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By: Andy W.
The Door Store
We are very happy with our new front entry door and we had a very pleasant experience with The Door Store. We went to The Door Store on a Saturday morning and we were helped by Skip who spent a lot of time walking us around the showroom, showing and explaining different options (we had no idea what we wanted) and sat down with us to show us a huge 3-ring binder of completed/installed doors that were similar to what we decided on. They had a great selection, lots of in-store samples, millions of options in terms of finishes, hardware, glass options, etc. Skip even spent time to show me their very nice in-house staining/finishing booth and some doors that were finished similarly to ours. They scheduled a time to come up to our house to do a measurement and they charged a fee I believe was reasonable for that type of service, especially given the distance our house is away from their location. Although they did have a scheduling issue with the first appointment that I was made aware of at the exact time we were to meet, they were very accommodating with a reschedule and the owner himself came to our house for the rescheduled appointment and was very apologetic about the pervious scheduling issue, was very polite and easy to work with. These things happen so I took it with a grain of salt. The door took slightly longer to come in then I originally anticipated, however nothing extreme. Skip called to follow up when the door arrived at their location, and their installation individual (I didn't catch her name) was nice about following up both via phone and email regarding our installation.The day of installation went well too, especially given the additional construction that was involved prior to our install. The two installers were very accommodating. The two installers seemed very flexible and skilled and the installation was beautiful. They could't do some of the trim work on the interior of the house because of some construction changes we had made (drywall needed to be replaced first, etc) but they cut all the trim pieces, labeled each, penciled in where they should go and showed me that they fit. They even left me with some of the nail hole filler to make sure everything matched. I was very happy with their installation.We had nothing but a great experience with The Door Store. The door is beautiful, service/sales was good and the installation was perfect. I would recommend to a friend.
By: njmohr
Peterson Electric LLC
Josh is awesome! I own a small restaurant in Estes, and had some issues with breakers popping. I was quoted by another electrician that I would need a new box with plenty of extra circuits, but was about 2 weeks out on scheduling. Josh asked if he could pop in that same night and take a look.. Needless to say, he rerouted most of my equipment, doing all the math that I hadn't been able to figure out, and solved my breaker issues without adding anything. He cured my headache in my business, while saving me thousands of dollars that I would have wasted with the other guy that didn't want to stop and think it through. Then, I signed a lease on a new location in Ft Collins. This shop had most of its electricity tied up with an old FroYo machine setup. I needed these broke down and ran into several individual circuits throughout the kitchen of the new shop. I called Josh again, gave him a key. While I was busy running my other shop, he worked his magic and got my new shop all lined up for the equipment I need! Honest, personal, fast yet high quality work. If you are questioning anything.. at least let him have a shot to tell you how he can take great care of you!!
By: Skyler D.
The Door Store
The Door Store was the right choice for us when we ordered our new front door and back door. From the moment we walked into the beautiful show room to the clean up at our install The Door Store was a smooth process from A-Z! My wife and I didn’t know there was so much to getting our doors replaced. We were told 6-8 weeks and they got the job done within that time frame! We got to pick our doors, stain, and hardware all at once, saving me plenty of headaches trying to figure it out on my own! Skip showed us around the facility reassuring the quality of their doors, from their showroom to paint booth, these guys mean business! They were friendly and professional the whole way through! From the measure to installation they were on time and made sure to meet our scheduled appointments. We weren’t able to put a sign in our yard because of our HOA but we recommend them to our friends and neighbors. We love the compliments we receive on our GORGEOUS front door.
By: carolyncc
JDI Windows
I had 13 windows in my house replaced by JDI (Rex) and his team. I initially received quotes and had “free consultations” with several local companies and after choosing JDI (because of the great price and the number of years his team of installers had been with him), I can say that I am ecstatic with the service they provided and the quality of the product I received. Rex answered all the questions I had prior to installation (and responded quickly no matter the hour).... and his team of installers were professional, quick, tidy and did a phenomenal job replacing the windows. I would not hesitate to use them again or refer JDI to anyone. P.S. – I’m not a family member and did not know anyone at JDI Windows prior to using them – so this is an unbiased review of a company with a great product and even better customer service!
By: chris.kowalis.1
Carlson Siding & Construction
Rob, here is fact about the quality of your work. 8 years ago, you sided our Island Cottage on Crystal Beach Texas. A couple years later on September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike devistated our Island. Leveling thousands of homes with 110 mph sustained winds, and a 16 - 22' storm surge. It looked like a nuclear bomb hit us. Google Hurricane Ike and you will see the destruction, its beyond belief. The storm surge and wind, wiped out our wrap around deck and completely flooded our home, going close to 20' up the walls on the second story, but your siding stayed intack, protecting the structure. My home looked like an island in the middle of the sea as almost every house around me was leveled. Thanks for the increadable job.
