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By: ksellers66
One woman was making things happen while the other two employees slowly did their jobs. But, we were just happy someone was serving food after 11:00p.BTW the address is:McDonald's Restaurant #135708700 Pena BoulevardConcourse ADenver, CO 80249
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By: Alyson S.
Taco John's
Horrible food. The Potato Ole's we got were cold and unseasoned. The Nacho Cheese Sauce we got to go with them, was lukewarm. We ordered two Pork Carnitas Tacos, and they were so leaky that the bottom of the bag soaked onto my jeans and then broke when we tried to carry the food into our house. They were also cold.It was noon and they were dead. I don't see them surviving if this is the food they are serving.
By: Harley Q.
Sonic Drive-In
First we waited 30 mins for them to even take our orders Noslushy machine amd no milkshakes "they were broken" also no ultimate chicken..had to repeat order 10xs before the idiot girl got it right waitied another 25 for our food and it was cold and totaly made wrong dont waste your time or money go to a different sonic.... This sonic should really hire people with brains!!! Messy parking lot and over flowing trash cans SMH worse sonic EVER
By: Mark E.
The one & only way to say it is, this McDonald's SUCKS...! They can not get anything right! We kept count and the last 10 times we have ordered, our order has been wrong or short all 10 times... Not just something small. They always short us on something and it is only 4 people ordering. God forbid you ask for something to be added or left off 'cause the will make it wrong every single time because 99% of them do not speak English... This IS AMERICA, correct... Then speak OUR language or don't come here...! They just throw your food in the bag and most of the time the biscuits & burgers are falling out of the wrappers. these idiots want $15 an hour??? HA!!! $1.50 is more like it... better yet replace them with a computer, at least it would understand English! It is safe to say this will be our last time eating there... No wonder their sign out front has not changed from saying "help wanted" in over a year...!
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By: Tyson P.
Best place ever. Great location. Good food. One of the nicest staffs ive ever encountered. Very clever friendly and entertaining personalities. Loving environment for children. Open in even the worse weather conditions.
By: Micky B.
The store was immaculate, the door was fresh, but best of all, the customer service was exemplary. Ronnie was absolutely wonderful!
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By: denverbooks
This store Mgr and district Mgr should be fired. After placing my order online and picking it up, 2 sandwiches were missing, they took it upon themselves to change the bread on 4 of my sandwiches because they were out of Italian. Instead of replacing my order, or issuing a full refund, they offered me a 6" sandwich. I will never eat at this store again. I am shocked that even the district Mgr would not even correct the problem. Terrible service. Buyer beware of this location.
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By: Charles S.
Carl's Jr.
Got wrong order at drive though window at 9 am the place was empty and got the wrong food. Went inside and got an arguemtn instead of the order corrected. Don't go there
By: Tristen R.
05/19/2015:It has been awhile since I have been here and things have not changed. Placing my order was easy and accurate this time... but my issues are being charged 28 cents for a large drink and receipt is illegible. First, the menu clearly states "ANY SIZE DRINK $1" on the lower left. So why am I getting charged 28 cents? Secondly, the receipt is extremely illegible. When I asked them to re-print the receipt, they stated the Drive through printer can't print a clearer one. I asked if he can use a different printer and he informed me no. I can see several other printers in there. Heck, there are at least 3 other printers for over the counter orders. Because the receipt is illegible, I was not reimbursed for my meal from my company.11/26/2013:This location needs a new Manager. I pulled up to the Drive through and ordered the 20 piece Nugget meal for $9.99. The Cashier was extremely confused and had to ask several times what drinks I wanted. Once she "thought" the order was right, she had to delete the whole order. She entered 20 Nuggets for $4.99 instead of the meal for $9.99. By this time I am frustrated as I have repeated my order several times and now again. Once she got it corrected she did apologize at the payment window. However, because of her lack of knowledge, this caused a chain reaction and was told to wait a few minutes at the second windows because the Fries were not ready. Now because the cashier error, food prep lack of attention, I received 1 small bag of fries instead of 2 Medium fries. It should not be my responsibility to repeat myself several times when ordering nor should I have to double check the associates work to ensure I am getting what I paid for. It wasn't until I was home is when I realized my order was wrong. Due to cashier lack of knowledge, fries not ready and lack of double checking I receive what I paid for is a reflection of how poorly management runs the facility. I am currently waiting back from them as I should not be held responsible for the management lack of skills to run the business correctly.
By: pinxet
Food at all McDonald's is pretty much the same, so I won't address that. Generally this store is clean as things go, and the people here friendly enough -- sometimes exceptionally so. But what I despise about the place is their semi-regular practice of bait & switch pricing. If you buy anything here, always compare what the menu says you'll be paying -- remembering to factor in tax -- against what they actually charge you. It's hard to feel very good about any store where you stand in line, place an order, and are then presented with a price 15 or 20 percent higher than what's quoted on the menu. Some might think this a matter of maintaining up-to-date signage, others one of periodic revenue padding. Either way, it is deliberate lying which promotes distrust. No customer should ever be charged differently from posted prices. Once or twice, might be mistakes or logistics problems -- Three times or more over several years, it begins to look like a deceptive operational policy.The first time I noticed the problem, it took them four or five weeks to update their menus to match the register price. The second time it happened, I didn't go here for a couple of years. Happening yet again, I'll just write them off as a place to ever visit. I have no inflated expectations about fast food establishments; but as someone who values honesty and mutual respect between businesses and customers, I do have a basic expectation of non-deception from any place I do business with.

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