By: moe.hammoud.37
Dearborn Pizza
Dearborn Pizza has the greatest pizza and the greatest breadsticks in town. Their calzones probably aren't the best but they're great too. I don't know about their other foods ( salads, burgers, etc) but the guy who wrote the other review probably just had a bad day. The service could be better but I wouldn't say they're rude. They must of hired new workers because they do speak English. If your ordering pizza and breadsticks, you won't be disappointed.
By: dan.thompson.940
Golden Edge Pizza
We needed to feed over 200 people over 2 day...2 locations...and 4 meeting times. the came through for us. On time, on budget, great food, ...nobody could yell...or cared that it was all halal. Many of the people were snapping pics on their phones to save the info for themselves. They came through for the Duck, as well as The Duck does for their clients.
By: Malak J.
Dearborn's New York Deli
I just ordered delivery and usually by the time you get it, the food is cold and soggy, BUT... I was pleasantly surprised that not only did the food look picture perfect, but it was still warm and amazing! I had the Liberty and enjoyed every filling bite!!! Totally recommend NY Deli!
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By: Fayez R.
Dearborn's New York Deli
We ordered a very large order which usually gets mixed up but they marked everything and did not forget the silverware. The food was incredible with very generous portions. Overall great food and very customer focused crew. P.S The chilli is to die for!
By: Kamel B.
Dearborn Pizza
BEST PIZZA IN TOWN !!Very Clean and Fresh.Cheese Burgers are the best.My school orders from them for all functions. My teachers stopped ordering from the other pizzerias when we tasted Dearborn Pizza on Warren Ave. (Near Shatila & Golden Bakery).
By: Kamel B.
J T's Pizza & Subs
It was OK! Cookie Cutter Pizzeria.Nothing special I ordered because of the reviews below.It's not bad pizza, just nothing special.I think I will go back to Paisano's or Dearborn Pizza. They are my best picks.
By: John L.
Downtown Deli
i love this place so much the food is great your cashier is very nice and pretty. the tuna just is so good and big its gets me full so fast i will defiantly come here again
By: Mahdy E.
360 Lounge & Grill
Great atmosphere to enjoy a orange head hookah, best strawberry banana smoothie, and love the subs their! Forgot to mention had a great time @360 lounge
By: sam1829
Sal's Pizza & Cafe
Best food ever. Best service, great price. Remember Sal from piasanos? He owns this one. never going back to piasanos again lol
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By: Jim S.
Sareini's Pizzeria
Your pizza made fresh on the spot by the friendliest guy in the business! I'm glad that this little gem is in my neighborhood.

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