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By: jffrench
KRC Ridge
I chose this complex to sign my lease last year because of its location, accessibility to public transit, private security, etc. My only problems during my time here were with the management, and there were so many that I felt the need to create this list of reasons why you should never sign a lease here:They misrepresent units to prospective tenants, then won’t make all repairs promised to the unit after a tenant in dissatisfied. When I moved-in floors had to be redone, baseboards had to replaced, repainting of furnishings, etc. Despite my move-in conditions, which I took photos of, they also attempted to charge me $700 in damages upon move out.They purposely do not charge a security deposit upon move-in. Instead they charge ~$400 in administrative fees. Then when you move out, they don’t follow Georgia law to notify of you charges, and instead send your account to collections without providing you with a copy of the bill. I’d honestly prefer to give a $400 deposit and not get it back, than to have false charges applied to my credit.They tried to over-charge me for utilities within my first month of lease term. It took about 10 days for me to get the Georgia Power turned on in the unit. I received a bill for $150 from the management company for those 10 days of service. Until I INSISTED on seeing the original bill from Georgia Power, they pursued me for that $150 before finally sending me an accurate bill of ~$72. I will note that although apartment complexes can charge a variety of fees, it is ALWAYS illegal for them to overcharge for utilities.They’ll lie to you about your unit’s condition and won’t move you despite obvious problems. There was a mold spot in the ceiling of the laundry room that they insisted was not mold. My multiple requests to be moved to a new unit were denied, they instead submitted a work order and came a ‘treated’ the spot. Eleven months later, upon move-out, the spot had regrown. The health implications behind this particular problem are troubling.Phese are my major issues with the company, some of which are still being resolved. Please don’t sign your lease here, it’s not worth it!
By: Shawn C.
Jackson Square Apts
I have lived at Jackson square for almost two years now. Initially the management was terrible. But about six months into my first lease management definitely changed for the better. However this past weekend, both my neighbor's truck and my vehicle were broken into, vandalized, and tires were stolen. I'm smart enough to know that these things happen anywhere and I hate to speak badly about the whole property. However, given the fashion of how the vandalism and theft of 8 20 inch tires occurred in a gated community with a supposed courtesy officer, I have a strong suspicion that one of the staff had some involvement. I attempted to contact the office the day of the incident but no one answered the phone. By now I would have at least expected a courtesy call from the property manager. Overall its a great location at a great price, but if you choose to live here I would definitely invest in some auxiliary security. The neighbors are also friendly and up to this point I have had a good relationship with management.
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By: Hajar I.
Paces Park Apartments
Had soooo mmany things needing fixing on move-in day--a whole list! They refused to replace the carpet though it was obvious previous tenant smoked in here, staff is consistently rude (despite being consistently nice with them) AFTER you sign the lease. No hot water in the laundry and machines are constantly broken, they easily do math wrong or don't keep track of money you have already paid and you have to show them aaalll the paperwork and walk them through the math 4 times before they realize you're right (thought they will never apologize). Go elsewhere. All the money here goes to trimming the bushes.
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By: Ashley K.
Hidden Villas
I don't much about the people in the apartments because my family and I just moved here. The apartments are being newly renovated. The apartments have put several people out, they are also a gated community now. Rashad in the leasing office is a sweetheart, he will work with you and Darius is okay. It may have not been the best in the past but its getting better. (BABY STEPS).
By: Shawn T.
3131 Apartments by Cortland
Before prices went up this year, these apts were good value. Decent size and good location. Not anymore. Same price can get you much better quality at a better location. The "renovated" apts are falling apart, but you don't realize it until you're living there.
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By: Lateaser P.
Hidden Villas
I have stayed at Hidden villas for a year and I love it. We have gate,and courtesy officer.When I call work order in they and did within 2 days. Mis Love the manger work with you it great place to live for me and me family
By: Boo Y.
Winston Manor Apartments
Under new ownership and management. Exterior has already been renovated - new roofs, siding and gutters. Also new driveway and parking lots. Interior renovation underway.
By: nicolebrownwatson
Friendly Hills Apartments
Great please to live if you have little ones because there is a licensed 24 hour Childcare Center on property.

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