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By: Brett H.
Care Chiropractic
Dr V. and his office staff are great. I called after having multiple days of major back pain, leaning towards going to a chiropractor, and consulting an RN who recommended I start with a chiropractor. They got me in extremely quickly for a consultation and took X-rays after I let them know about an automobile accident I was in 2 months prior. They also called my insurance for me, and were able to notify me of exactly how much co-pay for X-Rays I would be paying, my deductible, and how long it would take to hit it.I came back the very next day and he showed me where the issues were. One of the vertebrae that was very much out of place was the exact spot I was feeling the most pain. He gave me the option of a band-aid fix, or the long-term solution. I chose long-term. He let me know that it would be a long process, as I had been out of alignment in a few places for a longer period of time. I could see the calcification that was beginning, and he pointed it out as well. Dr. V also gave me the option of manual, hand adjustments, or adjustments with the tool that they use. I chose the tool as it seemed it would be less jarring to my entire body, and more focused on the actual bones.I have been going for 1 month now, and the difference is great. The pain has all but completely subsided. My neck used to pop just turning my head some days, and my back would feel like it was stuck, causing me to pop it myself. This has improved dramatically as well. He also found some scar tissue on my back muscles from a few harsh activities at the skate park and longboarding. He has been breaking that up, which has helped immensely! Dr V. and his staff are very knowledgeable, easy to work with when your schedule changes, and the office itself is much larger than you expect from the outside. Clean, great equipment, and everyone is in good spirits and humor! Great place, great doctor, awesome staff!
By: Emily K.
Renew Chiropractic
I had been having chronic health issues for so many years, I can't remember. The first one was my ears. I had seen 3 different specialists over the years about the pain in my ears and the hearing loss. All of the doctors told me the same thing; you don't have an ear infection, we don't see anything wrong inside, it could be your eustachian tubes, but we won't really know unless we go in and do some surgery and probably put tubes in your ears. I didn't want surgery and decided to endure the pain a while longer.The second issue was the loss of feeling and pain in my hands and arms. It was awful when I slept and in the morning. But by mid-morning, I was semi functional so I just rolled with it. Recently the pain got so severe that I couldn't function, so I went to see my doctor. She said that I should get an EMG, and will probably need surgery to fix some nerve damage. Really? Another surgery? I asked for an alternative and she gave me wrist guards to wear and told me to stop practicing yoga for a month and come back.In the meantime, I met Dr. Jumper and Vickie at an Employee Health Fair hosted by my work. I stopped into their booth to thank them for supporting my company's health fair, I had no idea I would walk out with an appointment to see Dr. Jumper the next day.
By: Jason J.
Renew Chiropractic
My name is Jack Ackerman, and I am 15 years old. I have been battling upper back pain and chronic migraines since I was 13, and have always had a slight curvature of the spine. I have been too many doctors in an attempt to relieve my pain, which included: a couple medical doctors, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, and an acupuncturist. Though many of those gave me immediate relief, none of the treatments were permanent. Then, I learned about Dr. Jumper from Renew Chiropractic and in ONE visit he first relieved my current migraine and reduced my migraine occurrence by at least 95%. I used to have a migraine every week which would last for hours, which often times prevented me from going to school and fully participate in my athletics. Now, since my first visit, which was about 5 months ago, I have had a total of 2 migraines and my back has not hurt since. My spine is almost completely straight and I feel great. I can now fully participate in all of my athletics and my grades have increased substantially. I owe this all to Dr. Jumper, he has changed my life, and I have and would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Jumper to anyone of any age because he can and will change your life.
By: Jacqueline J.
Renew Chiropractic
I began going to Dr. Jumper just a few months ago. I have always suffered from regular back pain, both in my lower back and upper toward my neck. After just a handful of visits, my lower back pain has subsided and rarely occurs now. He has dramatically adjusted the shape of my upper spine to fix my Forward Head Posture, and this has given me less tightness in my upper back, and also an overall increase in energy! He does so much more than just spine work too! I re-injured my shoulder last February, and had a bad case of tendonitis near my rotator cuff. Since seeing Dr. Jumper and having him adjust the shoulder a handful of times, the everyday pain in my shoulder has gone away. 6 months ago, I couldn't even do push-ups because my shoulder would be too uncomfortable, but now I am back to working out my arms just fine! I've seen multiple chiropractors, but Renew has been my favorite because Dr. Jumper knows his craft inside and out, and is just as concerned as you are about making you healthy and feeling right! THANK YOU, DR. JUMPER!
