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By: Chris C.
Doug Gaeta REALTOR
Doug is top notch, his knowledge of denver is Impeccable. If you are looking for the perfect place to call home Doug will go to the moon and back to find it for you!
By: Leigh H.
Loizeaux, Andrew
This man is the most unprofessional, most unethical professional I have ever run across. When you hear stories on the news about professionals that hide behind credentials but eventually were found out to be doing something wrong....THIS IS HIM. You will be sorry if you use him!!
By: Kelly W.
Ann Lampert Realty Inc
These people are slumlords, plain and simple. The property next to my home has been an eyesore for years. It was a rental. They are now finally in the process of remodeling for another renter. They tore down a privacy fence between the properties and now I have to stare at back yard full of dead grass and weeds and junk.I contacted them and they made excuse after excuse. Needless to say, I will be installing another fence to block this eyesore. These people never put one dime into this house for over ten years and they want to talk about being "good neighbors".This group is the epitome of the term "slumlord"
By: Will R.
Loizeaux, Andrew
My name is Will and I have three boys; ages 16, 13, and 12. At one point in the PRE report, Loizeaux refers to me as "Derrick" and having a daughter named "Addison". This section was obviously cut and pasted from another report and, in itself, should have been grounds for the judge to throw this report out. I wonder how many other portions of his report were boiler-plated? For $20K, I deserved a much more professional effort than this.This is not a case of sour grapes... The judge was able to read between the lines of his bogus report and award me 50/50 custody.My only reason for writing this is to hopefully grab the attention of other parents who are going through a divorce and are considering using Dr. Loizeaux as a PRE. Think twice before you dump your $20,000 in his pocket. I believe there are many other PRE’s available who are much more professional, compassionate and truly act on the kids best interest, not their own.
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By: Lori H.
Loizeaux, Andrew
This man needs his license revoked! I will seek damages and his license revocation from his governing agency. He is biased, sexiest and completely ignorant to dangerous personalities (sociopaths) . He did a very biased PRE for my ex husband. He fabricated 99% of his court report and left out vital information that should have been of utmost importance in his report. This man has zero integrity, lacks professionalism and is obvious working for the money, not children's best interests. Him losing his license is the retaliation I will seek.
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By: Sally K.
Richmond American Homes
I bought a Richmond home with all of my life savings. They promised if anything wasnt right with the house after closing their warranty program would take care of it. Walls are crooked, ceiling lights are not centered, they put the wrong stone on my home, wrong tile in the bathrooms, the doorways are not level/square, and the paint is a nightmare, the carpet tacks poke through and stab your feet, there are holes in my front door, the stair railing is still not finished, holes in the door to my garage, wiring was done incorrectly, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Trying to get them to get it right has been a nightmare, being patient didnt work, getting upset didnt work. They do not respond to phone calls, emails or texts and my home is a mess. All they cared about was getting you to close and complete the surveys they send you so they team can get their bonuses. I am not a young woman and have recently be diagnosed with cancer. This was supposed to be my dream home. Now it will be my coffin. DO NOT BUY A RICHMOND HOME
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By: alex4433
Pinnacle Asset Real Estate
The lease they tried to get me sign was very different from the initial agreement and after 3 weeks of revisions we cancelled the deal. Fletch, the broker was very rude, he called me names, cursed at me and called myself a liar on several occasions.
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By: Terri T.
The Hendrix Group
I had the pleasure of working with Terri over the past 4 years. Terri helped me findtwo amazing investment properties. Terri is punctual, loyal, and will do whatever ittakes to make sure that you as the customer are happy. Terri did an excellent job oflistening to me and understanding what I was in the market for. Without her I couldnot have found or dealt with the entire process. Thank you once again Terri! JJ
By: Sc M.
Joanne Zimmerman PhD
I think she's been great. A positive thinker, analytical yet thoughtful, and has a wonderful way of helping you see things / situations in a different light.
By: H W.
Joanne Zimmerman PhD
I feel violated. Dr. Zimmerman was clearly inebriated today. She was slurring her speech throughout our discussion. Up until today, my experience her has been good. Except that my first session, there was a plumber working in the house during my session. She’s almost another person when she drinks. She tried to excuse the slurring of her speech saying, “I know I’m not pronouncing my words properly today, I’ve had a hoarse throat.” She regularly forgets information about me, people close to me, and even what time of day I work. She spent all day today trying to convince me that I need to “help her understand” why I was “gullible enough to accept a promotion at work”. When I got there, she was sitting on the front steps of her house and she said, “Why’d you park way back there?” I was startled by her sitting on her steps and didn’t know how to answer. I had been waiting in my car until it was time for my appointment. I told her that I felt strange that she was not getting reimbursed by medicaid for our sessions. She said that she was planning to have me remove dead bunnies that her neighbors had poisoned from her back yard to pay for the session, but her friend had done it for her, so I didn’t have to. She kept interrupting with her own personal stories and sharing how upset she was about the bunnies. She kept saying, “I need to fire my billing girl”, who apparently ripped her off for $100k, but she keeps her because “She brings treats for my dog”. She told me I should call medicaid and ask why they’re not paying her, so I did. They said she should be the one to contact them. She mentioned something else about owing patients money at one point too, and she regularly complains about how poor she is.She seems to have some issues with professional boundaries and counter-transference. At one point today, she told me that I am "good looking". She hypothetically discussed offering me $100,000 to help her with her cabin in the woods. She made inaccurate and abusive accusations about my personality and my employer that completely contradicted statements she had made previously regarding me, people close to me, and my employer. She said I, “have confidence, but low self-esteem” and kept asking me why. I was puzzled and uncomfortable, then eventually told her I’d think about whether it’d be worth my time to continue sessions with her and I left. I won’t be back.

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