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By: Kate A.
HTS Automotive Inc
I can't say more positive things about this place. Eric (the mechanic/owner) is a fantastic resource--honest, hardworking, delivers on time and on budget. I've dealt with many mechanics over the years before finding HTS--now I head straight here when I need anything car-related. A few things I really value:1. He will tell you what needs to be done immediately, what can wait a few months, and what things you'll need to think about 6+ months out.2. He'll tell you how you can knock a few dollars off and give you an honest recommendation--sometimes used parts save you money (and he'll source them for you and get them delivered), sometimes it's only a little more expensive to just buy new. He'll tell you his recommendation and then let you decide.3. I call and he'll get me in as soon as possible, usually the next day.4. After I drop my car off, he'll call/text (whatever works for me that day) and tell me what's happening and how much it's going to cost. Then I authorize the work and he makes it happen.5. Whenever I'm considering buying a car, I always take it to Eric and have him check it out first. He'll do a thorough inspection for a great price and help make sure that you're getting a good deal (or let you know if someone's done shoddy work that will only end up costing you money in the long run).Seriously, this place has diagnosed problems that other people gave me GIGANTIC quotes for because they really don't know what's wrong. HTS has saved me thousands of dollars and keeps my cars running smooth. I live in Lafayette/Boulder and it's worth the trip down to HTS.
By: docfood
All Pro Auto Repair
I've worked with many repair shops over the years. I've had not only great customer care but also excellent service for my two vehicles, a Ford Explorer and Hyundai Sonata.The owner of the shop is Dave. He's a straight-shooter and upstanding man. I trust what he tells me and he goes the extra mile for my vehicles (and for his customers.)Dave and his team have been great with my Ford Explorer. I brought it in initially just for an oil change and all around checkup. We talked the 120k maintenance and he let me know just what I should do now and what I can wait on. I shopped around for prices and have had all the work done by All Pro Auto (this was 6 week ago.)I had an issue with the harmonic balancer on my Hyundai Sonata. I brought it in overnight and after we discussed it the following morning, I was driving again later that day. You want to work with All Pro Auto Repair. The prices are reasonable and the talent sublime. He's been in business here in Denver for a long time, too.I wrote that review several weeks ago. I brought my Explorer back in for a turn-signal problem. Once again, they absolutely nailed it. I don't shop around anymore. I just trust All Pro Auto.
By: C K.
MGM Auto Company
We moved to Denver recently and needed to purchase a reliable car for our family. We did the perfunctory online search using three separate resources and found a few cars that fit the requirement. I called on them but did not gain much confidence from most of the sellers I spoke with over the phone. I then visited a few lots in south Denver and Englewood but became concerned by the fast talk, the lack of specific knowledge about the cars, and the reluctance to provide warranties, etc. After awhile, I just gave up on the process – then school started and my wife and I were challenged with scheduling for work, the kids, and other commitments so we were back to the search. I feel fortunate that the next car I looked at was on the MGM Auto sales lot. Following the test drive, Roger and his team encouraged me to have a third party mechanic go over the car, MGM performed a minor repair, and they were fair on price. Roger and his group were knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to work with. We have the car and love it. It was actually the first enjoyable car buying experience I have ever had.
By: Fraser F.
Unlimited Motors
This company is absolutely awesome! Before going to any company I am always one who reads reviews on the company. Not that I always pay attention to everything that is written about a company because of course there are just a-lot of people just like to complain and some of what they say in non-sense. When it comes to this company I was impressed by a few things. The 1st thing is for a dealership that is small in size with a limited amount of staff they all really work together to help their customers unlike what most people think of use car lots and how sleazy these places can be. They are also very fast with paperwork. I noticed that not only outside but inside they all work together. The cars are prices great and they were literally saw between 5 workers them selling to 8 different customers. Unlimited Motors was a breath of fresh air. If you are one who doesn't like to be pressured into a car purchase they are definitely the dealership to visit! Not only are they veteran owned they also hire people with disabilities and diversities as well which I absolutely love to see!
By: K R.
Midtown Motors
I purchased a used car from Midtown Motors about 2 years ago. Before I bought it, they fixed the AC without charging extra. (I can't remember the name of the guy who sold it to me, but he was very nice.) Last September, the AC stopped working, but I decided to not worry about it until summer. I took it to Firestone last week to get the AC fixed, and they fed me some BS. Instead, I swung by Midtown to have them take a look at it and confirm or deny what Firestone had said. Their "AC expert", Steven, looked at my AC. He showed me Firestone's incorrect information. He then charged my AC for me, and it's been working ever since. I have been so impressed with Midtown, as this was my first car buying experience, and these guys are great. I'm so thankful to them for saving me $800. I will absolutely recommend Midtown to anyone looking for a new used car. And extra special thank you to Steven for taking care of me, and for not taking advantage of me. I very much appreciate your help.
