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By: Janet V.
Salvati Carl MD FACP FAAN
I tripped backward and went to JFK ER they gave me a catscan & MRI they said all is fine but followup with a neurologist. I went to Salvati because he was available. He said JFK should have given me an MRI WITH contrast& prescribed 3 T3 MRIs These are the highest level MRI and the place he sent me sent me to 3 different locations for each test because they didn't have the machine he wanted. They are also very costly copay! In the interim I spoke to my primary, an internist at Cleveland Clinic, he found it strange to have3 but said since he prescribed them do it but felt it was unlikely there was anything or JFK would have admitted me. I went thru the tests saw Salvati that week He said "theres nothing wrong" If you use Cleveland Clinic anyway if you feel you want to see another neuro Dr there is one there "I recommend" but it's not necessary. I had all my tests sent to my primary at CC . I happened to have an annual wellness exam the following week anyway. My primary said having looked at the tests he felt it was a case of OVERKILL to have all those high radiation tests and as he expected here was nothing and in addition he knows the Dr, that Salvati recommended if I needed to see him but thought it would be a waste of time since the tests show NO PROBLEM. I thought the case was closed until yesterday when I found that I had been waiting to obtain a new life ins. company to gibe me a new policy since my last one of 15 years had expired. They contacted me said they saw I had a "FALL" had all these tests contacted Salvati who sent my records to them saying I should see another neurologist and because I had not there are new questions from them! I explained how it went down and by the way Salvati called my house the same day I was seeing my primary @ Cleveland Cliniic and told my husband "I looked at your wife's tests again she definitely need not have a follow up neuro Dr., bottom line he never put that in my record,ins. declined.Staff says TOO BAD lawsuit 2 follow!
By: Christina M.
Lake Ida Medical Center
There are a lot of discrepancies with the receptionists and a laziness to not follow through with sending the right info to another doctor you need to see. I needed potential melanomas removed by my dermatologist but they never got the paperwork nor a phone call from this physicians office. I would be standing right there at the desk asking them to call and for some reason they wouldn't. I don't know if it was a language barrier that made it difficult or what but after two weeks of being the mediator between them and my other doctor, I gave up and am switching to a more knowledgable physicians office. I NEVER write reviews, but this was necessary.
By: Lola B.
Lake Ida Medical Center
Front desk receptionist is extremely rude, especially the big one in the front, always having a attitude,
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By: Steve K.
Bruce Berenson MD
We recently found Dr. Bruce Berenson as a new primary for my 88-year-old mother with severe Dementia and heart disease. Her previous doctor was nice enough but misdiagnosed back to back infections and getting calls returned were difficult.We only wish we had found him earlier as he is clearly a standout among great doctors. He was able to determine many her issues and those he was not 100% sure of, he directed us to the right specialists. As a result nearly a month of my mother's pain and suffering was ended, though if we had Dr. Berenson previously, that month would have likely only been a few days.Thank you Dr. B!(I apologize as this is a review I've posted elsewhere...but it's the truth and I want to be sure other patients discover Dr. Berenson)
By: Erik T.
A Lindenberg Daniel MD PA
My mom-in-law very much enjoyed seeing Dr Lindeberg. He is very professional and always provided a good plan to manage her diverticulitis.
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By: Carmelle B.
Lake Ida Medical Center
Please people don't go to this doctor office .I went there after I had my baby because I was sick. The receptionist is so rude I was in the building but I was looking for the suite number and I can't find it so I called to let her know , she yelled at me you late we can't see you and she put me on hold this is the worst doctor office I never been too.
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By: Hollie A.
Figueroa MD Cesar PA
Doctor & Nurse Practitioner are great. The office staff, however, can improve on organization. Some issues I've had in the past year are: sending in referrals to the insurance companies for specialists, having medical records sent 6 months (and 500 phone calls) later, etc. Now, I understand the office is constantly busy and often alot of interruptions, and multitasking. I do understand. Overall, a very good physician
By: Sonya E.
Lake Ida Medical Center
this is the absolute worst doctors office I have ever been too! After waiting patiently for over 2 hours (with a scheduled appointment), I was still not seen. No apology or reasons for the wait. The receptionist was useless. Unless you want to have your time wasted, DO NOT GO HERE!
By: Rocio D.
Dr. Paul A. Weiner Podiatry
Wonderful care, amazing staff. Highly recommend!
By: moved2comment
Delray Medical Associates
Stay away! Stay away! Stay away! Sabates is the worst! He denied giving my 90 yr old dad health home care provisions that were in his insurance, that he needed after a stroke. He insisted the coverage didnt exist, even after my brother and I, and Humana mailed, called, dropped off proof of coverage. They wouldnt take my calls, and told my 90 year old, 4,10', 98 lb mother that she can take care of him, which is WRONG. They dismissed the Humana Grievance letter that verified coverage stating my dad needs it. He didn't even come into the hospital or rehab during my dad's month of care. his horrible watchdog, Connie, was the rudest along with Sabates. Dad's Humana Supervisor said she never spoke with anyone as rude. My mom received the wrong knee replacement built for a football player and Sabates laughed. We changed doctors. Stay Away! Tell your friends.
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An increasing number of children are getting tooth whitening treatments and veneers. However, dental experts advise against childhood cosmetic procedures except in the event of an emergency.
Prospective patients should choose a dentist who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or the American Dental Association. These organizations offer their members the latest in dental research, procedures, and training. It’s also a good idea to request photos of the dentist's prior work to see the quality.
A gum lift is a quick procedure where a dentist removes a bit of gum tissue to give a person a less gummy smile. The gum line is cut and reshaped, and a laser is used to seal blood vessels. A gum lift is also known as a gingivectomy. On the opposite end, a gingivoplasty adds gum tissue to the gum line to make teeth look smaller or treat gum recession.
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