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By: Tim A.
Melissa Schnell, M.D.
I am looking for a Doctor I been in alot of pain I found out 4 years ago I got in car wreck and i broke my back and haven't had anything done yet and I have C.P.R.S. a fork lift ran over my left foot and i been hurting from that too. My stomck shuts down when I get upset . I need a great doctor help me out can you help me? My name is Tim Adams my number is 937-838-9233 please let me know
By: Cherro S.
Cytology Associates Of Dayton Inc
Worst service ever. I called at 9 am with an emergency. I had an appointment between 1 -2 pm. The guy called to let me know he'll be here at 2:30 pm. Later the service person came around 3 pm and looked at the problem. He then started telling how he has neck pain and back pain and cannot carry the snake up 10 steps and suggested calling a different service.
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By: Robert W.
South Dayton Internists
Dr Sandhir is fantastic and very down to earth. She and her staff are extremely friendly and informative! They also have a nurse practitioner on staff, Paula, that I have seen a few times who is also extremely knowledgeable. Dr Sandhir and staff go out of their way to provide a comfortable atmosphere. I recommend Dr Sandhir to all of my friends and family!
By: usafguy
Wright Patterson AFB Medical Center
First of all, these clowns at YP have the name all wrong! It's Wright Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center not Rice! Ridiculous! A simple check would have gotten this correct. Where do they get their information? This an Air Force base hospital. It caters to active duty, and retired military personnel and their dependents. It is a very good hospital.
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By: Debbie C.
Pasch, Bruce A, MD
My 2 boys were both patients of Dr. Pasch. I would put my complete trust in his treatment. He is very good in his field and not only does he treat the child but he involves the parents and helps them learn what they need to know with a special needs child.
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By: Michael B.
Monsour Mark A MD
This Physician may be knowledgeable, but his interpersonal skills are low. His personality is very Type A, and he doesn't spend time trying to build a rapport with me.
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By: Diana,chris,cody S.
Grandview Medical Center
no way. my grand mom work many years you wore all white not like today. she be so up set. she even work in 78-79 snow could not get home.
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By: wesley.armstrong.98
Mitchell, Lina
Diabetes specialist. Does an outstanding job. Excellent patient care and concern, short periods in waiting room.
By: kaybee65
Meister, Linda M MD
My sons doctor and she is wonderful. Has been his doctor for 12 years.
By: shanenew
Binski James C MD
best doctor i have ever had i would tell all who need a dr he is great
Tips & Advices
Academic medical centers provide the widest range of specialty care treatments, including the latest technological advances, clinical trials, and surgical techniques. In general, an academic medical center is a better choice than a community hospital for complicated treatments or rare diseases. Pediatric intensive care, especially, is usually performed at academic medical centers.
Academic medical centers offer a broad range of specialized services, from allergists to urologists. Some of the larger medical centers have entire hospitals or clinics focused on a particular medical service, such as cancer treatment, though specialties vary among the centers. Patients whose community hospital or local doctors do not have the facilities or expertise to address complex medical conditions can be referred by their primary care physician or local specialist to a major medical center (there are more than a dozen in the United States).
Yes. In addition to their inpatient hospital services, medical centers can offer a wide variety of outpatient services, such as pain clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgery, imaging and laboratory, mental health treatment, and outpatient cancer treatment. Medical groups – doctors in private practice but affiliated with the medical center--will also have offices within the medical center.
Physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, residents, and attending physicians makeup the clinical staff of an academic medical center.
Medical center accreditation is not required, but most centers work voluntarily toward accreditation because it represents higher standards of healthcare quality and patient safety.

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