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By: Silvia M.
Dekalb Farmers Market
I usually bring out-of-town guests here for the spectacle, so I don't mind the crowds at all. In fact, I take a good peak at other people's baskets and end up circling back to get it. Best place to buy fresh produce for international cooking and to spot country flags. Bring a coat whenever you go, especially if you bring kids, it's chilly in there. They sell bulk spices and unique flours (ground chickpea, sorghum four, blue cornmeal, gluten-free flours). Bring cash for a cup of coffee or to get a samosa in the cafeteria. Over the years, their prices have creeped up. Still, you can get items here that sell to restaurants like pork belly. Alas, low-profile ethnic ingredients start out cheap but when they achieve superfood status they end up getting pricey. Case in point, coconut oil and moringa (Filipino poor-man's food). For now, collard greens at 49 cents a pound-a bargain and are so huge you can easily use the leaves as edible wraps for fish and meats as you would use banana leaf.
By: Cassandra M.
Dekalb Farmers Market
I ❤ the Dekalb Farmers Market. It is my Zen place (except if I end up there on a weekend Friday thru Sunday...way too many people). They have just about everything you could want to craft the ideal meal. From fresh fruit & vegetables to fresh fish to butchered meat and all kinds of dairy. You will be inspired to get in the kitchen with one visit. Would submit pictures but no photography is allowed on the inside of the market.
By: Tawana C.
Dekalb Farmers Market
I ❤ this place! The best selection of fresh veggies and hand cut meats. I love the fresh seafood department and the staff is always friendly. The cut and core my pineapples for me as well as my watermelon. I LOVE this place wish it were closer to buckhead but overall best value for weekly shopping.
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By: Actress dannei C.
Dekalb Farmers Market
This place is amazing! The produce is always fresh! Their coffee is amazing! The pastries are divine! I wish that it wasn't CASH ONLY to purchase the pastries and coffee. Sometimes I don't have cash on me. Take a jacket. It's a bit frosty inside because they have to keep everything so fresh.
By: Sanika S.
Dekalb Farmers Market
This place has everything from seasoning , fresh veggies, meats, seafood and a hot bar. You can find just about everything you need to bring out your inner Top Chef. I mean you will truly find things you can't find anywhere else here so, stop in and take you time .... you will be happy you did.
By: Chris M.
Dekalb Farmers Market
What's not to like? Most every fruit and vegetable you can imagine. My family loves their whole wheat bread, already sliced, and they have a great selection of coffee (whole bean, or they will grind it for you). Go early on the weekends to avoid the crazy crowds.
By: Milla W.
Dekalb Farmers Market
The BEST place in Atlanta to shop for fresh veggies, fruits, meat...really everything! Your dollar goes a long way and pretty much anything you want including International items can be found here. Avoid going on the weekends if you can. It can be a mad house!
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By: Sara G.
Dekalb Farmers Market
What CAN'T you find at YDKFM? My only complaint is that it is SO crowded, especially on weekends, but if you go at opening on weekends or late evening on Monday or Tuesday, you can avoid the crowds. Oh, and bring a sweater. Brr!
By: Jehan P.
Dekalb Farmers Market
I love the Dekalb Farmer's Market and have been shopping here for years. The produce is fresh and cheap and there's a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and meat. The fish is fresh and the milk is so good!!
By: bossmanatl
Dekalb Farmers Market
It's okay. Nothing too spectacular but nothing too bad either. The employees speak little English and they aren't that friendly. It's more like buy something and goodbye. (if that makes any sense at all.)

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