By: kathryn.arn.1
Glendale Chiropractic
I am SO thankful for Dr.Brockway! About 1 month ago, it felt like Freddy Krueger ripped across all of my muscles and tendons on the lower lefthand side of my back. I couldn't sit up, stand up, sit down, lay down, climb stairs, etc without excrutiating pain. I got a short notice/last minute appointment with Dr.Brockway and left his office walking better, armed with natural supplements and an ice/hot pack. I went back the next day and left again walking a little bit better, wearing kinesio tape. He made time for me again at the end of the week and when I left, I could sit, stand, walk and climb the stairs at home without pain.He truly cares about HEALING, not just making the pain go away, but the pain has been less and less each time I've seen him too. I completely trust his advice/recommendations and have been taking the supplements and doing the strengthening exercises he told me about. We're down to a once a week or every other week check in and I plan to be on the slopes this winter again without issues!
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By: Crystal C.
5280 Chiropractic
Dr. Brandon and the rest of the team at 5280 Chiropractic are absolutely amazing! I always feel welcomed when I walk into the office, and I am greeted by everyone. This is such a great start to the appointment every time. There is always consistently great service. I love that I can come and go as I please, and they have the perfect Wellness Program for patients like me. I am young and active and seek Chiropractic care regularly. I am a believer that you must maintain Chiropractic care to stay in optimal health, and Dr. Brandon helps me reach that goal through his various techniques. He is always attentive to my needs and customizes his approach to how I am feeling that day. All of their resources for patients to use are amazing as well. They have numerous massage chairs, special neck and shoulder massagers, and various other tools to provide relief. Thank you 5280 Chiropractic for helping me with my pain and discomfort!
By: Ar S.
Cain Chiropractic Rehab & Laser - Dr. Karen A Cain, DC
I've been to at least 6 other chiropractors and none of them do what Dr. Cain does, or is as thorough. The nerve testing makes a huge difference when she gets them working 100% with that cold laser. I'm a big guy, grew up on a ranch, played HS FB, did a lot of rodeo and martial arts, own horses and I have all the low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain to prove it. I was pretty skeptical of a female chiropractor being able to work on me well enough, but friends insisted she was the "best chiropractor in Denver." She proved it to me the first time and I feel great after being worked on. She checks things head to toe, gets everything moving/ working again, and then all the PT done in this clinic makes everything stay in place a lot faster & longer. This is not a "rack 'em and crack 'em mill" like the other chiros. This one is the real deal- allow plenty of time to be worked on, and prepare to be impressed.
By: Robert B.
Renew Chiropractic
I've been going to Renew Chiropractic for around 3 years now. I like that Dr. Jumper is also an expert in nutrition in addition to being an excellent chiropractor. In an increasingly toxic world where high quality nutrition, supplementation, and detox are a necessity, Dr. Jumper in well-trained in pointing the way. He does a much more complete blood test workup than any medical doctor that I've been to. He is very thorough with his chiropractic adjustments and gets excellent results. My wife was able to completely avoid expensive and marginally successful jaw surgery due to lockjaw/TMJ problems. Other chiropractors that I've been to had no interest in trying to tackle the curvature in my spine but this was no obstacles to Dr. Jumper, as he has successfully straightened many. He also works successfully in the upper part of the cervical spine. The office environment is very professional, friendly, and fun.
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By: Jess K.
Renew Chiropractic
I extremely recommend giving Dr. Jumper a visit. I've been suffering from a bulging disc in my lower back as well as other lower back issues for the past two years as well as headaches and pain and stiffness in my upper back, shoulders and neck. Before visiting Dr. Jumper I had seen two other chiropractors, both of whom I wasn't getting results nor did I feel they truly cared about me as a patient. Then I visited Dr. Jumper. Not only did he take x-rays, but he also took the time to explain to me all of my problems and came up with an individualized plan specific to my problems. I've been seeing Dr. Jumper for 4 months now and my headaches, as well as my upper back, shoulder and neck pain are completely gone and my lower back pain has diminished significantly. In that time Dr. Jumper has taken two follow up x-rays, both of which being proof to the progress he has made on my spine.
By: dweber5
Denver South Chiropractic & Rehab
I originally came here several years ago using a Groupon. I had a great massage from the Group and then a chiropractic consultation with Dr. Hyman. I hadn't been back for quite some time but this was the first place I thought of when I started having some back problems. They were able to get me in quick. Natalie at the front desk is great! Very friendly and nice to chat with when I'm there a bit early. Even though today was the first day I've been back in about a month she still remembers me and things we chatted about the last time I was there. I love that! Dr. Hyman is really good at what he does. The pain I was in that brought me here almost had me in tears. He had me feeling better in only 2 treatments! I've continued to return to make sure my back doesn't relapse. All around excellent place and affordable as I am a self-pay patient!

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