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By: Gregory H.
Brand Source Appliance Repair & Home Remodeling
It's too bad there are so many other negative reviews because we were as pleased with Brand Source as we possibly could be. Our stove had not been fully functioning for years (we gave up after another company had been unable to fix it); Brand Source fixed it speedily and well and for a very reasonable price, which was also exactly what their initial estimate was (despite the fact that there was at least one unexpected difficulty with the repair). The repairman was very professional and scheduling his visits was flawless with excellent communication: They let you know the day before the 2-hour window, and when you call to confirm, they are right on time (even letting you know 15 minutes before the actual arrival). Right after we had them fix our stove we had them come right back to fix our fridge, which was also misbehaving, and had the same excellent experience with that. Can't say enough good things ! We will call them again in a hearbeat the next time we need appliance repair.
By: Ruth K.
Brand Source Appliance Repair & Home Remodeling
We had a water leak in our refrigerator and called Brand Source to fix the problem. Tim came out the next day and was prompt, courteous and knowledgable. We are very happy with the experience and will be calling Brand Source for our next appliance repair.
By: Davis L.
Brown Cousins Appliance Repair
Not only was the repairman on time and professional, he was very HONEST something you don't see anymore! Could have easily charged me another a simple washer on the hinge, vacuumed coils, and advice on basic maintenance FOR ALL my appliance!!!
By: Besong T.
Clarkson Express Appliance Repair
He came over on short notice and fixed it to my satisfaction. He has a great personality and I would have him back to repair any Appliance needs in my home. His expertise is in Refrigerators, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Stoves and Ovens.
By: Uken M.
Bonder Brother's Appliance Repair
He fixed the leak we were having and also went out of his way to inform me of safety issues we were having with our heater. He really is a genuine person and I appreciated working with him. I will definitely recommend him!
By: Bardsleysha Q.
Cameron's Appliance Repair
He came back to finish fixing the issue without any questions as it was the same problem. He was very honest, efficient and friendly. Now everything is working perfectly. I would highly recommend his services.
By: Lindsay L.
Carr Brother's Appliance Repair
That said, he was awfully nice and spent the time to steer me to a couple of local sales places he recommended. His attentiveness alone, for a customer not even looking for a repair, was admirable.
By: Rodriguesro D.
Denver Appliance Repair Van
I called him in a panic. I gave him the model number and he came by several hours later. He then followed and came several times to trouble shoot and finally solve the problem. I highly recommend
By: Gilbert O.
Denver 24/7 Appliance Repair
Highly recommended is very prompt, polite, knowledgeable, and cooperative. He analyzes quickly and offers creative options when possible. And his fees are extremely reasonable.
By: White W.
Coleman Appliance Repair Services
My washer broke and the spin cycle was acting up. They fixed it and it's been working great ever since. Great customer service. Would def come back here again if I needed too
Tips & Advices
If the washing machine is overloaded or all the clothes are packed to one side, the imbalance can cause the washing machine to jerk and shake. These vibrations can be violent enough to slam the machine against other objects, possibly causing damage to its exterior.
Refrigerator coils should be cleaned at least twice a year. Households with pets should clean their refrigerator coils more frequently.
To reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends homeowners set their refrigerators at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and their freezers at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
In terms of operations and upkeep, gas dryers are less expensive than electric. The actual savings depends on the cost of gas vs. electricity in the area. Still, gas dryers heat up faster than electric ones do, making them slightly more energy efficient. However, gas dryers are priced higher than electric ones, so homeowners should prepare to pay more at the outset.
Proper maintenance helps most home appliances last longer. Homeowner's should check their user's manuals for insight on how often to inspect, clean or upgrade their appliances.

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