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By: akcire78
The Griyn Thumb Salon
****Warning: Lengthy review ahead****I'm going to try to make this short as possible(if possible). Ok, I first found out about this salon by watching YouTube videos. I was in desperate need of a stylist who specialized in Natural Hair Care, so I decided after watching videos to book an appt. w/ stylist Narada Hayes(AfrikanHairGod, on YouTube). I contacted him via email and he then told me to contact the owner Henny Dorsey to book an appt. No problem. I contacted her and booked an appt. for the following Saturday, at 1:30. I told her what services I desired and she then told me the prices. Let me back up a min....She has a YouTube video titled: "Why Y'all so expensive", basically ranting on how people call and ask for services and ask the question "why are you so expensive" when she tells them the price and other things that "bother" her when ppl ask about prices. Well, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND why ppl ask that question. I was BLOWN away when she quoted me the price, however, I DID decided to go ahead with my appt. and pay the RIDICULOUS price...Yeah I said it!! I arrive at the salon approximately 2-3 mins before 1:30. I walked in and I said hey, b/c I wasn't greeted AT ALL. She(Henney) then says "Ericka", I say "Yes". That's, have a seat Narada will be w/you shortly, NOTHING! So I sit down and wait...not a long wait though. A few mins later, Narada comes in, and I hear Henney say "Ericka is hear". He finishes what he's doing then comes and greets me and tells me to have a seat in his chair...ok, now I'm getting excited. He's friendly, personable, and very knowledgeable and seems like a very eager learner(as he is still in school). He's very professional looking. Oh yeah about that...let me go back. Ok, first off, If I'm going to spend a lot of MY HARD EARNED MONEY, I expect to have decent, professional looking people doing my hair. Now, I'm going to try my best NOT to be mean and insulting. I walk in the salon and there's a stylist who's a plus-sized lady who apparently doesn't know how to dress for her body-type...that's all I'm going to say, if I say anything else I'd be insulting, and I don't want to do that. Henny, the owner is walking around in socks!! Are you friggn' serious, dude?...Socks, really? And not only that, she isn't dressed professionally AT ALL!! Now my stylist Narada, a breath of fresh air. He has on jeans, a shirt (which I must add was tucked in), and a stylist's apron!! Yaay Narada!! I'm sitting here the whole time thinking, "but you're(Henny) the one who makes YouTube videos about unprofessionalism, and ppl asking questions about the expensiveness of her services"...SERIOUSLY!! Ok, this is long enough. I'm going to cut it short. Narada is an excellent stylist! Would def. go back to him for another style but mos. def. NOT at The Griyn Thumb Salon!! Narada himself gets a 5 star rating!! Narada, keep up the good work and continue to be professional. Don't let the unprofessionalism of The Griyn Thumb Salon rub off on you! P.S. I actually don't like giving bad reviews...but if the shoe fits....
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By: Roxy R.
Locs For Life Salon
GREAT PLACE, GOOD VIBES, PROFESSIONAL STYLISTS. I went to Locs For Life Salon to get my locks done, they were so fast I got in and out within a little bit over an hour. First when I got there,they greeted me all smiley faces and bubbly what was surprising.. then they did a consultation with me and took their time to find out exactly what I wanted to have done and the shampoo was so invigorating and so relaxing the ambience was really relaxing they had nice music playing and then in the dryer area I was able to watch TV they cater to my needs. I felt good because it was a one on one service I will definitely go back to this place I like friendly atmosphere professional service and the customer service was outstanding the receptionist was so pleasant too. I had to leave a great tip for my stylist. I can see why the owner only been in Atlanta for short time and have all these salons she really know her work and it's about time somebody brought a big change to the hair industry....
By: Carrol M.
Touched by an Angel
This salon has some good stylist and great prices but the manager is a hot ball of ratchetness. I took my grandmother in to get her hair done and I guess the girls name is Marsha or whatever she calls her self. This girl is loud as hell and ignorant. She smelt like Jack Daniels, cigarettes, and old hot dogs. Then she kept going in and out the shop sitting in her car, I guess to take some shots or what ever it is that shes on. Then she kept honking her damn horn the whole time to get the stylist attention. This is a cool shop if you don't mind a ghetto light skinned pit bull looking girl yelling in your ear all day.This would be a great location if they went back to professionalism instead of that hood rich ghetto fabulous management they brought in last winter.
By: Margie S.
Lee Cobb Hair Design
I've been going to Lee Cobb for years, long before it was Lee Cobb Hair Design. He is an expert at cutting my hair, and he has my complete trust and faith should he decide to "branch out" and give me a different look. I've never been disappointed. As for color or highlights, he has also done many years of highlights on my hair and he does THE most beautiful color. Never seen any more beautiful, and never disappointed with anything I've trusted him to do with my hair. I drive from Marietta to Decatur, but the dirve is sooooooo worth the expert care. There are cheaper, sure, but why trust your hair to a "chop shop"??
By: Tbyrd Z.
Brooklyn Dominican Hair Salon
Brooklyn Dominican Hair Salon - THE BEST hair salon in Decatur! The service is excellent. The stylists are superb. I wouldn't recommend know where else. I always get there early, around 8:15; the shop opens @ 8:30 on Saturdays. I try to be one of the first ones there do to the many walk-ins they have. I'm all natural and I love it. So for all you natural folks' your hair is guaranteed to be silky straight when you leave the salon. The cost is starts at $35.00 with a trim I thinks it's like $40-$45 dollars which includes deep condition wash/set and flatiron. Alita does my hair and she's the best...
By: Cassy L.
The Griyn Thumb Salon
I thought this place was great! No pain and no complaining about my hair when it needed to be combed. Narada did my hair and I watch him on youtube alot, so I was def pleased that he was also great in reality. The only thing is that it is expensive to get your hair done, and as a black college student with limited resources and no family wealth I cannot afford to go often, but when I do I will def go here. I payed 50 bucks for a wash cut and blowdry. I have fine strands, med density, type 4 hair, that is always breaking off. PS-Henny needs to ask people before she starts taking videos of people.
By: Seretta H.
Salon Dolce 2112
Salon Dolce 2112 is the best salon I have ever been to and it provides top notch superior customer satisfaction. The atmosphere is calm and the stylists are pleasant. My stylist Michelle always brings my hair visions to life and ensures quality work is produced. I have never had a bad experience with my stylist or any of the other stylists at this salon. I always feel welcome, they are like family to me. If you are looking for creative hairstyles and excellent customer service, Salon Dolce 2112 is the salon for you!
By: Ally C.
Lima African Hair Braiding
Me and my sister both got individual box braids at the same time. Lima was very nice and she worked diligently with the other ladies to get our hair done as quickly as possible. The braids are impeccable. Very neat, but they are super tight! It's the second day and they've eased up a little so I'm not worried. That just means they'll last long. I definitely recommend Lima specifically. She works fast and makes sure you're getting exactly what you want.
By: Kay W.
Salon Dolce 2112
I visited this salon and this is the most quaint and professional salon I have been to in years. Everyone was so friendly. The stylist Michelle is the best. I was a new client and she made me feel like we had been knowing each for a long time. I told her what I wanted and she gave me exactly that . I will definitely recommend you to go to Salon Dolce 2112 if you're looking for a great stylist. Its not just a beauty salon they have barbers as well.
By: Henry A.
Sego Salon
I have been going to the Sego Salon to get my hair cut for the past two years. The stylists have been working together for some time and their is a great team and feel to Sego. The stylists are all very accomplished and very interested in meeting your expectations regarding style and length. Most of the clients are women but they provide excellent results for men as well.

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