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By: Angela G.
Village Ford
Took my car for a re all and I asked for the works I was told I didn't need a oil change took it yesterday Cleary he didn't check all pink fluids were black filter black $300 worth of work I could've have done a month ago had he checked he did t even top my fluids really I am so annoyed it my visit yesterday was awesome
By: William H.
Ford Road Motor Sales
I bought my car a year ago and it has been my daily driver ever since. When I first went in, I wanted a grey 2009 Audi A4(84k miles) but they sold it that morning so I ended up settling for another A4 with more miles on it with a terrible interest rate. I have some mixed feelings about this purchase. I love the car, as it has always been one I wanted to own but it came with MANY issues that they hide or may have "overlooked" when they inspected the car. 2 months after buying the car, the engine went bad and I mean complete valve failure bad.Luckily they kind of forced my hand in getting the warranty which saved my butt and it ended up being covered under the warranty due to it being hardware failure and not a sensor failure.The problems didn’t stop there. They were many small problems that popped up throughout the rest of the year of owning my car. As of right now, my warranty company has paid more than $12000 (yes, you read that right) to the mechanic in repairs. Literally more than what the car was worth. Another reason to give 3 stars is that they did offer me some great advice. When I applied for the auto loan through credit acceptance, I was given a 25%! Interest rate. They gave me great advice saying to pay it automatically for 6 months then refinance through my credit union. It actually worked! 6 months of on-time, automatic payments and even though my credit was still rebuilding, I was able to get refinanced with a 3.4% interest rate and have been making double payments since I could afford anything up to what I was paying previously. Was the way to go! So, I do apologize for this being long but I wanted to give people the kind of review that I personally looked for when I was searching around and If anyone on here or from the shop wants to test the validity of these, than I would be more than happy to provide the repair statements for the car! Thanks for reading! Happy buying!
By: Scott G.
Ford Motor Company World Headquarters
Clean Care Of Anderson purchased a 2015 Transit Van from Anderson Ford. In April of 2017 the van was washed and water got in the vents on the hood that went through the air intake and caused the airbag to open. We was told that the Ford design was the fault and that they could not fix it,so the van was totaled. Water was found in dash board all electrical was damaged.So we had the van fixed and on 10-23-17 a rain storm caused water to do the same thing again we took it back to Anderson Ford and they said that they could not do anything with it because it was totaled out.My thought is it was totaled because of the design of the Ford Transit so I think I'm going to talk to an attorney. Scott Gurley
By: Ninochka T.
Ford Road Motor Sales
Very shady dealers, ok let's see where I begin. First the vin number. They gave me the wrong vin number for the vehicle in which I ended up insuring the wrong vehicle. So I paid for insurance for a month on a vehicle I didn't even own and my own car didn't have any insurance, so if I got into an accident I wouldn't have been insured. They also gave the wrong vin to the finance company and then repeatedly hounded me about it until I called them (finance company) to fix their mistake. I had an old plate for the vehicle I already had but I paid for new plates and they transferred the plate anyway and never gave me my money back,transferred the plate without me knowing so I driving my old truck with fictitious tags for three days. Thank god i didn't get pulled over. Ok so let's talk about the condition of the car, the back seat belts do not pull out, they are non functional, one of the windows dont roll down, the radio doesn't work which they lied and did they would fix but never did. This is the second car I've purchased from them the first experience was great the second, made me begin to look a another dealership I won't shop with them again.
By: Ellen B.
Ford Motor Company World Headquarters
My husband and I had always been Ford people until 2008. Together we had owned 18 Ford cars and trucks and 4 Ford Tractors. Then we got a Focus which turned out to be a real Lemon. I contacted Ford Motors Headquarters and they took care of my problem with the Focus, but fell through on the remaining promises made, so I bought a Dodge. I went back to Ford when we needed a new box a great deal and another lemon. It is less than 2 years old, still under warrranty, has had 4 turbos replaced and now the motor is shot. They do not want to replace the motor even though it is still under warranty and I have provided all the maintenance records. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO FORD MOTORS?
By: Mohamed C.
Platinum Financial Auto Sales
Dishonest car dealer owner!!!Buyers beware!!!!Car dealership owner promised to sell me a truck that supposedly had title issues and had promised to sell me the vehicle once he took care of the issues with the title. I put insurance on the truck and instead he sold the truck to someone else without telling me. Unprofessional and dishonest staff Two-faced car dealership owner.Save your money and buy your vehicle from another dealership. Stay away from Platinum Auto Sales in Dearborn, MichiganI am going to tell everyone I know to never buy a vehicle from Platinum Auto Sales.
By: k.price1
Right Track Auto
I won a 2008 Envoy with around 118,000 miles from an eBay auction listed by Ritetrack. The dealership refused to sell the vehicle to me even though it was a no reserve auction. They gave three different reasons as to why they wouldn't sell it to me. First, Kal (a rep of Ritetrack) said the vehicle was sold locally. Afterward, he told me he was mistaken---that the vehicle had not been sold but was showing up in his system as being sold since the dealership was having trouble getting the title to clear. (Odd, because on the eBay auction they listed the title was clear.) Lastly, he ended up saying his boss refuses to do business with me because I called the agency from whom they purchased the vehicle. I asked if this agency would be permitted to tell me whether the title would be transferred to the dealership or if instead it was going to remain an issue that would interfere with my ability to acquire the vehicle. The dealership accused me of trying to obtain "confidential information," but the agency with whom they did business didn't furnish me with any information they shouldn't have (including my requested information); nor was I trying to pry for anything I wasn't permitted to know. I was simply inquiring to determine whether they would be allowed to share this information. I explained to Kal I was simply making an inquiry, and that the agency with whom they did business was responsible for knowing what information they could or could not disclose. He continued to state his boss wouldn't do business with me, implying I was engaging in some sort of fraudulent activity for simply trying to figure out whether the title would likely transfer smoothly. My personal opinion (I stress opinion, as it's hard to know for sure what a dealership's motives are) is that they decided the auction price was too low. I won the vehicle for $4,001 total, which is great for a vehicle that is less than six years old, includes luxuries like heated leather seats and a premium sound system, and likely has mostly highway miles. What I can say for sure is their handling of this situation was unprofessional and very disappointing. My husband and I called the dealership on numerous occasions, and we never made any positive progress. We also asked for Abe (the apparent owner/boss) to call us, and we also left messages on his line. He never called us back. I feel like we were treated quite unfairly in this situation, and I hope they will demonstrate better business practices moving forward.
By: mili23256
Village Ford
Mike was so great, he made everything so easy and smooth!
By: upaartalu
Village Ford
As always, Steve provided great service in detailing and delivering the vehicle. We have purchased many vehicles from Steve and he has always been most professional.
By: isaac4141
Village Ford
Don was very informative, helpful and was a no pressure salesman- Which made us feel comfortable. Good buying experience.
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