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8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO 80249

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Denver Airport (DEN) is a major international airport where passengers fly to key destinations in the USA and around the world. Denver International Airport serves as the main entry-point to the Rocky Mountains and is based approximately 20 miles from the center of Denver Denver DEN Airport has a full selection of restaurants, bars and shops, with a wide range of services available for the millions of passengers who pass through its gates.

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* Free WiFi * ATM machine * Rental cars services onsite * Parking available prices varies * Hotel shuttle


Denver International Airport





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  • Nice food selection, easy to navigate, moving
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    Nicholas P.

    I recently had a 3 hour layover at Denver Airport and found a great food selection, free charging stations and moving sidewalks everywhere. They have free WiFi as well. If you're going to have a long layover, this is one of the better airports to do so.

  • rude and unorganized

    In all our travels, Denver airport is the worst.. they are rude and don't know what prodical to follow. They are unreliable with the handicapped ( if you are, don't go there) they make you wait for help to the point that you can miss your next flight. Seems that because of their rules, staff that want to help can't. Other major airports say they hear of Denver airports complaint all the time. We will never buy a ticket stopping in Denver again!!!!!

  • Guiness Record for Airport Rudeness - Joseph Flynn (91007)

    While the airport itself has some positing things about it like the ease of navigation and nice appearance, there are a number of things that always frustrate me. First, the wait time to get through security is awful and secondly I have never experienced as much rudeness anywhere as I have from the cops at Denver International Airport. This particular incidence stands out among the rest:

    I pulled up to the airline pick up spot, gotten out of the car and opened up the trunk to make room for our parties belongings when one of the cops came up to our car and told us to leave. OK I said, I couldn't quite see my party yet so this seemed fair. He however, seemed to not believe me, came up to the car and slammed the trunk shut. A loud ear crushing slam followed. I was kind of shocked so I just sat back in the car and proceeded to make a round around the airport.
    On the next round I pulled up to the airline pick up stop once again. This time, a different cop who claims his name is Joseph Flynn (Badge number: 91007 though I don't know if I actually believe him) came up and rudely yelled - Move your car!
    -But our party is right here and this is the pick up area I said. Move it! he screamed, though my party was right there on the curb waiting for me to stop so they could get in.
    When I told him again my party was right there and this is after all supposed to be the pick up area he ran up to the front of my car screaming ""Oh, you're gonna talk back?"" and proceeded to block my path while writing me a ticket.
    I proceeded to tell him he was abusing his authority at which Joseph Flynn grimaced an ugly, spite filled smiled. His eyes were literally sparks of evil and he actually laughed maniacally at me and all the people gathered around. Is this really what my tax money goes to? Ugh.
    Joseph Flynn - you're the kind of trash that gives all cops a bad name, and the Denver International Airport along with it.

  • Great airport, but snow causes big problems!

    DIA is a beautiful airport on the outside with its nice tent-like roof designed to resemble the snow-covered Rocky Mountains. On the inside, DIA is a fully functional and cavernous airport and the airport is easy to navigate. It's a little annoying to use the train, if you have to go to Concourse B or C or to reach the baggage claim. For the last few years the security staff in Denver had been really rude and inefficient, but with the recent staffing upgrades, the security lines are now much shorter and the staff is at least a little more civil. However, the new staffing upgrades in the immigration/customs areas have really helped as I was out in under an hour after my flight arrived from London Heathrow, way better than the 2 hours it took me in 2004 when I arrived from Frankfurt. The shops are pretty nice, but the restaurants are really generic. My only complaint is the airport's weird location, as the airport is about a 35 minute drive from downtown, however, this really isn't the airport's fault, as the citizens of Denver wanted the airport further away from downtown in order to reduce noise. DIA is generally very efficient, as long as it doesn't snow. However, even after all of the upgrades snow really slows down this airport. Overall, a good airport, but I wish that it had more ""local"" restaurants and the airport really needs to figure out to handle snow better.

  • Pretty -- inconvenient

    The Denver International Airport is nice with beautiful architectural design for viewing, but not exactly the most convenient for the weary travellor. It seems painful waiting for the shuttle train to get out to the concourses. Same goes for the return trip when you're going for your baggage. For some reason, the waiting at the concourses are unwelcoming, so I usually sit in the nexus by the shuttle dropoff. At least that area feels open and well lit.

  • Had No Problems With It At All!!!!

    Flying on Frontier Airlines (based in Denver) to and from Los Angeles, the layover wasn't as bad as one would guess.
    The terminal area we were generally in was very nice and very clean. The spaces were open and even with so many people going to and from, it didn't feel crowded at all.
    It was equipped with some nice restaurants (we ate at one on the way back with some ritas) and most importantly the restrooms were very clean!
    Had every modernization inside them.
    There was plenty of room to sit while you waited for your flight. Not sure if it was the time we were flying but there were a few nooks and crannies to sit and even lay in peace if you wanted.
    They had a cool food court with fast food as well as these internet access terminals to pass your time (for a fee of course).
    Didn't get to see the outside of it of course, but from what i saw, it was generally a very nice place to have to sit and wait for your flight.
    No complaints at all.

  • The worst security line and staff

    This is the worst security experience i have ever had. the line was so long it took two hours to get through and then when i did finally get to the front they searched my bags. i asked if they could speed it up because i was going to miss my flight because i had just stood in line for two hours. the security lady said ya thats about right and actually started moving slower. On top of it all all the security check points were not open yet there were about 8 security people standing doing nothing.
    when i arrived at the gate i told the ticket checker what happened and she said i know they are horrable here and are the same with airline staff. she said they hold flights a lot for patrons because they know how BAD airport security is at the denver airport.
    i love denver but dread flying out of there.

  • great

    this airport is great, very easy to get around, and organized

  • Rocky Mountain Marvel!

    A beautiful airport that has so much to offer. The ease and layout make this airport one of the easiest to navigate. Food and shops are the best and even offer a Free Shot with every drink ordered. A nice place to kill a few hours. As for location, give it time. The area is developing. Besides, who has time to run and catch some nightlife with an hour layover.

  • great airport in wyoming

    huge white elephant better for changing planes than as terminal

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