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By: bihisello
Bronze Salon
The Bronze Salon is nothing fancy and the beds are a little dated, it is the people that make it worth going to. George, the owner, really cares about each and everyone of his clients, he take the time to get to know you if you want him too or if you are busy he puts you right through with a smile on his face. The bulbs are always good, he changes them when they are due to change and doesn't continue to use them just to save a buck. And Liz who is there on Wed. is very sweet and enjoyable to talk to. I normally go during the day, but have on occasion went later in the day, and the younger girls he has are also very friendly, they stop what they are doing to make sure you are top priority, unlike other places where they will finish their cell phone conversations and then eventually get to you (Neo's tanning) I highly recommened the Bronze Salon, for a more personal caring experience.
By: coopfirst
Key West Tanning
Due to illness, I have not been to a tanning salon, or even exposed to the sun, for over 3 years. Went for 15 minutes covering my face after 8 minutes. With past experiences my face should be fairly pink. Absolutely no change. It did not give my legs much color either. And I was concerned about getting too red. Old bulbs. The only reason I gave 2 stars is polite and courteous staff.
By: pat.richards.3910
Good chicken, good selection of seafood. Kind of a soul-food joint with a bit of the Mediterranean thrown in. Not super fast, but quick, as everything is made fresh. Been there twice, was pleased with both quality, price and portions both times. On my list of local lunch and dinner spots. Well worth a visit.
By: johnxfire
Caribbean Sun Tanning Salon
I have Tanned in several other salons and until I went to this salon I never felt like I got a good tan. This place has very nice beds and is extra clean. I highly recommend this salon and the attendants are very freindly.
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By: Chris H.
Serious Soundz DJ Services
Angi Burns Barnett said "Chris did am awesome job during our vendor event. A great variety of music and the volume was perfect. Many times at these events you can't have a conversation over the music. Thank you Chris."
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By: Dan K.
Osaka Sushi and Hibachi Buffet
Great food. Does not lot of chicken. Just one to choose from. However, they serve sushi, steak, mushrooms, shrimp, crab, and other delicious items.I have eaten there twice now and I still crave their food.
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By: Lisa M.
Mo Joe's Burgers and Subs
I had a delicious spicy chicken salad from there a couple of days ago and I want to get another. Its not on their menu yet but they going to add it. Try it you'll love it. Lisa
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By: Lisa P.
L.A. Tan
This place very clean and beautiful inside. Staff is well trained and friendly. The versa pro clear solution is the bomb and the tanning beds are very nice and clean.
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By: Jenny T.
Morris Home Furnishings
Michael Anderson helped us today and he was very helpful! The only furniture store we go to! Quality is always great!
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By: Luke H.
L.A. Tan
This salon is amazing! As soon as you walk in the door you're left in amazement at how enormous the place is.
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