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By: Todd W.
Empire Moving and Storage
We were contacted after giving information online and learned more about Empire Moving and Storage Inc and the services they offered. We had two moves on our hands. Our only son was moving out and we were helping him to CA and we planned on a move ourselves to OR. We were not really interested in the idea of the empty nest at our same home and felt we had worked our whole lives deserving something different. They were able to help us with the closing of our home in Bend. My attraction to the company was based on them being up front and honest with me about their processes. I learned a lot of things about the industry and can honestly say for the first time in my 55 years a company came through on all of their promises. No company is perfect but I had family warn me because of bad experiences they have had with some of the largest vendors in the country, so for these guys to show some heart and soul meant a lot to my wife and I and we were sure to let the whole family know. We had a great contact person and it was apparent that everyone we spoke with from dept to dept just had a happy vibe. The pick up men were really informative with us and we decided last minute that they should do the majority of what we planned on doing while they loading. I was given a spread of dates for my things to be in OR. They called me and arrived not many days after. My wife actually never got to meet but has made somewhat of a friendship with one of their ladies in customer service. I heard the two talking yesterday and the company has offered us a $50 food gift card just for this posting however I quickly relayed that it wouldn't be necessary. Empire Moving & Storage Inc handled both moves with professionalism and most importantly made every member of my family feel as though we mattered. I never thought we would get out of KS after almost 32 years but thankfully we did at the right time and were blessed with a great group of people to help us. Thank You All!
By: Yesenia E.
Empire Moving and Storage
There are movers and then there are professional movers. Allow me explain the differenceMovers will move your things in the condition you have it with no indifference to the condition you will receive it when it's moved.Then there's professional movers who will go the extra step to protect everything you are moving so that when you unpack it, it is were in the conditions your had it.Empire not only provided professional moving services but the also inventory every item electronically and they will also store it in there storage facility (which I was unaware of until I reached my storage rental. The 3 men moving service were so kind and so respectful and I can say with confidence that they took extra care of my items because I watched them from start to finish. I highly recommend Gai who was the team lead and ran the operation smoothly.I would recommend and reuse this service for instate and out of state moves. There services will cost you however it's like paying for a piece of mind when you use Roadway. I have used 2 other services in florida and california and it had been an epic disaster. This time my husbands company transferred him from Denver to Upstate New york without helping with the cost. This was our first experience of having to pay for the move ourselves so I was very worried it would go wrong and we would have to pay dearly. When it went thru without a hitch I was elated. So trust me when I say that Empire is worth every penny.
By: learn2shoot
Abe Lincoln Movers
I called a number of movers and scheduled a number of in-home estimates, but after speaking with Ron I cancelled the rest. I got a good feeling from him, his philosophy, his company and his men. Over the next few weeks I packed all my belongings into boxes with labels indicating where each item should go. On moving day the 5 men (Ed, Shorty, Curtis, Orlando, and G) arrived 10 minutes early and immediately began with a walk-through of the house then started loading. While loading they were exeptionally curtious to me, my family, and each other taking good care of all my stuff. Within 2.5 hours they had loaded two 24 foot trucks, and we were on our way to my new (dream) home. After a quick lunch (pizza, my treat) they were unloading the first truck. Again each item was handled with care, and placed into the approptiate room. They continued with the second truck and were done with everything in 6.5 hours (including the drive between). I think that out of two trucks maybe 10 boxes were in the wrong room - which is likely due to my poor penmanship. This was much lower than the estaimated time, due to how HARD these guys worked. If I ever move again I would call Abe Lincoln movers in a heart-beat to move me again.
By: belinda.anderson.scrogham
Abe Lincoln Movers
We had a very stressful move. We cancelled the moving company to save money, opting to move a 2400 square foot house from Iowa to Colorado by ourselves. We had issues getting our closing paperwork, which made us get a late start loading. We ended up not leaving Iowa till almost 6pm and intended to drive straight through. Our Uhaul ended up breaking down in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska and the trip took twice as long as we thought it would. Early Saturday morning, while on the road, I realized I did not have the physical or mental energy to unload a 4 bedroom house. Abe Lincoln Movers were the first company that came up in my search, so they were the first I called. I’m so glad I did! They were ready to meet us that afternoon if needed. I wasn’t sure if we’d be there, so they met us at 9am Sunday morning. The guys had it unloaded in two hours and were so friendly and professional! My husband and I, both exhausted, were able to sit back and tell them where things go. It was such a relief! We’re in temporary housing right now and we’ll be moving again in May. You can bet we’ll be calling Abe Lincoln Movers!
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By: Jon M.
