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By: Barbara L.
This is a good Pharmacy, but the wait is about 45 minutes! This is outrageous and unneeded! Note: I agree with their stringent policies, so beware to not attempt anything here as all persons MIST SUBMIT A PAIN CONTRACT! My patients have done this, but it should be posted as many have spend needless amounts of time waiting!I agree with chronic pain patients needing a Pain Contract from their MDs, but these matters are unlikely to truly assist anyone abusing Meds!MDs feel burdened, as do Pharmacies! The DEA is doing all it can!But let's remember, it is up to the Professionals to ensure all goes as it should and to ensure all are doing what is required by law!This is not helping but hindering! It is still true: addiction is a DISEASE! Let's start treating people with respect and with proper caution and diagnosis, we are responsible for ensuring that they get and partake in Treatment! The Pharmacy should be doing only what it can, and not attempt to penalize people who may be terminally ill!
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By: Edd A.
Sprint Store
First let me tell you the above rating is for this store and this store only. I ended up at this corporate store after 2 days of sheer hell on the phone with customer service. The first person, I'm sorry to say was just a rude jerk that wants a paycheck and does no work, I also spoke to a manager, or that is what he titled himself. After 25 years in banking in the Quality Assurance Department if one of our employees ever treated a customer the way I was treated they would immediately be dismissed. Sprint as far as I am concerned has NO customer service. So if you do decide to go with Sprint I advise you keep the address to your corporate store very handy. These are the only people that will help you with any problem. If you call the customer service expect to be on the phone for a long time with nothing but frustration and transferred or mostly dropped calls. Last week I called on Monday at 8am and was exhausted, frustrated, and had no outcome at 10:45am. Following day worse.
By: Robin R.
King Soopers
My daughter and myself had the best experience ever in your store at the Deli with a man named Josh. He was the best thing ever in that dept. He was so busy but he stopped and made each of us feel like we weren't taking up his time. He was so polite and helpful it was absolutely the best experience I have ever had in the store. He deserves a raise or at the minimal acknowledgement for a job greatly done with a smile and kindness. Josh really did make me feel like I mattered.Thank you Josh!!!!
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By: Edward W.
Verizon Wireless
Working with Will made my new cell phone purchase the best experience I have ever had. He was knowledgeable, took time to review my account and saved me money after reviewing my outdated plan. Every other store I had been in rushed through and never gave me any advice or guidance. He helped me every step of the way. It was a pleasure as well as a relief to be treated in a respectful, kind manner. Thanks Will!Laurie
By: Andrew S.
Digitech Communications
Mr. Matthews is the boyfriend of an old disgruntled employee. Digitech Communications currently has an A rating with the BBB, and we work very hard to make sure our customers leave happy! That's why we've been in business for 25 years. Come check us out!
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By: Amy O.
Back On The Rack
This store is my absolute favorite, OMG they have everything! I went there and found the baby gate I was looking for, super awesome, super cheap. Also my son loved the owners and he is normally stranger danger - not this time. I will definitely be back!
By: god4wobble
The employees here are very, very smiling and seem to enjoy working there. They have the best selection of fruits and vegetables. Overall, I recommend going to this grocery store. This store is the best to shop at.
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By: Bobby F.
Yep the other driver was right they slow about getting you into a door and unloading you. My appointment was at 10:00 am it's now 11:15 am. Why have appointments when they can't follow them? Nuff Said
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By: Shaw K.
Alpha Convenience Store & Pipe Shope
Best Store in the area, have bunch of verity of pipes and smoking accessories on decent price!
By: stas.normatov
Mobile Zone
very nice store with honest stuff, will go here for all my phone needs

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