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By: Cecile S.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
The doctors at Dekalb pediatric are very professional, they act very courteous and knowledgeable to the needs of my children. However the other staff members I cannot say the same about. I was there today with my child and this receptionist asking for co-pay I told her my insurance does not require me to pay a co-pay and she went on and on about me paying the co-pay for my child. It is my husband's insurance and he was at work at the time. He wanted to explain to her on the phone she refused to talk to him and kept on demanding that I pay a co-pay. Another worker came out and told her what the insurance is, her reply was "mam, I could not read your mind to know what your insurance is, even though I presented her the insurance card. She was rude and very argumentative. It was embarrassing and I don't think I would go back there for service. She dismissed me very abruptly I did not get the opportunity to schedule my 4year old child appointment for check up.
By: Maggie S.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
We have been seeing the doctors and nurses at this practice since my oldest (now 8) was a newborn. They keep the wait times in the office fairly short. My kids are very comfortable with everyone there. They now offer online appointment scheduling and offer you the ability to email them securely with questions at any time, and they promptly respond. It is a fairly large practice so be sure to schedule your yearly well-child visits well in advance! But, for sick visits, they always make room for you in the day. Also, you don't have to make an appointment for a flu shot - they are available on a walk-in basis during flu season.
By: Melanie L.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
We have been seen by the wonderful pediatricians here since my oldest, age 9, was a newborn. Though the practice has expanded a bit in patients AND doctors, I always feel the doctors listen to us and are personable and caring. My kids and I never feel rushed and we are always taken ON TIME (which is huge in any doctor's office). Also so convenient during flu season: walk-in flu shots for kids and parents ($25 cash for parents)! We're very pleased with the care they give all three of my kids!
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By: Kelly C.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
Been going to Dekalb Peds for more than 13 years with my two children. We often request Dr. Pollack or Dr. Kolesky. Both doctors are friendly, knowledgeable and only recommend antibiotics when truly a need. They are calming and my kids feel very comfortable with them. The office is up-to-date on technology offering online access/requests. We've had a cranky nurse and/or desk clerk a time or two but most of the time we are very happy with our care.
By: Jehan P.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
I've been taking my son here for year and I'm very pleased with the service. I like that you can drop in if your child becomes sick. They usually let you coke in within an hour. The staff is very helpful and the doctors clearly care about their patients. One of the docs even visited my son when he was in the hospital for a few days.
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By: Melanie B.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
Always grateful for Dekalb Pediatrics. We have used this since moving nearby 8 years ago. Minimal wait, quality service, kids are comfortable, all staff are respectful, polite, intelligent, and actually listen to parents and care about kids!
By: Kate M.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
Dr. Pollack is great. She is very personable and always takes time to answer any questions I have. The other doctors are also very good and we can always get in the same day if we need to but I always try to see Dr. Pollack when we can.
By: Kate M.
Ponce Primary Care
The office space is clean. The reception and nurses are polite and professional. Dr. Walker is awesome! She listens to all of your concerns and explains things to you so you can understand. She is very personable and professional.
By: Chris M.
Dekalb Pediatric Center
Been here for 10+ years with my 3 kids, mostly with Dr. Pollack but have gladly seen others as needed. They are good about squeezing you in for a sick child visit, but do call at least 2 months ahead to schedule an annual visit.
By: Annie D.
Ponce Primary Care
Dr. Costley and staff are great. It's a small practice, so they really take the time to know you and your medical history. It's very convenient, and easy to get an appointment!
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Urgent care is best for cases with low risk or impact, like a bad , but not life-threatening, cut to the finger. However, if you experience difficulty breathing, speaking, seeing, or chest pains, visiting an emergency room is likely the safest decision.
Trauma surgeons are those who perform urgent operations. Their duties often differ in that the majority of their work occurs in the operating room, while ER physicians mostly work on the hospital floor.
Emergency room physicians work long, intensive hours, often in 12-hour shifts. While not every shift may be that long, the profession requires large time commitments from both doctors and nurses.
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