Empire Moving and Storage
Two moves with Empire and if I move a third time, I will very likely choose them.- The three moving teams were lovely, on time and did a great job. On my first move with Empire, the packing team was so organized that the leader of the team could point out to where every single numbered box was. I was very impressed. On my second move, they helped move furniture in the apartment, and then out of the apartment when we realized that some things will not fit (and they did not have to help us on that). And the last team was so committed that they actually gave recommendations on where to put furniture.- The sales team answers emails back amazingly fast, which is great as you often know your confirmed moving date at the last minute. And they accommodated my changing moving dates each and every time.- I had to deal with their customers service once because of a small issue regarding the estimate. The issue was resolved very fast and they apologized profusely for the miscommunication. They were great.So in summary: two moves and both very good experiences with Empire. If I could give more than five stars, I would.
By: Jonathan A.
Empire Moving and Storage
Very Happy we ended up choosing these guys. My wife did a search online for moving companies and ended up getting around 50 phone calls from everyone under the sun. The rep from Empire was polite and professional, but also took the longest of anyone to go over the specifics of what we were moving. They weren't the cheapest, but they weren't the most expensive either, and we decided attention to detail was a good sign that they actually intended to honor their quote. To make a long story short, they did. We moved from just outside Denver to the Seattle area,for the record. The crew that loaded the truck did a good job, and they were equally professional when they got our stuff back to us. Nothing was missing (and I have had that problem before when moving), and the only damage was 2 pieces of glass that go on our side tables were broken but everything else was fine, and frankly the glass wasn't even worth filing a claim over. I was charged exactly what I was originally told I would be charged, and if we ever have to move again I will definitely give these guys a call!
By: Lacy W.
Empire Moving and Storage
I have moved numerous times with large household name companies and things for the most part always went smooth. This time I chose Empire solely based on the professionalism of my contact person Allen as he assured me I would be pleased with the services. We had some unforeseen changes with our address in Roseburg and had to inform Empire of the change to the house address three times. I can only imagine the headache I caused Empire and its employees but they stormed through and really made a lasting impression. I work a Governing agency and for me attitude is everything. Not once did I get a bad vibe from anyone at this company. There were other small issues that I caused the crew (I was late for my delivery and they waited on me!!!) so for them to be professional throughout really meshed well with me and made Empire stand out vs any of my other previous moves. I will use this company again and I plan on funding my daughters move with Empire in August. Rebate awarded.
By: Stu J.
Abe Lincoln Movers
My wife and I have moved five times over the last 20 years, but this by far was the best relocation experience we have ever had. Not only did Abe Lincoln Movers deliver everything they promised, they went way above and beyond to make sure we were happy. The crew members were professional, courteous, well-dressed, well-spoken, and on time. Not a single item was broken, nothing was scratched, and nothing was missing – a first for us. Furthermore, the crew patiently worked with us to make sure we were happy with the set-up after the move. Another pleasant surprise - Ron and his outfit did not add in additional and unexpected fuel or trip charges – their quote was hands down the best among their local competition and they kept every word of it – the price we were quoted was the price we got! This crew hustled and worked fast, but carefully! If we ever have to move again, Abe Lincoln Movers definitely has our business.
By: Aaron W.
I hired Northwestern van lines to move my belongings in last September. I was already impressed with them after talking to Ivan on the phone. He was excellent. He asked proper questions and returned with a very fair quote. The movers arrived right on time and were properly equipped. I really think that my move went so smoothly because of these guys. They were very efficient in packing everything. They were attentive and careful. When they arrived, I saw just one van with them. I was wondering if all my stuffs would fit into that one truck. I conveyed my concern to Leon, the foreman. He was concerned too. After an hour of working,Leon approached me and said that they could cramp all my stuffs into that one van but that would risk the safety of my valuables. So he ordered another smaller van. I was quite touched seeing how honest these men were. I give them 5 stars.
By: cwkirby
Abe Lincoln Movers
We used Abe Lincoln Movers to help us unload a shipping container following a move from Florida. As usual, moving can be an extreme pain in the neck. I can honestly say that Abe Lincoln made this part of the move the best part. They showed up on short notice, right on time. They called before arriving to let me know who my movers would be. When they got here they jumped right in and wasted no time at all during the 2 hours it took them to move us up to the third floor. I'm an Army brat and served in the Army myself so I've experienced LOTS of moves. These guys made all the others look like amateurs. We were so pleased with them that I joined Yelp just to write a review for them. When the day comes for us to move again I will not have anyone else handle any aspect of our move. Thank you guys. We really appreciate your service!!

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