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By: Batoul S.
Zeiva Professional Center
I have nothing but amazing things to say about zeiva. Like many people, I was worried about getting laser done because I heard all the stories that it comes back as if you hadn't had any treatment done and it's not worth it.. I went to a couple of places before and I just took a u turn because I felt like the places aren't honest and didn't know what they're talking about. One day I came across zeiva and what I loved was she had pictures that literally explain how the hair dies and how each treatment different things happen and how the results work. After I seen how passionate she is about her work and how much she cares about giving 100% I decided to give her a try and that's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life!! Her work is so clean,she takes her absolute time and makes sure you get what you pay for and more. She'll literally message you to make sure you're satisfied with the work being done on you and goes above and beyond to keep the client satisfied. I'm so happy with my results and if you're coming to the Dearborn area then I reallyyyy suggest you to come to zeiva because you'll be surprised at how amazing the results will be and professional she is!
By: memo313
Zeiva Professional Center
I would recommend zevia to any family or friend, in fact i was refereed here by a family member. zevia and her staff are honest, friendly and honestly more like family. You get what you pay for, one thing i would advise is if zevia or her staff tell you " do not get laser treatment on your face, back, etc because it will only make it worse", please do listen to her because she is being honest and telling the truth, she told me that and i did not listen at first because i was skeptical thinking she was like others and wanted to save money but i was so wrong and now i am paying for my mistake where i am getting hair on places i never had much to begin with, but thankfully i am doing treatment on it and it is slowly going back to normal but it might take some time , so to avoid this just listen to zevia and her staff, one of her employees zeina is also just like zevia, both truly arehonest and they looks our for their clients.
By: Dana F.
Zeiva Professional Center
i have been struggling with finding someone as diligent and talented as Zeiva for years. I suffered from facial hair and scars since my puberty. I tried the major laser companies and spent thousands for dollars to come to nothing. Not only did they not remove the hair but they damaged my face with all the shaving I had to do in between sessions. Zeiva was able to restore my skin back to it’s color, get rid of the scars, and give my skin elasticity and glow. I fly from Atlanta for my treatments and it is worth it.She is very thorough in her job, friendly, and mostly honest: she will advise you as needed and will not to rip you off like other major companies or amateur laser competitors do. I have tried all the laser technologies and I can confirm that Zeiva is the best out there. Amazing service at a very reasonable price! Look nowhere else when it comes to skin rejuvenation and hair removal.
By: jburgess1
Zeiva Professional Center
I have been to other laser hair removal places and spent a lot of money only to get no results. My hair is thick and course and stubborn. I was really beginning to think laser wouldn't work for me. But Zeiva came highly recommended and her prices were very reasonable, so I decided to try one more time. I'm so happy I did. I started seeing results immediately. Now I no longer shave ever and I feel confident showing off my legs. If you are skeptical like I was I would say to definitely try Zeiva. With such affordable prices, you really don't have anything to loose except your hair!
By: nada425
Zeiva Professional Center
I have so far completed 4 sessions at zeiva professional center and this place is really good. i tried many places before Zeiva and she has them beat by far. she is really honest, clean, reasonable pricing, and lets you know from the beginning how your treatment is going to be. from what you need to what you don't need. I really appreciate it that she's honesty, if i were to go to another laser place i would be told to keep going back for treatments. Keep up the good work Zeiva.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Um mohamad ali A.
Zeiva Professional Center
I've sent her 3 of my brothers because she gives the best prices out there with the updated technology in Laser hair removal she owns. I've done laser hair removal from several places, and wasted a lot of my money & time. With Zieva I actually started to see results. I'm glad to have met her. She is very professional & great with customer service & really wants to see you get your money's worth.
By: rimabazzi
Zeiva Professional Center
AMAZING!I would honestly recommend Zevia to anyone!The hair I had on my face was unbelievable, I would never imagine to have it disppear off my face. Thankfully after 4 sessions I was pleased with the outcome. You get what you pay for! Her employees are all so amazing and welcoming and you never feel uncomfortable! COME OUT AND SEE ZEVIA FOR THE BEST RESULTS!!!
By: Peter S.
Zeiva Professional Center
Awesome place. i am a doctor and both my wife and I go to Zeiva for all the skin treatment we need. That included laser treatment for my wife and acne and acne scar treatment for my face (Sublative treatment). You will be amazed at how knowledgeable and honest they are and the prices are really reasonable on top of all this. Highly recommended.
By: sumiaa
Zeiva Professional Center
this place is AMAZING....i have sent all my friends there. great prices and great laser results. zieva will put all her work into it. she did an amazing job and its worth every penny, it! the person below below must be an angry opposing component because all my friends love zievas work.
By: tmroue
Zeiva Professional Center
I was very sceptical about getting my upper lip lasered, but my sister made me. LOLI was very scared at my first visit, but I was also pleased with the time Zeiva took with me. She was very patient and professional. I have done two sessions and I am very pleased with the outcome.

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