria.c.kozak
Isushi Japanese Restaurant
Last night we had great sushi at I Sushi restaurant in Denver. The food was delicious and the staff was very professional. The sashimi portions were generous and the fish tasted very fresh. Chef Wei had fresh Scallops as a special, he prepared it for us and we got to taste fresh Wasabi for the first time; I do not want to go back to the wasabi paste restaurants usually serve. We had a great time talking to Chef Wei since we sat at the sushi bar. We drank "Hot Dragon Sake" it was amazing! When customers walked in, it seemed that they knew a lot of them, the chef and the host were welcoming them by their names most of the time. It is obvious that Chef Wei takes pride in his work. We are definitely coming back to I Sushi. I am so glad we found this place.
By: steve h.
I have taken dinner several times here,every time I got a different pleasant experience,It's Very clean inside and a good atmosphere as well. Tucked away in a cozy strip mall makes for a nice walk after your meal.Mickey chef for sushi bar was great,He did such a wonderful job with everything according to our desire,only with a single issue and that is a little high price for the drinks,however we enjoyed the perfect that we had spent there,I recommended to everyone......!
By: Kristy W.
Hapa Sushi Grill
I don't even like Sushi, but I loved this restaurant. I went with a large group for a business dinner. They all ate sushi (and raved about it). I do not like Sushi, but there were plenty of other options for me...other than just teriyaki chicken. The restaurant itself has a trendy vibe. There was a 2 man band playing for background music. I would definitely recommend this place!
By: James K.
DOMO Japanese Country Foods Restaurant
I hosted a family gathering here recently (in the summer). Fascinating establishment, unusual and very expensive food (our bill was nearly $300!! + the tip). NO air conditioning meant getting sick to my stomach and exiting the restaurant for fresh, cooler air in the parking lot. I guess that it was worth it ONCE!
By: framblue55
Zen Asian Sushi Bar & Grill
A fantastic bar to sit down and chill. I love it here! I just stumbled upon this bar just a few weeks ago. Bets of all, the regulars are very nice to me, and the drinks aren't overly pricey! The bartenders are fantastic and the music is not too loud.
By: Casey M.
Mt Fuji Hibachi & Sushi Bar
always has the best hibachi in denver. this is my favor place i have my meal. really love. the manager was very nice to us. and she is really pretty and cute. the chef was so nice and we have lots fun on the hibachi table. we will come back
By: Steve G.
Not what it used to be back in the day. Drug dealers sitting at our table taking out stacks of bills ordering tons of food, then they rush get everything to go and hurry out. Kind of sketchy place now.
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By: Jon R.
Stout Street Social
Its actually the best breakfast I've had in awhile... I really give our best regards to our server Katrina she went out of her way to take care of us and we couldn't be more pleased
By: Rosa S.
Tokyo Joe’s
This restaurant is healthy fresh fast good service n always good tasting food I recommend it to everyone
By: Sammy S.
Sushi Den
This is a great place to eat! Sushi is soooooo good!!!!!!!!!! would reccomend to anyone who likes sushi.

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