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By: mogandavid
Lexus Of Dayton
My initial contact was with Matt Karns, Internet Sales Manager. He was very responsive and helpful online. Upon arrival, he referred me to Mike Holbrook, Sales Consultant. He was very patient and understanding. During our time at the pre-owned store, my companion and I were repeatedly offered water and/or soft drinks while we were waiting for document preparation and vehicle preparation. As I was preparing to get into the pre-owned Lexus i bought and it drive away, I noticed that even though my companion had the radio on, the power antenna was not up more than an inch or two.The dealership owner, John Higgins, was standing right there and acknowledged that the antenna drive ribbon was broken. He had me follow him to the new car sales/service location, where he instructed the staff to replace the broken part immediately. While my companion and I waited, we were again asked a few times if we needed anything or wanted beverages. When my companion joked that he wanted a rum and coke, we were given helpful driving directions to a good nearby eatery and tavern that would be on our way home (a four hour drive). At both locations, everybody with whom we had contact was professional and courteous. I saw none of behavior that seems commonplace at auto sales facilities -- men standing around, right outside the door, smoking cigarettes. The facilities at both Lexus of Dayton locations were top notch -- to the extent that I regret residing too far away to make L.O.D. my primary place for maintenance.
By: Simone M.
K N H Motors Sales & Service
Its interesting that you say lemon cars when you bought a used car, why did you not follow the buyer beware process and check out the car before you bought it. I have bought from them and I have had no problems. I took my mechanic with me to check out the car, which they allow you to do; so if you did not check the car before you bought it then that's on you, you were buying a USED car, No one can force you into anything, you have to make that decision on your own, everyone as a CHOICE! Any used car you buy you buy it as is. You signed it, so don't be disgruntled because you did not do your homework before you purchased. They were helpful and kind. The owner helped me and listened and they did not over charge me as some of the other dealers I went to before going to them tried to do.
By: zack.coates.5
Kemasabe Auto Sales
I have purchasded off of this company before I am buying my second car if it wasnt for thenm I wouldnt have a vehicle. They are awsome I just needed me a car to get from point a to point b the car I have now is great Thanks you guys my Kia Spectra is awsome!!! The first car I bought off of them several years back and I have even had family members buy off of these guys. They work with you and go way above and beyond the call of duty.....
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By: Kaayla R.
A-1 Auto
Don went above and beyond to take care of me. He was friendly and understanding and made sure I got the best tire for my budget. He was flexible with me payment wise as I doesn't have cash, but we worked it out. I wish everyone was as awesome as he was.
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By: pepedechu
J & G Auto Sales
Just Go to this place they will work with you in the best possible way that they can .Pretty descent cars there, Reasonable pricing I suppose..friendly , In the Dayton area, good litter to pick from reasonable prices.
By: Shari L.
Kemasabe Auto Sales
Bought 3 cars over 10 yes from them and they were 100% honest about what needed fixed. Referred two friends and both had same experience. Might be getting another in the near future if they have what I'm looking for.
By: Zack C.
Kemasabe Auto Sales
On my 3rd vehicle! Got to love it, great company and great vehicle can't say enough good things other than thanks again.
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By: Adam T.
Top Motors
The best prices and wheels ever .. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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By: Terry M.
Lockhart's Auto Sales Inc
They the best car dealership I know they will work with you
By: mazinhamdan
Dayton Dream Auto

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