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By: Gina D.
Lr's Pizza
Terrible customer serive. Ordered a small chile verde pizza for delivery and they send a 4oz cup. And would not want to fix their mistake
By: Jonny B.
Pizza Hut
I had over 8 yrs and i went today (8-03-17) i remmebered real fast why i dont go! food is such a ripoff for the money you pay. I got a family order of chicken Alfredo it had a total of 12 pcs of chicken and paid 16 bucks its not a lot of money it was just a little bit of chicken and pasta. Nothing like Tonys Pizza for delano this place should just close the place and add it to the gym!
By: Ceaser L.
Kids Zone Arcade and Pizza
The pizza was horrible I took a bite and the whole cheese came right off, & i think it's overpriced for they offer & games are to expensive and in a VERY small area, they don't have indivual seating tables for a family it's mostly just very long tables where you have to sit next to random people, I would rather drive to Bakersfield and have a way better experience then at kids zone, save your time and money people and drive somewhere else.
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By: Bryan A.
Kids Zone Arcade and Pizza
The cashier was not friendly she didn't make me feel welcome this was my first time here is hope they can start making there customers feel welcome
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By: Marie H.
Pizza Hut
If I can give a 0 for the service in Delano Pizza Hut I would. I placed an online order and payed $26 w my credit card order was to be delivered in 50 whole minutes so I waited when an hour passed I called and the girl said it was never made that they called me because they didn't have medium pizzas but that my number was disconnected. They didn't give my money back and I got no pizza. They are rip offs stupid idiot workers they hire and like that they want $15 an hr worthless dumbasses
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By: Sukhman S.
Rockys Pizza
Lived in Delano for 17 years never eat at Rockys. When I tried their pizza at birthday party I realize that I was eating Tony's soggy junk pizza for so long . Rockys coustomer service is good really nice people . Price are reasonable like extra large for 14.99 plus tax not 19 dollar like Tony's have.
By: olga.quinones.585
Domino's Pizza
Today I had the worst experience with domino's pizza in Delano California. My pizza was delivered to a different department in my place of employment. I called to verify and check on the status of my pizza and was assured it would be in shortly after an hour wait. On the first call I was told it would be there any minute and added the location and floor of the place where the pizza was going and I then confirmed that her information was correct. Then 30 minutes later I called again and was told the pizza was already delivered. I spoked to the store manager and after disputing that I had no pizza and I had already paid for it on my credit card she went on to hang up the phone. I called again and was put on hold several times before the store manager went back on the phone. She, this store supervisor implied that they had done their part in delivering the pizza and there was nothing else to do, I insisted by stated that I didn't see the pizza, signed for my credit card receipt and wanted to be reimbursed. She agreed to return the charges to my card, but before I left work I found out where the pizza went and how the confusion was somewhat valid. In any event, the mistake was already made and just wanted my charges return to my card. But this dumb issue just got worse. I go to Domino's and the supervisor proceeded to tell me that she was told by her general manager that she didn't have to reimburse the charges because the other department was willing to pay. So my question is, how is this my issue and okay if this was their mistake. My money should've been reimbursed and have them charge those who kept the pizza and leave me out of it, since no one bother to call me or ask for any credit card ID to verify the charges. The poor customer service of this event is like no other I've ever had before today. I frequent restaurants and was a regular customer for Domino's to know how was this supervisor in the way she address all of it. It simple, if I don't have a pizza I paid for an hour and a half later, we'll you give me back my money, you make it right by offering to send me a new order or offer me coupons for my next purchase. The point is that you attempt to make it better, help a hungry customer, ease the situation to make a frustrating client. And not by hanging up the phone, not reimbursing for the pizza, which was the ultimate outcome. Yes I got no pizza, no money. The grand finally was that after keeping me standing in place in the store for 45 minutes, maybe hoping I'd leave, the supervisor sends another employee to tell me that they spoke to the department where the pizza was sent and go and collect the money from them. Hummmm. That's like knocking on my neighbors house and asking for money for a mistake that Domingo's made on my order. for those who get wrong orders or no orders stand up to the lack the accountability is not expected. And for the supervisor at this particular Domino's that never came back out to speak to me, go to school and take management classes. TQM (total quality management ), the theory behind for every 10 people you tell of a bad experience they tell 10 more, oh boy if that was then, before Internet, Facebook and all other forms of technology I just can imagine how that number is now exponentially greater. So if I was to rate this I couldn't before a minus or negative number is no an option to give such a poor customer service place like Domino's pizza. I guess I'll stick with Tony's Pizza.
By: sincere559
Pizza Hut
I call this place to order a Pizza and what do you know, they dont answer! I called about 10 to 15 times for about almost an hour and they still didnt answer... Lucky for me all the other pizza places are nasty so I have no choice but to keep calling. Finally I get an answer, place my order and she tells me about 25 minutes. so I figure 45 minutes to give them time. I wait about an hour and a half for my food and it still doesnt arrive... comes to find out.. they didnt place my order at all... WOW!!! Thanx A lot Pizza Hut!!

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