By: Hookah A.
Hookah Pub
I've visited this hookah bar on multiple occasions in hope that they would improve the many flaws that plague them. If you are a seasoned hookah smoker like myself, you may be disappointed by the sub-par bowls that are packed incorrectly.The overall decor in the place is actually very well thought out and compliments the hookah culture very well. Except, this may be hard to notice as your ears are blasted by gangsta rap music.I thought I was paranoid when I noticed this the first time, but after multiple visits with different guests, I confirmed that customers of middle-eastern descent get somewhat better customer service. In an attempt to debunk this observation, I once asked for a decent hose and a larger tobacco bowl as I noticed a few tables seated with regulars had them. I was informed that they only had 1 type of bowl even though the contrary was evident. The only luck I've had was in getting the coco naro coals instead of the nasty insta-lites.In hopes that the owner reads this review, I may offer some advice towards improving their establishment:-Treat all your customers the same. Your business will not expand from regulars alone-Dispose of those cheap plastic hoses that leak and degrade the overall experience.-Invest in better bowls, the cheap clay bowls are not working for you.-Play a more neutral music at a more social-friendly volume. A good rule of thumb is that its loud enough that it drowns out people across the room, but not the person sitting 3 feet across from you.-Train your hookah packers properly. Pack the bowls loose enough for a good draw, but tight enough for a thick and flavorful cloud of smoke. Do not pack the shisha so close to the top of the bowl as this causes the shisha to burn regardless of how often you rotate the coals. The quality of the tobacco is fine, but the bad packing skills resulted in bowls that were mediocre at best.1 star for the patient waitress1 star for the decor.
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By: Dylan T.
Hookah Pub
Ive come here quite often. I get consistent flavor from the hookahs which is a large part of why i continue to go. Ive tried other hookah places, i get the same flavor every time, and this is the only place where the flavor has been the same every time i go. At times the music can be quite loud as the other reviewer stated. That's probably the largest grievance i have is the music being to loud. The staff there has always been nice and quick to assist me. Giving 4/5 as the music can be quite loud at certain times.
By: skiplilly
Big Daddy's Bar And Grill
Had Lunch here today during the week, it's a new place so I gave it a Go. Service was good and prompt ofr the lunch hour, food came out tasting great and fresh. Portions just the right size for lunch and the cost for the meal was what I expected. I would recommend eating here, i had the buffalo chicken wrap with fries. Very Tasty !
By: Steven W.
South Turn Lounge & Restaurant
Hands down the best wings I've ever had!!!Garlic-teriyaki, grilled! I could eat this every single day of my life!Hot and super friendly waitresses!
By: russtedgecko
Blue Grotto The
Great place to hang out on the weekends amd grab a beer, or meet new people.Try one of the flatbreads if you get a chance, gut one with lobster.
By: vanda11
Tir Na Nog Irish Pub
One of the best pubs in town! The widest selection of micro brews and imports. Plus the are the only live original music venue in town.
By: Lisa D.
Boot Hill Saloon
Always a good time at Boothill ....it's one of Daytonas legendary bars ...a must visit if you are from out of town
By: Lisa D.
The Crooks Den
Good drinks but very closed in ...dark ...bad restrooms and always smells bad
By: mitch.williams.50159
Teak Restaurant
Great Food, Friendly wait staff one of the best Restaurants in the area
By: Lisa D.
Oyster Bay
Not fancy . .older bar but great people and fun times

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