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By: Ian B.
Baron Glass, Inc
OK, I'm a car guy; I love cars. And I loved my 2001 Audi S4 Avant, which is why, when I felt like it was time for something a bit newer, I bought a 2008 Audi S4 Avant. I take good care of my cars, and have always washed, waxed, and cleaned the interiors of them myself (with the occasional "detail" at the local car wash). But I bought the new car in December, and, as it was the dead of winter and my garage isn't heated, I decided to treat myself and have the 2001 (which I was now ready to sell) detailed so it would be nice and clean for sale. A friend suggested Klassic, so I checked out the website and the work (and the pride in the work) was impressive, so I went to see Michael (owner) at his shop. After talking to him and seeing his shop and some of the cars he was working on, I had no doubt he was talented and experienced. But I was a bit skeptical about whether I would get a sufficient return on spending $300+ dollars on a car that I was going to advertise for around $12,000. Yes it was dirty, but it had always been garaged, etc. and I thought it just needed a good wash, wax and clean to getit back to its best. I thought about doing it in my cold garage after all, or taking it to another place that wouls do it for about $100+. But it was particularly cold day and so I decided to let Michael do his magic. And let me tell you, magic it was: the car looked SPECTACULAR! Michael is a perfectionist, does the work himself, and knows all the tricks to bring back as much original luster of the car as possible, inside and out. He had told me stories of people bringing their car to him prior to selling it, and when he was finished with it they would see it and decide to keep it awhile longer. But I'm a skeptic by nature and.... Well, I have to admit, that if I hadn't already bought the 2008, I probably would have waited awhile because the car looked that good! Everywhere: inside, outside, under the hood, all the door jams and sills, you name it. If you car is looking a little tired, take it to him and he'll spruce it up. Think your paint is sun faded and it's time for new paint, give Michael a shot. Definitely worth the money. And while it was much newer, I also took my 2008 to Michael so he could get it in tip top shape and protect it by properly applying top end protective products to the car. Much better than the quick light wax most places do. Check out other reviews here that are listed under a slightly different iteration of the business name Klassic Image.
By: Kasey M.
Baron Glass, Inc
I drive a 2001 Audi A4, almost 180,000 miles. I love not having a car payment and the car still drives like a spring chicken. But it was getting UGLY and it looked like an old, dirty car. Inside was starting to gross out my fiance, and outside was looking way shabby. And when you get into a filthy vehicle a few times each day, how I felt about my car became how I felt about me! At work I was feeling sluggish, in my athletic endeavors, I wasn't performing at my best, at home I was irritable. My decision to get a full-on detail job was a lot about getting my life detailed. If that makes any sense. I'm not saying that an auto detail will turn your life around, but I do believe it will get you out of a funk and put an extra spring in your step.2 days and $400 later - my car is stunning. Holy crap, did I just buy a new car? It's immaculate inside and out. I picked up my car and drove to work, and had one of the most productive days ever. I just feel like I am on top of things. I have no desire to buy another car. Mike at Klassic Image is an artist who is passionate about the work he does. I'll always give that type of business owner my business.Worth every penny.
By: Dougy S.
Baron Glass, Inc
"Detailing" doesn't really describe what Mike does to your car, restoration would be a better term. I brought in an '84 Mercedes that I had just bought - It was in good shape but the paint was faded, the interior looked tired. When I picked it up it looked like it had just come off the showroom floor! The paint has a mirror finish, the interior looks new! The cost of a Klassic Image detail is more than other shops- but worth every penny. Mike is passionate about detailing cars and it doesn't matter if it's a New Bentley or my old Mercedes they all get the same amount of love and attention. If you are looking for the best detail - this is the place hands down! There is only one thing to keep in mind, once you go you will be hooked (I never thought I would be getting my car detailed multiple times a year- now I will). Luckily there is a maintenance program to help you out with your new addiction.
By: Laura S.
Baron Glass, Inc
Took my 2005 cayenne s in after a trip to the mountains for the weekend which involved a lot of dirt roads. Mike not only cleaned my car and waxed it with high end products. He shined my cars paint to like new condition and removed a few large scratched to the point that they were hardly noticeable at all. He killed it. I read the previous reviews on yelp and I see people complaining he didnt get some of the dust out. I noticed that I had a little sand still in the seat crevasses. He had no problem at all re vacuuming my seats and asked me to take the time to look over the car and did everything I asked him to without hesitation and the did even more past my expectations and requests. His work may seem expensive but he goes above and beyond. And if your not happy with something dont get mad at him. Just let him know and he will take care of the problem and then some. Thanks mike!
By: Silv M.
Baron Glass, Inc
My 10-year-old Camry was bringing me down as it was starting to look its age and I knew I couldn't buy a new one for at least 5 more years. I needed a place that would make it look good as new and make me happy again. I couldn't have picked a better auto detailing artist. Both our hearts (my car and mine) skipped a beat; it was as if we were meeting again for the first time. Is it my imagination or as I drive by, are people pointing and saying that couldn't be a 2000 Camry, it has the body of a 2010. Excellent detailing work and worth the price.
By: Perri A.
Baron Glass, Inc
One of the best car detailing places you can go for the exterior of your car. I took my 2005 Subaru WRX there to get the paint deep cleaned and restored. Pricing estimate matched the final bill. It is expensive, but he does an amazing job and it is much more then a wash and wax. Klassic Image was able to remove a lot of swirl scratches and even some of the ones I didn't think would come out. Also polished the headlights to get them back to new. Honestly, the paint looks as good as it did the day I bought it 10 years ago.
By: Neil S.
Baron Glass, Inc
Mike did a fantastic job. The guy is passionate about what he does, and won't settle for anything but a perfect result. I had an 03 Subaru Impreza that I beat up over the last couple of years in the mountains. My interior was pretty gross after all my friends spilled food and drinks in there. He was able to get the interior looking brand new. He also did my wheels, headlights and engine. He improved the value of the vehicle over a couple of days. Great detail and a nice guy who is organized and communicates well.
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By: Lisa J.
Colorado Glass and Mirror
Thank you Justin from Colorado Glass And Mirror. No words can decribe how happy my husband and I are with our new shower enclosure. Its amazing how quickly everything was done. I Love how luxurious and spacious my bathroom looks it is exactly what I envisioned. Can't wait to see what you can do for windows. Also I muust say thank you for cleaning up after yourselfs that alone speaks for itself! I will recommend you to all my family members and friends for that matter.
By: Gracia W.
Baron Glass, Inc
After reading some of the negative reviews, I was a little apprehensive to take my car to Klassic Image. I'm extremely glad that I ended up taking my Audi to Michael.I would recommend Klassic Image to anyone who wants their car to look as good as possible beyond just a cleaning, or if you are getting a car ready to sell. My experience was without doubt a huge value add to my car, and Michael was passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable.
By: Paddie H.
Baron Glass, Inc
For the second time, Mikhael was a master when it comes to getting my car looking brand new again. The time, energy, and expertise he puts into his work is second to none when it comes to auto detailing. I would whole-heartily recommend Klassic Image when you want to bring your car's interior and exterior back to looking its best. Thanks for your hard work and professionalism, Mikhael. I'll be back!

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