By: tdc1972
Daytona Inn Beach Resort
We booked the family suite which was like a little one bedroom apartment. If the room did not have roaches it would actually have been a decent place. Though you are booking through the front desk, these units are owned by individuals. Some people actually live there year round. We did not know this when we booked. Our "suite" had a living room with tv, couch, overstuffed chair, full kitchen, coffee maker, bedroom had door that slid closed, no lock. The balcony was big enough for 2 people only, no furniture would have fit. The balcony view from our particular room faced a wall which was the small plaza directly in front of it. Quite a surprise. Like opening the curtains in a room and seeing a brick wall instead of a wide open space.....LOL. If I'm not mistaken, every unit faces the large parking lot. We were awakened early to the sound of people walking barking dogs, people talking to their neighbors, taking their trash out, etc. You get your beach towels from the front desk. They had none twice. They gave us towels smaller than bath towels. The kiddie pool was gross, full of sand, peeling and in bad need of resurfacing. The larger pool was clear but had unidentifyable objects floating in it. Would not stay here again.
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By: Serena H.
Perennial Vacation Club
Timeshare rental in Daytona Beach, Florida was average. The main purpose was to enjoy ourselves and we did. There was a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and plenty of living room space. Service was great. The amenities were few, but there was a pool, bbq grills, dvd rentals and access to a computer. The internet kept going in and out so that sucked, but thank God I had my hot spot on my work phone.

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