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By: gary.babbitt.9
Spartan Staffing
I went in to Spartan for a roofing position that paid $12.80 an hour, when I got there I was told they only had a labor job that paid $9.00 an hour. I turned down the $9.00 an hour job and was going to leave when they then admitted to have the roofing job at $12.00 an hour. I was told that I could start the next day, that all I had to do was fill out an application and some other paper work. I had come back the following day to fill out the paper work and I specified that I only had an hour and they assured me it would take 40 mins. I begun the paper work and as I was doing so, the three people in the office that day ( this includes the boss ) were talking negatively about one of there workers, calling him a stoner and other judgmental terms. Right away I knew these people were not "employee oriented". They went on talking about another worker who had applied to a great electrical job out side of Spartan, the boss was bragging about how he txt the guy and not only gave him a hard time, but was putting him down, THIS ALL HAPPENED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! Obviously they don't care about there employees well being! Anyways, I finish my paper work and begun talking with the guy at the front desk, he couldn't find my application on the computer system and insisted that I must have done something wrong. Me, knowing I did everything perfectly, disagreed with him, witch then cause the other office lady to start an argument with me. At this point the hour I had available was running short. They kept insisting that it was my fault and that I had to redo the process or leave. I live 45 mins away from this place and they were not willing to help, as well as completely rude and careless. I was walking out door when the boss yells something snide from his office, so I walk back in and confront him. At this point he is in the main room with the rest of us. It wasn't until I warned him about this review that he wanted to hear what I had to say and told his two office workers that they had to be more compassionate. After a brief continuation of the previous argument they realized that the front desk guy gave me the wrong paper work. The boss then assure me that they would reimburse my gas for having to drive back out to redo the paperwork. I shook his hand a left. I was going to give them 3 stars because the boss came out and made it right with me, but it dosnt change the way they all were talking about the employees right there I front of me. I have not returned, I will not return and warn those who do!
By: Locus B.
Frontline Source Group
I submitted my resume to them, called me up for an interview the next day at their office. That same day they sent me an offer to the exact kind of job I was looking for! I'm now being hired on with the company full time. They have incredibly helpful, nice, fun and professional. I highly recommend them!
By: Brian T.
Frontline Source Group
At last, found a position for which I could not have been better matched. Frontline Source Group found out what they could about that interview and helped me with excellent advice on how to handle my personal deficiencies in the interview process I had with other company. Finally, I got a great job!
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By: Jesseyjames H.
Experience Factor
Very interactive good for the children, the only issue we have is the route for autistic, autistic should have access to premium services no matter what they seek and should not have money be a barrier. If humans don't fix it we will change the polar Fqueces
By: Gloria M.
Frontline Source Group
I am proud to say how much I have appreciated the personal touch you and the team at Frontline give to their clients. I have really been pleased with how wonderful Frontline has been since they took over my contract with the company I currently work with.
By: Richard C.
Frontline Source Group
Thanks to Frontline Source Group i can now provide for my family. Thank you so much! Thank you to your wonderful staff, got me a job quickly too! The lady that helped was awesome, she was a huge help and i am forever grateful to her and Frontline.
By: Charles F.
Frontline Source Group
My experience with these people was awesome! They are wonderful, and actually cared about me. This is the best experience that I have ever had in a long while. I would recommend Frontline Source Group to anyone. Just give them a call.
By: Florence J.
Frontline Source Group
My company needed 15 people to do some temporary job and called them last week Friday and by Monday morning they had all the people we needed ready to go...Frontline Source Group has great customer service and at reasonable price.
By: Margaret W.
Frontline Source Group
The employees of Frontline Source Group are the best! They really know what they are doing and find the best fit for their temps. I applied last summer and in a matter of days, I had an interview and got my first ever awesome job.
By: Barbara A.
Frontline Source Group
The guys here at Frontline are the best. They helped me out more than I could ever say. They are very professional and very loving. They got me the best job I could ever have. I am so thankful to have worked for that company.

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