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By: imo229
Riverside Baptist Church
My husband and I went to the services here for several months solid in early 2012. After spending many years not involved with church and living "in the world", we both decided it was time to change things. Our first experience was nice. The pastor came over to us and chatted for a few minutes. During the service, we wondered where all the young people were. As a young couple in our early 30s, we definitely wanted to connect with some other people our age, but it seemed like everything from the music to the sermon to the general tone of the place were geared more toward the older set. That's fine, but seemed a little odd for a large church with placement right next to the Broncos Stadium and so close to downtown. We expected things to be a bit different. We filled out the communication card and decided to come back the next week to try again. This time we tried the later service time, but it was the same. The following Wednesday we received a message on our answering machine from the pastor saying he had been happy to meet us and would keep calling until he reached us. He never called again. But, we continued going to the services. Finally, we got in touch with two of the young adult ministers and even had lunch with them and their wives. They were nice enough, but had all grown up in the church, then gone off to Christian colleges, and then all got jobs within the church. Again, this seemed an odd choice of staffing due to the fact that the church seems to really be into outreach in the downtown area. Not that these folks don't do a good job, but it's can sometimes be difficult to connect with people who haven't at least partially been in your shoes. I openly shared parts of my story and felt incredibly judged. Maybe it was just me, but even my husband said he felt extremely uncomfortable because we weren't in the same "religious class." It was clear these ministers hadn't really "been there" and couldn't quite grasp the outside world. We left the lunch feeling a little strange and never heard from any of the ministers or their wives again. The last service we attended was one in which Pastor Jim seemed to be on a mission to make everyone in the place feel very guilty. I understand that Baptist pastors "have" to give these types of sermons, but as someone who grew up in a strict Southern Baptist household I can also say these sermons are SO unhealthy. That's one of the reason why I stopped going to church. Constantly being told you are a bad person and not good enough is hard on a young person..and adults too! And my husband, who did not grow up in this type of environment, was completely turned off by the sermon and refused to go back to "that church." I didn't blame him. I had such high hopes for this place, but hate to say that it fell very short. From our experience, it seemed as though Riverside is more concerned with keeping its current members happy, but not as concerned with reaching out to new people that need a loving, REAL church home. We haven't gone to church since and I'm not sure how long it will take for us to repair from this experience.
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By: Jessica C.
Bright Horizons Montessori On The Mall
Be straight -- this is not a Montessori school. They have some of the materials and know some of the concepts but it is in no way a real Montessori. That being said, my child did receive good care here (age 2-3) specifically from her teachers/aids. The teacher turnover is high which, sadly, is common in daycare. The administration does not communicate well with their parents or their teachers. I finally started contacting my teachers directly via text/email because nothing seemed to get passed through. There are much better (i.e., nonprofit) centers but it certainly is a safe environment for children. They're just not all they tell you that they are and you end up paying for a Montessori education that your child will not get. They are FOR PROFIT and don't ignore that fact. I didn't think it mattered to me but when the teachers are asking for classroom materials as their xmas gifts while you can simply add up how much the center is making (headcount x monthly fee) it's sad that a teacher there should ever have to use a holiday to request classroom materials. We moved to a non-profit Montessori school are in hind sight I realize just how un-Montessori this place was.
By: itgirlscoots
Kidstown Drop-In Child Care
I have been taking my 2 sons to Kid's Town in Mayfair for 3 1/2 years now, my kids LOVE IT and so do I. It's convenient, the staff is wonderful, they know my children and I even when months have passed between our visits. It's consistently the same staff too which shows that the management/owner cares about finding and keeping good employees. The facilities are clean and safe but most importantly I know my children are well cared for which gives me peace of mind. Their rates are very reasonable and they're open until 9pm evenings during the week and later on Friday & Saturday nights!
By: miss.cebretaylor
Kidstown Drop-In Child Care
This is the second Kidstown location I've taken my daughter to. While it is convenient, the Denver Mayfair location lacks what the other one has to offer. They never check me and my husbands I.D. before releasing her. And frequently the kids are sat down in front of a movie with the employees sitting around doing nothing. The smoky hill location was always diligent to check I.d even though they knew me by name, and hardly ever put on a movies besides for the afternoon quiet time.
By: hkayb79
Where Dreams Begin Learning Center
My daughter loves Where Dreams Begin Learning Center! They just opened a month ago, and boy am I happy we found such a nurturing and affordable daycare. My little one gets so excited to see "her kids" every morning and really enjoys her frequent outings to the park. Ms. Chonta is great and provides lots of TLC and special attention to the kids. Any parents with children age 2.5yrs - 12yrs, in the downtown/Highlands area, should really check this place out
By: Scott B.
Montessori Academy of Colorado
MAC is a treasure. The commitment and seriousness with which everybody at the school, from the Executive Director to all of the employees, approaches their mission and the care with which they treat all children are unmatched.
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By: Latoya D.
Lil Tot's Child Care Center Inc
I have been bring my daughter here for the past 7 years the staff is awesome and the director is as well!people have such hateful hearts especially to post anything negative about lil tots I recommend lil tots to all....
By: Sara C.
Play N Learn Childcare
I love Play-N-Learn Childcare for my children. The teachers provide an educational experience and a fun safe learning environment. The customer service is friendly. I love the owners they are so sweet!
By: Roxann N.
Childrens Garden Learning Academy
The directors are friendly and open, you can pop in anytime to visit or volunteer. They do activities and parents night out. This is an amazing center to bring your children to!
By: andrewkelly239
Adventures in Learning Infant & Child Care
I grew up on this campus. The owner of this establishment is practically a mother to me. It's a great place to bring your child.

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