By: Joshua46879@hotmail.com R.
Emperor's Kitchen
I never write a review of a place I haven't eaten in (and gotten the full experience), but WOW!! My husband and I were on the road from Milwaukee to Blue Mounds, needed a snack and pulled in here. AMAZING. The veggie egg rolls were literally the size of a baby's arm and full of yummy cabbage. The crab Rangoon were big and FULL of filling - and I actually saw a piece of crab while eating this in the dark car. So good - the men at the front desk were so nice and our to-go order was ready very quickly on a busy Saturday night. And a great value!! We paid $9 for what turned into our dinner. I don't know of any reason to go to Delafield, but I'd go just for the Emperor's Kitchen!!
By: nathaell121
Emperor's Kitchen
I would give them 5 stars, however I'm a dietary Vegan and I'd like to see soup, appetizer and menu items specifically for Vegans, however there are items I can eat and they tasted very good. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. As I looked around, all the appetizer and entries I saw were large and based on the facial expressions, people lived what they were eating. The service is exceptional. This place is very kid friendly if your kid likes Chinese or dessert, my daughter is eating a giant sundae and she is in heaven!
By: trobert949
Emperor's Kitchen
Absolutely FANTASTIC Chinese food! The hand rolled egg rolls are delicious! The vegetarian moo shu is perfectly cooked - not too soft, not too crunchy - and the plum sauce is soooooo good! The General Tsao Chicken is so lightly breaded you can really taste the chicken. The sauce is lightly spiced and not too thick. Portions are HUGE so there's plenty leftover!
By: nnathen90
Emperor's Kitchen
They are very customer-friendly at Dave's Auto Service. They are very on top of their game. They know what's going on and will tell you the way it is, not try to sell you something you don't actually need. I've been going to them for about a year and a half. I haven't dealt with Dave directly, but he seems like a nice guy.
By: jackk181
Emperor's Kitchen
My favorite Chinese food in the area. I'm a fan of their vegetarian egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken or beef and pea pods. Restaurant is decorated nicely; there is a large wooden boat for the buffet bar. Staff is friendly. They are also efficient with their take out orders.
By: lunch667
Emperor's Kitchen
Emperor's Kitchen has the BEST lunch buffet we have ever been to. The food is always hot and fresh. Wonderful service too! Everyone us very friendly and attentive.
By: Michael L.
Emperor's Kitchen
Love the servers here! Thank you! The customer service was really good and I do not regret coming here at all. I am excited to try other stuff on your menu.
By: puppie_lov3
Emperor's Kitchen
I love the food and service, as well as the variety of offerings on the menu. I am looking forward to exploring other items. Thank you.
By: alieza968
Emperor's Kitchen
One of the best Chinese restaurants in the area. Clean, affordable, and friendly staff. The house special and the new tilapia is great.
By: rok165
Emperor's Kitchen
This is our favorite restaurant for lunch. The food is always fresh & fantastic. The value is amazing & the staff is friendly.

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