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By: Max K.
Fortune Cookie Tattoo
Fortune Cookie Tattoo is located in the heart of downtown Denver. The owner, Jon, is a true genius behind the gun. He is known to be quick, precise and passionate, what serious customers look for in a tattoo artist. The shop itself definitely holds a professional standard for its cleanliness and by the book sanitary precautions that are obvious when you're inside the place. Considering how clean and sanitary a parlor is before you choose to get a tattoo done there is very important. A tattoo gun punctures the skin and injects a drop of ink into the skin. A puncture wound has a great chance of becoming infected and has the potential for disease transmission. Most materials used in the application process should be disposable. Things like the ink cartridges, ink cups, needles, and gloves. Fortune Cookie Tattoo follows these guidelines as they only use single-use materials that arrive in sterile packaging. Time and money should definitely be a factor when deciding where you want to get tattooed. You’re paying for something that’s going to be on your body for the rest of your life, so you don’t want to go searching for bargains. You also don’t want to overpay for a tattoo. Smaller tattoos done in professional shops typically won’t be more than $100. Larger pieces vary depending on detail. You want an artist that can work efficiently, meaning they go at a steady pace but not quick enough to affect the quality of the tattoo. Some pieces do require multiple sessions. Jon is the head artist at Fortune Cookie and is very accommodating to his customers wallets, but does set a higher price for higher detailed pieces. He gives an estimate on price and time once the sketches are drawn, which is helpful to customers who want to have a complete idea of what’s to come with their tattoo. Tattoo artists have specific styles that they excel in and other styles that they may not be as skilled at. Its important to pick an artist that specializes in the style you’re looking for. Fortune Cookie houses four talented artists. Jon Lew, Dan Archer, Jay Stein, and Bonnie. Jon focuses on custom neo-traditional pieces with a lot of color. Dan specializes in illustrative styles such as American & Japanese Traditional, Newschool, and New-Traditional. Jay and Bonnie are skilled in all genres and are willing to work with the artist’s imagination. Professional tattoo parlors like Fortune Cookie are hard to come by. The strict sanitary precautions, affordability, and widespread artistic skill in different genres makes it one of the top 3 shops in Denver. This shop will really make you feel at home as it’s easy to connect with your artist and express your wants. Customers are sure to feel comfortable with the tattoo process and the outcome.
By: Ahviaunce D.
Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing
Firstly the staff at endless ink were super awesome. They were super welcoming and answered all my questions. They made sure I understood everything with some laughs on the side. I don't remember my tattoo artist name but I can tell you he had a very awesome/Classic old skool mustache the one that flips at the ends. He took his time and made sure I was comfortable. We talked about his art work and that helped ease my mind off the needle going in and out of my skin.This is my third time getting a tattoo done with you guys and I must say out of all my tattoos I like all the ones I have gotten at your shop so far more then any of my other tattoos I've gotten else where.All in all I wouldn't change anything I had a lot of fun talking with all the staff and even joking with the guy who does body piercings the environment was fun and Vivid and like always I will come back for more fun and tattoos. Thanks for being patience and taking your time to cater to my needs see you guys soon...
By: arich0402
Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing
I went to Endless Ink when I first moved to Denver. I had gotten a tattoo of an angel holding on to a cross done about 3 years ago (not at Endless Ink). after taking months to igure out what flowers I wanted to cover it up with I sent the pictures to JJ (the artest that did my cover up) and a week later I went in and got the cover up done. He did an amazing job. He was very nice and so was everyone else that worked there. I was very comfortable and I did not take him super long to finish the tattoo. I will be going there for any tattoos I get later in life. I loved my experience there.
By: marie.tahnee
Templar Arts Tattoo, Inc.
Did my first walk-in for a tat, normally do a lot of research looking at profiles. I am very happy with a piece and time I got from Billy. Very educated artist, clean, and awesome experience.. Will be going back in 4 months for a four hour set down on a large 1/2 done piece. Looking forward. I am very picky about whom inks me and skill. For a wim out of the blue walk in, I was very pleased and glade I did, found a new awesome place for a finishing of my sleeve and more down the road. out of town visitor-- from Colby, Ks/BFE
By: Tina C.
Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing
I enjoyed my tattoo artist he was very gentle and made me feel secure in about getting another tattoo he took his time he reassured me that everything was okay he was about his business the whole time very professional I enjoyed getting the tattoo by him and I will be there again thank you for the great experience thank you for the great tattoo and you shall see me shortly thank you so very much and endless tattoos
By: coconut46
Tempest Tattoo
I've seen work done by the guys in the shop, crazy good. But they recently hired a new girl and she did my first tattoo. Absolutely destroyed it. It was supposed to be a small, egyptian symbol on my ankle with a bit of shading. You can't tell what it is, it looks horrible, and I am SUPER upset that this had to happen to my first tattoo. I strongly suggest making an appointment with one of the guys.
By: Shelby M.
Theoretical Ink
I got my first tattoo here and I am so glad. Mike did mine and he was great. Everyone here is so nice and have amazing skills. Mike was so caring about how I was doing the entire time and always made sure I was okay. The new lovation is so nice and clean. It is very inviting and professional. I will only be coming here from now on for any future tattoos.
By: lollipopswirls
Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing
Crystal, the owner, made sure I was treated like a princess for this self-presented birthday present. I LOVE the tattoo JJ completed for me. The detail is superb and his patience was incredible for placement, coloring and completing. The shop is very clean and everyone is friendly and fun. Great place!
By: Tonya H.
Certified Customs
Great place. My only disappointment is how little the tattoo artist listened or looked at any of the ideas I wanted. It looks nothing like what I wanted and I feel like crying instead of showing it off. :(
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By: Samantha S.
Templar Arts Tattoo, Inc.
Best shop yet! So friendly, All the guys make you feel at home. Billys art is awesome. Clean shop, great practices. 11 tattoos myself and 11 on 7 of my friends and not one problem. Wont use anyone else.

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