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By: mike.obrero.3
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
I stumbled across the page for the Grayson County Emergency Animal Clinic and was dismayed at a 1 star review for the establishment and wanted to share with you a experience our family had with the clinic nearly a year ago. On Dec 30,2011, our dog Leo was only like a month and a half old and he suffered a fall that literally ripped his nose off! The soft tissue a bit above the gum line on upper jaw had been torn open, exposing nasal cavity, from canine to canine. Leo had blood spray coming from nose and mouth. It was awful. We had just gotten him and had not decided on a vet so we found the number to the emergency clinic and my wife took him there while I stayed with the kids. I will say that we did not pass the credit screening for services and had to pay cash right then for the services, but my best friend would have i'm sure, died from his injuries... We dropped $500+ for a on the spot emergency surgery. I know that is hard to do for us families that live from paycheck to paycheck but that is the responsibility of adding another life to your family. Afterwards, the Emergency clinic gave him (Leo) All the pain medications to last throughout recovery, not just a hold over till vet follow up, but all he would need to keep him comfortable. He received anti-biotics to keep him from getting infections. I'd say he was maybe 15 pounds or so when that happened. Leo is now 100+ pounds now and has never had any complications from his injury. The only way one could tell what happened to him is a visual examination of his gumline, there is a very pronounced scar running from canine to canine. Leo's a Pitt Bull / Bull Mastiff Mix. Leo's been a wonderful and very loved addition to our family. God Bless ALL the staff at this hospital. We will NEVER FORGET what you did for our baby
By: jessandshane
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
My fiancé and I took our very sick baby Seagram in to see if there was anything else that could be done for him and to ensure that we weren't prolonging his suffering. The entire staff at the Grayson County Emergency Clinic were so thoughtful and understanding. We said goodbye to Seagram and were able to make arrangements for afterward. Dr. Franklin made us feel like she loved him as much as we did and understood how hard this decision was for us. I can't thank her enough! While the outcome was sooo very hard for us, I am so thankful that God led us to the right place to help us through it.
By: Russell C.
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
What a great experience and certainly worth the price! We're used to DFW vet pricing so now we think we've found our new vet. They were very caring, didn't suggest or require a lot of unnecessary procedures, but instead quickly and accurately diagnosed a foot sprain when we thought it might have been an ACL tear....very nice surprise. Our Saturday evening just got better. Thanks to Dr. Cloutier and the team at Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic.
By: crystal.d.adams.58
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
I had to rush my puppy in at 5am due to an allergic reaction caused by medicine another vet prescribed. These ladies are sooooo sweet. You can tell they are pet lovers and only want the best for your animal. They took care of my pup and he is almost back to normal. Yes the prices are high...but your prices would be high too if you had to stay open ALL NIGHT waiting for pet emergencies. This clinic is AMAZING. 5 STARS
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By: Tonya B.
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
The vet's and all the staff EXCEPT Brooke are knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful. I'm not from the area, experienced this hospital with my sons dog 2 nights in a row. It is an er situation & upsetting to see a furbaby in distress or you wouldn't be there. Brooke needs to learn some customer service skills.
By: kristie.w.coffman
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
This is very hard to believe.The veterinarians only want what's best for the animal and yes, it doesn't come cheap!Take note if you are planning to own a pet. All other reviews are 4 and 5 star. No more needs said...
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By: Elena M.
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
They are great , our two fur babies (cats) got into the dogs flea meds. Got very sick fast . They saved their life . My family is so very greatfull.
By: ljvygcghcighf
these guys r funny and they came the same day up to Kingston ,Ok out in Alberta Creek ! They took away our old timey van now we have a nice yard.
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