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By: Dianna W.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
This isn’t the first time that I have had Denver Cleaning Service Company clean our carpets. Every time I call them, they would always deliver a first rate service. For a home with 4 kids and 3 dogs, it is tough to maintain a clean carpet. That is why I always call them, every time our carpets and even rugs become nasty.These guys would always turn my nasty carpets to spotless and clean ones. They always leave behind a clean carpet that really smells great. Aside from good cleaning service, they are extremely professional and friendly as well. I feel comfortable having them in my place. Appointments are easy and clear. They value time for they are never late. If they say they would be done by this time, they would be done by that time or earlier. Most of all, they would always honor their estimate. They really have nice standards in providing good services to their clients.
By: Waneta S.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
My new favorite cleaning service! This is the best cleaning company Ive worked with in Denver, hands down. I has used other services here and they were all horrible to say the least. If I could I would give Denver Cleaning Service Company a 6 stars. The maid showed up 10 minutes early and got right to work. She did an excellent job with the home cleaning. Afterwards I received a phone call asking about how my cleaning experience was with the maid. I was extremely happy that I received a check up about my cleaning service.Even though Denver Cleaning Service Company is a bit higher priced they are worth every penny. In this instance it is 100% accurate to say "you get what you pay for". This was in fact a high quality home cleaning and the customer service was very helpful. Very professional! Thanks Denver Cleaning Service Company.
By: Erna K.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
My daughter purchased (well offered to pay) to get my carpets cleaned originally few years ago and our neighbor recommended Denver Cleaning Service Company. I had never heard about the company beforehand but I am extremely grateful for my neighbor’s recommendation. I called to set up an appointment; the people in the main office were very polite and answered all of my questions. Set me up with an appointment within the week, and had a tech sent out promptly. The tech did an amazing job and was really informational he recommended the deep scrub which got ever juice and food stain up. The prices aren’t that bad either. I use Denver Cleaning Service Company for a routine clean every 4 to 6 months for 3 years straight. I am more than satisfied with their service and recommend them to everyone. I hope this helped, enjoy!
By: Betsy T.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
I recently used Denver Cleaning Service Company for a one time thorough cleaning of my condo and all I can say is that the service far exceeded my expectations. From my initial meeting with Denver Cleaning Service Company to my final walk through inspection everything was done with great attention to detail. All my appliances are gleaming inside and out, my light fixtures were taken down and cleaned. Even the inside of my washing machine was sparkling. Denver Cleaning Service Company and their staff are punctual, respectful, honest and very hard working. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a regular or occassional cleaning company
By: Trang S.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
I have had a few home cleaning services done before but I have never been as surprised and as satisfied with the services rendered by Denver Cleaning Service Company. The team had gone above and beyond what I have expected… cleaning everything including our walk-in closet, which I did not request at all. All the areas they have been to were left sparkling clean and things were put back in to their rightful place. Other cleaning companies would often forget this little yet very important detail. I appreciate the extra effort they have put into to their work. Thank you very much – I am a Denver Cleaning Service Company client forever.
By: Grays S.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
Denver Cleaning Service did a good job. The last time I had them come to clean my house, I was very much satisfied with the result, especially since I left them on their own. When I came home, I saw every inch and corner of my house was clean. It was unbelievable because my expectations were set low for them and that I expected them to slack of a bit since no one would be supervising them. This shows how professional they are in their job. If that is how they roll then I won’t ever worry because I know that I would be coming home to a clean house. I am looking forward to the next visit.
By: Vannessa W.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
I have used their cleaning service for 4 months since I have first called them and I must admit they have been AWESOME!!!I call them twice a month for a deep clean.I must admit I can be a bit slob and my place becomes a den full of dust. But I don’t have the time to clean the entire place. I find it easier to have cleaners come and clean the place for me. I did the Math and I find it cheaper than cleaning the house myself.Moreover, I like to commend the professionalism, promptness and the caring attitude they have. It made it easier for me to call again and trust the cleaning to them.
By: Bibi W.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
I have some trouble packing things so I called for a moving company. Before that I asked a good friend if maybe she can recommend me to a good one that is just around the area. Then her brother told me of Denver Cleaning Service Company.I called them and they answered quickly. Later the guys arrived and started moving my stuff. I can see they are really a pro when handling the stuff. They are quick to pack the things. They are nice and friendly as well. Their service is worth the praise for they did a really great job with it. I had no problems with them.
By: Jeanneatte T.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
I have used several different cleaning companies in the past, and have always been disappointed. Denver Cleaning Service Company's approach to house cleaning is very professional and thorough. She started by visiting our house and giving us a detailed breakdown of what her team will clean and how many hours it will take. Then, her team showed up on time and did exactly what they said they would do - leave our entire house spotless!! Dust and dirt don't stand a chance against Denver Cleaning Service Company and the team.
By: Matthew M.
Denver Cleaning Service Company
It was a pleasure working with Denver Cleaning Service Company. They came over to give an estimate for a one-time cleaning and scheduled the cleaning two weeks after that. The results of the thorough cleaning were dazzling - the apartment has never been cleaner. Throughout the process, responses to inquiries were swift and the staff were professional, courteous, and very helpful. I would highly recommend them and have no doubt that I will be asking for their services in the future

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