By: Gracia W.
Unlimited Motors
I was really impressed with the level of service I received from this company. They were informative and patient. I spend the last month shopping for a car and normally I buy new but I absolutely hate the atmosphere of dealerships in general. They are usually too pushy and try to sell you on cars and products I do not need. I also tend to be very indecisive. Joe was the sales person I dealt with here and he was not pushy at all , did really well explaining things about the car and the products I could buy. In addition he also spent time time showing me several vehicles before I made my final decision. I liked how it was a family feeling from the moment I walked in the door. All of the staff seemed really happy to be there and they all talked to me and made sure I was comfortable. I really enjoyed my time there and love the car I purchased. They even made my dog feel comfortable. I will refer others here and if you are in need of someone helping you this is the place to visit!
By: Wayne R.
Automotive Transmission Engineering Corp.
Our experience with Automotive Transmission Engineering was very positive. We had our Honda in two different shops to get opinions as to why we have been experiencing issues with our transmission. Both shops prior, mentioning no names was telling us that a rebuild was the only option. One of our friends recommended this shop and said let them look at it. That was the best thing I did, this shop is very busy and now I know why. They didn't charge me anything to check it. They asked for a day or two to look it over as they had a tight schedule. Later the same day they called me and said it only needed some minor work and that the transmission could be repaired without rebuilding it. We wanted to wait for a while to see if the repair was really fixed, which it is. I have never done a review before but this shop deserves more then 5 stars. Thanks Don and to your crew for all the hard work and earning our trustWayne and family
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By: Nathan S.
All Pro Auto Repair
i have been taking my car to these guys for about a year and a half, and in that time, Dave and his guys have been incredibly helpful and efficient in the repairing of my car. i drive a volkswagon jetta and like to hit pot holes.. they did the job for $600 less than the offer i received from another mechanic, re-diagnosed the car and found a couple more different problems, (still 600 dollars less) and they worked around MY schedule to make it happen, with follow ups. Also, In this time he opted not to sell me tires because i could get them cheaper elsewhere, has lifted my car up a FEW times and not charged me a cent, had a pair of bolts go missing from some work i had done on my sway bar from them, HE bit the cost of the bolts and installed them for free.. WHAT! Little white kid walking into a mechanic shop with a busted car, think about it.. Awesome customer service, prices, and conversation. TAKE YOUR CAR TO THESE GUYS
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By: Justin noel A.
Automotive Transmission Engineering Corp.
These guys are amazing Don,Bill, & Jess I can't thank them enough they did a transmission rebuild on my 2011 Ford fusion & The same day I got my car back one of the sensors in the transmission went out which was not there fault cause it was not a part they were suppose to replace when they did the rebuild this sensor caused my transmission to overheat & my car broke down on me I got it back to there shop that night & they got to work on it immediately trying to diagnose the issue they took my entire transmission back apart & ended up replacing 3 parts in it free of charge parts & labor it took them a week to get my car running again but I haven't had any problems since transmission is shifting just as good as it was when I got the car new & Don & Bill even worked with me on a payment plan I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who needs work on there transmission they are truly the best at what they do
By: Robert V.
Automotive Transmission Engineering Corp.
What a pleasure to find ATEC.I had transmission work that was done incorrectly and wasn't getting fixed after massive down time. After speaking to Don and giving the background to the problem he managed to not only correct the problem but get my truck back finally working like it was supposed to. I had been out of a business truck for too long and was given Don's number to his company from a shop owner here in Denver. Our company is so glad that we found ATEC and have started sending vehicles to ATEC Our maintenance shop has also started to use ATEC's engine shop after finding out they do more then transmissions. This is one of my first reviews i have ever done. After reading about them and now working with the shop and Don our company will be continuing our business and can stop looking for a great shop. I found it, thanks so much for the hard work and great service.Robert
Tips & Advices
Some dealers accept returns if the component is returned with the original invoice. Some dealers might charge a re-stocking fee for returns. Others may not accept returns at all. It's common for dealers to not accept returns on electrical parts. Customers should ask about return policies before purchasing.
A salvage yard might test used car parts before selling them, but customers should ask whether tests have been performed on the part or not. All parts, especially electrical components, should be tested prior to purchase. Most salvage yards and auto repair shops should have a 12-volt battery to test electrical parts.
Sometimes it is worth buying used car parts. If the part is in good condition, a car owner could save money by buying the used part. However, if the part is something that's unsafe to purchase used, like brake parts or air bags, or if the part is too deteriorated to be safe, it's worth the cost to buy new.
Junkyards are businesses where people can shop for used car parts. Other names for these businesses include salvage yards and automotive recyclers. Auto repair shops might also sell used car parts.
Yes, most used car part dealers sell to the general public. However, just like with any car parts purchase, buyers should look into the dealer’s warranty policy and might want to price shop at several places.

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