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ABC Precise Asphalt
This company price fixes to unsuspecting customers. This company and the companies listed below are owned by Ray C Applebaum.All of his companies do the same type of work , operate in the same counties throughout Florida , and bid against each other.By flooding the advertising markets with adds for all of his companies Mr. Applebaum increases his rate of phone calls for estimates.After a sales person meets with the customer the information is given to Ray.He sends a additional three , four , or more bids from his other companies to the unsuspecting customer.In doing this he keeps honest contractors from submitting a bid. He can than artificially increase the prices on the different contracts he sends to the unsuspecting customer.You can visit the Florida incorporation website and look up these companies by name. You will find Ray Applebaum and several other registered agents names used more than once for his companies.Here are the companies owned by Ray C Applebaum ; M.A. Construction Group LLC , AAA Asphalt Maintenance , AAA Driveway Maintenance , Driveway Maintenance , Adel Construction , ABC Precise Asphalt Maintenance , Applebaum and Associates South , All Florida Sealcoat , All Dade Driveway Maintenance .Imagine if you are a board member comparing bids and all the bids are from the same person.Why does a person own nine companies that do the same type of work ?
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Quality Rescreen
They are honest and up front. I was suprised how many options I had and really felt like my job was special. Thanks guys for a great job.
Tips & Advices
Rutting occurs in the wheel tracks of a road and is generally seen when the asphalt isn't thick enough to support traffic.
Edge cracks are caused by weak edges. When there isn't enough support at the edge, the road will begin to stress and crack over time.
Depressions, are caused when the pavement isn't as deep in one area, or the land on which the road was laid is uneven. A slight depression can be fixed with another layer of asphalt.
Transverse cracks run perpendicular to the road's centerline, and can be caused by poor joint construction. Seasonal or daily temperature changes can also contribute to transverse cracks.
Longitudinal cracks are parallel to the road's centerline or the direction the driveway or parking lot was paved. They are caused by poor joint construction or simply aging pavement.

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