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By: derek a.
Unique Accounting - CPA Firm
I have used Unique Accounting for many years at their location in Las Vegas. They have always worked very closely with me and made me feel like family, he even knows each of my kids by name. I found Unique Accounting online from reading their reviews and they certainly lived up to them. They got me more money back on my returns than any other company I used (even the high dollar CPA firms). They always respond quickly to my financial questions and give me great financial advise. I would recommend them to any person or business for taxes, payroll and anything financial.
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By: john.pden
American Accounting & Tax Services
The team at American Accounting and Tax came through in a pinch. They were able to assemble the last minute bookkeeping and submit important company taxes and returns before the deadline and save me and my businesses a headache and possible penalty from the irs. With the expedient and efficient service I have contemplated consolidating my accounting services and bringing them on for payroll also. If you need an accountant or tax service, American Accounting is a great resource.
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By: Andrew B.
American Accounting & Tax Services
I have been running an independent business for several years, and am excited to have 2016 as my first profitable year! American Accounting & Tax Services has been very helpful with preparing my bookkeeping for efficient records and reporting. I am surprised at how quickly their accountants have already been progressing, we'll see how smoothly we can get the system running going forward, as I will be hiring them for tax services.
By: jennifer.serls
Two Hills Accounting and Consulting
When our former tax accountant told us that he had decided to pursue a new career, I panicked. Who would do my taxes? Certainly not me. They have become way too complicated and time-consuming. Thankfully, Brian came highly recommended and I have to agree. The process was quick and painless. He knew the right questions to ask and was patient and helpful. He even saved us money on the previous year's taxes! Top-notch!
By: Danny D.
Unique Accounting - CPA Firm
Had a great experience with Unique Accounting helping me file my business taxes. Geoffrey was very attentive and quick, along with great customer service. I never had to wait for a call back because he was already contacting me with updates and news about my taxes before I even thought to reach out to him. Really appreciated his level of customer service, would recommend him for future services.
By: Big P.
Gaddy Construction
These guys are great - they have done a couple large renovations for me over the years. They always have delivered a great final product, and conduct their business with integrity. They even helped me save money on several components. They've been around for a long time, and Brian is great to work with. Highly recommended!
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By: Anthony P.
Unique Accounting - CPA Firm
I'm so glad that I met Geoffrey Geever! He handled my business tax issues like a champ and even helped me get my business licence. His tax advice was very reassuring. A pleasantly comfortable experience! Not only do I recommend Unique Accounting, but I will continue to use them in the future. Thanks Geoffrey!
By: Jesse L.
All About Taxes
I have always had trouble with my taxes since retiring from the Marine Corps. All of the so called expert big tax companies could not figure out my retirement taxes. But Judy and the staff at All About Taxes were always locked on. I now will go no where else. All About Taxes is my tax company for life.
By: Jeremy B.
Unique Accounting - CPA Firm
I had Geoffrey prepare my personal income taxes this year. He made the whole process fast and easy. He had them completed in a day and took the time to sit and explain everything that was done in the preparation process. He was happy to explain various details of taxes.
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By: Marc G.
Unique Accounting - CPA Firm
Unique Actg did a great job. They charged a flat fee which was agreed up front rather than billing hourly and having it be a surprise. The reps are professional and courteous and kept me in the loop on which issues to watch for. A+
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