By: mrimart
BJ's Restaurants
http://rimart.us/2012/03/review-bj-restaurant-in-daytona-beach/BJ Restaurant is one of our family’s favorite dining places within the Daytona Beach area. Aside from their wide choices of food and beverages, we like the quick service from the staff and the hip-and-lively ambiance. Be forewarned though, the waiting line can be long, especially during dinner service. But if you are looking for peace-and-quiet, this is not the place for you. The other night, our family decided to eat dinner at BJ. On our way there, we were crossing our fingers, hoping for a shorter waiting period. We got lucky! We instantly got a table. The knight ordered his favorite New Orleans Jambalaya, which is really good. In fact, it was once my favorite, but I had to stop since I started my no-red-meat diet. Instead, I chose their Veggie Burger. The menu book does not really state what kind of patty they used, so I assumed that, it would be just like any other vegetable patty. I was wrong! Assuming is never good. The patty is basically just seasoned rice shaped like a patty. Perhaps, when the restaurant named it “Veggie Burger”, the vegetable part must refer to the lettuce, tomato and onion that come with the burger. Was I disappointed? Heck, yeah! It was all carb! A rice patty in a bun, that’s what it was to me. At the price of about ten bucks, it is not what I expected. But anyway, this does not stop me from dining there though. The other foods are too good to pass. Lesson learned – when in doubt, ask.
By: Don T.
ScuttleButtS Pub Restaurant
​I recently came into this restaurant by accident on a recent cold day looking to warm up. Boy did I, I had the best chili I have had since TEXAS. Good flavors, hot and very spicy. I decided to stop back in on Sunday afternoon cause they advertised breakfast all day. I've heard this before only to find an egg sandwich served after 11, but to my delight at 2 in the afternoon I got a full breakfast. I had a 3 egg omelet filled with veggies and cheese, a large helping of potatoes and two patties of sausage. The FREE included mimosa was a nice surprise. My friend decided on the half pound black and blue burger that was cooked perfectly medium rare, something she has found hard to find at most restaurants. Both of our meals were delicious and the atmosphere relaxing and unhurried. Excellent food and service Hard to beat we will be back!!!!!
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By: 1209daveydogg
Top of Daytona Restaurant
I love great restrauants and ill travel miles and miles just to relax and enjoy a great meal. In DAYTONA I finally found it. It wasn't north east south or west. It was up! Look up when your in south Daytona and look for the sign 23 floors up. Top of Daytona has the finest lobster tail, salmon filet mineon and trout I ever tasted. A real treat hidden in plain sight. I met the chef and thanked him personally. If you intentionally pass this place by, you, my friend are nuts.
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By: Annette F.
Caribbean Jacks Restaurant & Bar
The service was five star. Very attentive, friendly waitress. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly our food arrived. Unfortunately I have to say my meal was mediocre. But possibly everything else on the menu is just fantastic, but I have no way of knowing that, as this was our first visit, and our vacation is nearly over. No opportunity for a second try. Nice atmosphere I thought. Overall not a bad place to go. I'd give it another try if time permits.
By: andre.trudelle.5
Milano of Daytona Beach Restaurant
today i feel generous,I give this joint a 2 star rating.They don't serve food,they serve garbage.It does not need to be a genius to make spaghetti sauce,but in this place they seem to mix water & tomato paste....period!We had four different entrees and they all tasted the same.......BLAND!Im sure,hobos find better food in garbage containers.If that restaurant was in my city,it would be closed,in less then a week.
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By: Richard S.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
This restaurant was one of the best restaurants I've been in a long time we were seated within five minutes we had our drinks and appetizer within 10 minutes of being seated the food was incredible everything from the appetizers to the desert The price for appetizer two drinks three meals and dessert less than $70.00 we were very happy
By: Mpfme18 F.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Be warned... do not plan a large party at Cheddars . According to Cheddars Daytona Beach They will not reserve for large parties or any size party. The y have great food but, much like the Cheddars Sanford, the "opening" in Daytona seems to be poorly executed. Maybe if they had reservations things would have gone much smoother
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By: Sherry C.
We came on a Thursday note and asked to watch a certain football game and the hostess was nice to sit us at the booth and we got to watch our game. Food was excellent the chicken was moist and the Ruben sandwich was awesome and so was the desert.
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By: Terri F.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Wow...tried calling, rang forever. I understand they are new and busy but when the phone was finally picked up they directly put ne on hold. No hello or hi or anything. Just an annoying BEEP BEEP. BEEP BEEP. Good thing I wasn't the boss calling.
By: lady862010
Caribbean Jacks Restaurant & Bar
Grouper was old and sour. My sides were ice cold. My steak was under cooked and I asked for more onion rings so I could eat something Hot and when they came to the table they were cold too. I expected better from this place.

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