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By: Christina M.
Don Vito's Italian Restaurant
“Over priced mediocre Italian”We visited on Friday the 26th of June. It was around 5:45 pm. We work nearby and had heard they have great food.(Yes, we are locals) I cannot believe the reviews that say this is the best Italian ever. Those people much not have much experience with Italian food. First, make a reservation or you might be turned away. That was the first thing we were told by the gentleman who first approached us and he also told us they were given a bad review somewhere because they had had to turn people away last week. It took a long time for someone to come wait on us. I ordered coffee and my dining partner ordered a cabernet. My dining partner was asked 3 times if she knew the wine she ordered was a full bottle of wine. The wine was dropped on the table, unopened and was a screw top bottle, for $24! My dining partner said it was one of the worst cabernets she's ever had and she a wine affeciando. Our waitress, whom I later found out was the owner, plopped down beside me to take our order and told my dining partner to get off her cell phone because she was here to take our order! When I ordered the house salad to go with my lasagna I was told it might take quite some time to get it if I ordered the house salad and not the ceasar salad because SHE had to make the house salad and she had ALL these tables to take orders. I stuck with the house salad (bad decision). When our mussels marinara were delivered they were plopped down on our table. We were given no bread ... no appetizer plates... I finally asked about bread and about 5 minutes later we were brought some bread. (it was the best part of the meal). I will say the marinara sauce on the mussels was very tasty and did taste home made. When my salad arrived it was torn romaine with a bit (maybe a teaspoon)of chopped cucumber and tomato on top and the dressing was in a container place on top of the salad. The dressing tasted like bottled from kraft or something similar. The lettuce pieces were way too large to eat and needed to be cut. It was not high quality romaine. The lasagna portion was large. It was ok but my Aunt (polish/english catholic) makes better lasagna. The gentleman who originally greeted us asked if we wanted parmesean and when we answered yes he brought a bottle of parmesean and and plastice bottle of red pepper flakes to the table. I was expecting fresh grated parm. My dining partners veal picata, while the sauce was lemony and tasty, the veal was poorly breaded, poorly cooked and without covering it with the sauce tasted like paste. The penne pasta that accomapianied the veal was perfectly al dente however it was not seasoned at all. At one point the owner wandered by and grabbed my wrist and said something about my dinner but I was so flabbergasted that she grabbed my arm I can't remember what she said. No one ever came and asked how our meal was. I didn't get a refill on my coffee until I requested it, after I was done eating.. We were BOTH very, very disappointed. The bill totaled $77 without tip and I honestly would have preferred eating at Olive Garden than this restaraunt.. If you go this far, I wouldn't waste my money going here.
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By: Lisa L.
Don Vito's Italian Restaurant
We have eaten there twice and enjoyed it both times. The owners are true Italians, transplanted from New York. Some people may not like being told to get off the phone, but when someone is taking their order, it is the courteous thing to do. The owners interact with the kids as well as the adults. The lady sat with us while taking our order, which we had no problem with. They were very friendly and the food was wonderful. The friends we took made comments like, "best marinara I've ever had" and they have traveled the world. My husband got a lemon chicken dish and it was absolutely amazing. Everything was home made and portions were more than we could eat. We will definitely go back.
By: James F.
Don Vito's Italian Restaurant
This is a awesome place to go. Being from up north and now living down in florida its nice to see a mom and pop restaurant that really reminds you of being back home. Words can't describe the food. Service is outstanding. Barbara came and sat with us while we ate and was very entertaining. Would highly recomend this place to everyone!!!
By: kendra.crosby2
Don Vito's Italian Restaurant
The food was amazing, the best Italian food I have ever had! The service was great, the owner came and sat with us while she took our order her husband the chef came out and talked to us. They all seemed very thankful we were there and interested in where we were from. We will be back!!

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