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By: Steven S.
Gallup Development
My wife purchased a brand new home from Gallup Development in July 2017. A week later muddy water began pouring inside finished basement, saturating carpet and penetrating woodwork and walls. Foundation had given away next to house. A few weeks after foundation started caving in on same side of the house in a different area. Then, another issue arose shortly thereafter when water began leaking inside master bedroom that is located on 2nd floor, soaked carpet and ruined baseboard. Another major defect is that on hot days central A/C will only cool top floor to around 84 degrees, and bedrooms on 2nd floor are almost as bad. Builder said “that is a matter of comfort” and refuses to do anything to address the problem. Now that it is winter, on two cold days bedrooms upstairs will not heat to above 64 degrees. This was again reported to the builder with a plea to address. Gallup refuses to do anything. There is no hot water available in the master bathtub. This was reported to the builder. I’m guessing that this is a matter of comfort as well. Now, the siding is warping and bowing all over the house. This was reported to the builder, along with a request that the builder arrange a meeting with the manufacturer of the siding so that proper repairs can be made and warranty remains valid. Builder refuses to cooperate and will not respond. Now, paint has started peeling off exterior areas of the house. It is only a few months old! This has been reported to the builder as well. My wife has now engaged an attorney because of the builder’s refusal to stand behind his product. Be very, very leery of this builder.
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By: Adam K.
Global Construction Group Inc
This company is the worst landscaping company ever. They mow while the grass is still wet and sometimes even while it is still raining which does little good since grass does not cut while it is wet. This also leads to mud and clumps of grass being left behind on the sidewalks as shown in the pictures. When the trim the edges they always destroy any plants on the other side of the edging because the extend the edger cord to 18" instead of the 3-4 inches that is recommended this is both unsafe and impractical and leads to the damage shown in the photos. When I confronted them about it instead of apologizing and agreeing to take care of it I was verbally attacked and told that they would not reimburse me for the damages; I was even threatened with physical violence by one of the employees.
By: Kelly M.
Loya Construction Inc
Horrible company...they lie, lie and lie so they do not have to pay their bills. Then, they flare out at you when you request monies due to you. BAD BAD BAD business and probably not even legal citizens.
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By: Sarah C.
Kellory & Co Inc
If you enjoy being ignored, lied to, abused and then left high and dry because you have the nerve to point out how poorly you have been treated, then use Kellory & Company.
By: Big P.
Gaddy Construction
These guys are great - they have done a couple large renovations for me over the years. They always have delivered a great final product, and conduct their business with integrity. They even helped me save money on several components. They've been around for a long time, and Brian is great to work with. Highly recommended!
By: ron.beall.5
Celtic Construction
Seamus had us going. He came into our house and measured this and that and promised us a nice new kitchen. He made us listen to a speech about how honest and how full of integrity he was. After numerous failed promises of when he would call us back, I call him, he stopped answering my calls so I left messages. After no response I borrowed a friends phone and called him. What do you know he answered right away! So then he sends us to a cabinet outlet, we find the cabinets we want. I called him to ask dimensions and he asks me for the stores fax number and says he will fax the layout. My wife and I waited 30 minutes for his fax, as of now he still has not faxed the plans, he never intended to fax it. He just lied to me to get me off the phone. I made the decition right there, this would be Seamus last lie to us. The Seamus we agreed to do business with and the Seamus we got after that, might as well been 2 different people. He wasted over 2 weeks of our time. I just looked at his web site and he is a roofer! Maybe he does not even know how to do kitchens. I am glade we found this out before we got more involved with him or let him in to our home again. Simply put Seamus Bradley is nothing but a liar. Signed Ron Beall
By: jundery
Gaddy Construction
This person is bad next door hired them they caused us pain gaddy construction are con men and really bad work and will irritate next door.
Tips & Advices
The best time of day to water a lawn is early morning or evenings - the cooler times of the day. Steer clear of watering during peak warmth and sun activity; not only can it be potentially damaging to plants, but more water is lost from evaporation, reducing efficiency.
Provided the pressure and flow are identical, and the length of time watering is equal, there should be no difference in in the amount of water delivered between manual or timed sprinkler systems. It’s all about pressure and flow that determines delivery amount.
In the warmer months you want to water three to five times a week. In cooler months, two to three times a week should be plenty. The goal is to get ¾ of an inch to 1 inch of water delivered each time. A good rule of thumb is a little more in summer, a little less in winter. If you live in a rainy area, you might not need to manually water at all in the winter.
A check valve is a valve that only allows flow in one direction, while preventing flow in the opposite direction.
The first variable to determining how long to run your sprinklers is seasonal; the second is sprinkler output. In warmer months, or peak growing season, water for approximately 20-30 minutes a day, every three to five days. Ideally your grass wants 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch of water. In the cooler, slower growing seasons, 10-15 minutes, two to three times per week. If you use automatic sprinklers, be sure to adjust them seasonally.

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