By: Tina L.
Carlson Siding & Construction
I planned & shopped for new windows for about 6 months. I heard about Rob @ Carlson Siding. Upon his sales presentation, including the quality, warranty, & price of his windows, I was quite impressed. His company's history, his personal professionalism & eagerness to go above & beyond SOLD me. How could I lose?! Awesome windows, awesome price & warranty, outstanding installation & professionalism!! No kidding...I own a condo & my windows are the best in the whole community. Started receiving compliments that evening. Don't have a doubt...choose Rob!!(BTW--I didn't know Rob b4 this purchase. :-) )
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By: Chris J.
Miller Glass
Miller Glass replaced a broken window in my downstairs bedroom. As I recall the process only took about 30 minutes. Care was taken to ensure they replaced the glass with the same or better glass rating. The price was right, the glass was sparkling after install, & the job site was left spotless. Jeremy was very courteous & professional. This obviously was a residential job, but through conversations with Jeremy I learned that they've done many commercial jobs as well. Nice to see that my tiny job was handled just as professionally as the major jobs. I'd definitely recommend Miller Glass.
By: Megan L.
Carlson Siding & Construction
We used Carlson siding on our house in August. Prior to getting our siding, or paint was peeling and house siding was rotting. Our house looks brand new!!! Carlson Siding was very easy to work with and Rob even made sure to keep my schedule in mind (I work nights) and kept noise down during the mornings, which wasn't expected, but very appreciated! The workmanship is amazing and he even brought our trash cans up to the side of the house after trash was picked up in the mornings. It's hard to find such a combination of customer service and great work. We would recommend to anyone.
By: Su B.
The Door Store
We needed a front door for a long time now. We were looking for it for a while a finally found a beautiful one, just what we wanted, at the Door Store. We were excited that the price was very reasonable, all in one package, and the service was great. Skip, a sales person, was helping us, and I can tell you, he made this whole process of getting a new door so pleasant and easy. I would defiantly recommend this place to all our friends and those who are looking for a new front door, or any other doors.
By: Kj O.
Project X Restoration
I had a hot water tank bust in my basement. There was enough water to cause some serious damage. I called around to find out pricing and how quickly someone could come out and help me with the situation. 7 phone calls later I found Project X and not only were they happy to get someone out that day, they were professional and compassionate to the stress I was under. They did a wonderful job taking care of the water and fixing the walls that had some damage. Thanks Project X.
Tips & Advices
Interior designers can generally work on every type of room, but one should not assume that all of them can work on every type of space. More complicated projects--for example those in buildings with historic preservation strictures, or those that are going for sustainability certifications--will be suited to interior designers with specific expertise. Also, interior designers that have experience in a certain type of project may not want to take on projects that are outside their expertise. For example, an interior designer who has only worked on commercial projects may not want to do a small private home.
Every interior designer has their own style, but some designers are more versatile than others. Some really do specialize in functionality and code compliance, whereas others are more focused on aesthetics. Interior decorators are completely focused on visual impact, and therefore should be reviewed and selected based on how well their style is a match for the client’s tastes.
Full-service interior design starts with an assessment of a site and the client’s long-term needs for that space. It encompasses concept design, floor plans and lighting plans, providing project specifications to contractors, supervising  contractor negotiations and installations, applying for permits, and shopping for all the materials and pieces for the project. On top of this, there are the “decorator” deliverables, i.e. creating the aesthetic of the space, selecting wall colors/covers and furniture pieces, purchasing products and installing them.
An interior designer may come into a development project very early on, working with the developer and architect from the pre-construction phase. They may be the one to design floor plans, decide where to place interior walls, and supervise contractors that are installing elements of the build. They often work on commercial projects, although many of them work on residential projects. Interior designers can “switch hats” and do interior decoration, which means they are only focused on the aesthetic elements and visual components of a residence.
An interior designer or interior decorator should ask a potential client what the scope of the project is, what the projected budget is, what payment structure the client wants, and what the timeline for the project is. Also, they should be asking whether the client has any samples of other projects they like, and would like to use as a guideline. They could also ask what the client’s budget for furniture/accessories/art is, since that in many cases is a separate amount from the budget for the designer’s labor. If an interior designer is being interviewed early into a new build or a renovation project, they might ask questions to determine whether they can collaborate with architects and contractors from early on, to execute their vision for the space. If that is not in line with a client’s wishes, the client can then say that the project scope is for interior design only.

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